the look of there faces <3 , small things make difference  

Thank you Wimpy Braille Burgers


Thanasi Kokkinakis makes sure fans in the Wimbledon queue don’t go hungry as he makes a surprise pizza delivery.


Two of my favorite things. Tennis meets design. Rafael Nadal faces off verse Roger Federer. Make sure to turn up your volume.

Poor Sabine...

Although she lost, she’s still my personal winner. She has beaten so many tough players and people, who say she deserves to lose, I’ll punch them. Those people probably have never been on court under pressure or even played tennis. Playing under that massive pressure is killing your nerves and it’s so normal to get emotional on court. Shame on these people.

But I’m still proud, I’ll always be. It’s great to have such a great memory.

Wir lieben dich, Sabineeeeee!!! <3