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Platform lets homeowners donate energy to those who need it. For the new breed of homeowners that use solar and wind technologies to generate their own energy, one bonus is that any energy that isn’t needed to power their home can be sold back to the grid. However, in every community there are those who can’t afford to heat their home in the winter, or even turn their lights on at night. Hoping to connect the two, Gridmates is a peer-to-peer network that lets those with excess energy share it with neighbors in need. READ MORE…

Week in brief (15–19 August)

Government gives go ahead for world’s largest windfarm

The second stage of the world’s biggest offshore wind farm has been given the go-ahead by the UK Government. The Hornsea Project Two scheme could see 300 turbines being built across 55 miles off the East Yorkshire coast to deliver up to 1.8MW of electricity to 1.8 million UK homes. The turbines will be connected to the grid at North Killingholme in North Lincolnshire. 

Approval for the project was delayed for several months after concerns were raised about its potential impact on porpoises. Hornsea Project Two is the second stage of Dong Energy’s planned development of the Hornsea Zone in the North Sea. The windfarm is expected to create up to 1,960 construction jobs and 580 operational and maintenance jobs.

Business and Energy Secretary, Greg Clark, said his decision to give consent would lead to ‘jobs and economic growth right across the country.’ The UK aims to use wind power to provide 10% of the entire country’s energy needs by 2020.

In other news:

·      Major tailings dam burst reported in China

·      Scientists discover a new way to attack MRSA bacteria

·      Nanocrystals speed up wifi-emitting LEDs

·      Treasury to ‘guarantee’ Brexit funding for EU research projects

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honestly going to saskatchewan, and really anywhere east of the rockies, is slightly terrifying because like im a BC kid and if theres one thing we have here its mountains. There are always mountains on the horizon no matter where u are theyre always there w a sort of comforting presence

and then u cross the rockies and theres fuckall for the next 4000 km from alberta to the rock

like people always joke abt how flat saskatchewan is but shit there is legit nothing but a perfectly flat horizon and unbroken blue sky and i, being a foolish mountain child, thought “hey you know theres gotta be SOME mountains east of the praries” no theres nothing you guys have no mountains anywhere just vast blue emptiness and neverending wind its awful