Wind Technology


Stiles hates the new guy at the office. Derek’s a natural at everything the job throws at him, whereas Stiles still sometimes struggles to use the fax machine. Derek’s really nice too – he’ll bring coffee for the whole team and always asks if everyone’s okay. Stiles… doesn’t do that. The biggest problem of all? Since Derek’s arrival Stiles just. can’t. focus. He zones out in meetings because he’s too busy trying to work out the color of Derek’s eyes. He’s missing deadlines because he gets distracted wondering if Derek likes guys, if Derek’s seeing someone, if Derek would keep his glasses on whilst they– Derek’s very distracting is the point, and it’s starting to affect Stiles’ work. So, yes. Stiles hates Derek. Still loves to watch him leave though.

Different - (Teen!Reader) (Parents: Tony x Recruit)
A/N: He’s not as bad at being a dad as he thinks!

You rolled your eyes skyward and let out an exasperated sigh. “Uncle Thor, just strike me down with lightning. That would be great, thanks.”

Falling back onto the grass you tried to take in the environment around you. The cool breeze, the smell of grass and earth, nothing but the whispers of the wind. No technology. Nothing that was labelled ‘Stark’. Except yourself, of course.

The name was yours. It was part of who you were, but at the same time it wasn’t. You weren’t what people typically thought a Stark would be. Somehow when people had heard that Tony Stark was expecting a daughter, they had envisioned her growing up to be a brilliant engineer or scientist. Someone drop dead gorgeous with wit and snark and everything Stark.

But you weren’t. You were you. You were beautiful, but not in the weird imaginary way the tabloids wanted you to be. You were barely passing your classes in school and your worst subjects were anything to do with tech and science. You weren’t witty or clever with your words, you were blunt. Who had time to mince words when you could just give it to people straight?

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