I Died in the swamps, and then Maxwell came in to rescue me an my stuff, and then he died. We floated about camp while Willow was frantically trying to get glands, only managing to collect piles and piles of silk.

Arguments ensued. 

I think what actually happened was Willow died too a few feet away because she froze. 

@digitalintrovert was Willow, despite her not contributing in this argument



I just want to make them dance. lol

1. Wilson & Willow (from Don’t Starve)

2. Zacharie and Sugar (from OFF)

3. Frisk Chara (from Undertale)

4. the batter and the queen (from OFF)

5. Frisk and Elsen (from Undertale and OFF)

6. Frisk and Elsen #2

7. Webber and Muffet (from Don’t Starve and Undertale)

8. Sans and Frisk (from Undertale)

For Her

“You’re like this flower– beautiful, gentle and the light of my life!”

*shrugs* I just had the thought, maybe, someday Abigail’s flower could be remade like Maxwell’s pillars? But like in the mini comic, it glows like a fire! :D

Some of these ideas I really gotta list down but my coder is still learning [and so am I so yeah,] hopefully this’ll be a new mod in the forums or on steam! nwn ❤
I hope you enjoy ❤ ❤ ❤

Wilson P. Higgsbury & Willow © Klei Entertainment
Art © 2017 Dinostrophic | Dinopocalypse Productions, 

All rights reserved.

Alright, let’s do this again:

If this post gets 10 notes, I will attach my Maxwell plush once more to the ceiling fan, but this time I will set the fan to the highest setting.

If this post gets 20 notes, I will attach both Wilson and Maxwell to the ceiling fan, medium setting

If this post gets 30 notes, I will attach Wilson and Maxwell to the ceiling fan, highest setting

I DELIVER. (see link attached)

This will end on the first of June!