For this 27th trending WOY, to share love with one of the greatest creators of art. Thank you @crackmccraigen for the stories you shared with us that made me enjoy the loneliest times of my childhood. (>Edit: actually my hole life until now. So thank you, You’re the best). And probably get into animation and with Wander over Yonder my love for cartoon style is renewed like when you feel after you get over a fever!)

-Art in progress-


ever since I saw a video of craig mccracken at comic con and saying how he was originally going to have Eduardo sound really beautiful, this has been sitting in my head for the past couple of days and I felt the need to share this with the world. 

It is 2am down here please spare me


and just like oak, wilts gone. although it seems weird, i want to thank the little town of wilt for all the good memories there with my friends, for giving me somewhere to go when i needed a break from real life and most of all for hours of fun. i hope one day i’ll see you again wilt (maybe in my dreams ;)) 

but for now this is farewell,

mayor abigail