While brainstorming for DST story ideas, I’ve come up with some scenarios and lines, but one of my favorites that popped up is this scene with Wilson:

“My my, you are quite passive-aggressive for a gentleman.”

“As you’ve pointed out before, I lack the social finesse and awareness to use subtle stabs and digs in conversation. So I have to bring a sword to this verbal cloak-and-dagger play and poke you directly.”

My favorite aspect of this scene is that it can be played metaphorically - or literally. (Like Wilson pointing a sword towards Maxwell’s direction in DST for annoying him again.) :P

I just can’t decide if Wilson should use a sword or a rapier, the latter inspired by @quoth143‘s headcanon that Wilson is able to fence. It would also make a nice parallel to Maxwell using swords.

Wednesday: Where did you parents meet?
Wisp: Not sure. They said they met in a deserted forest
Wednesday: No way, me too…

Don’t Starve Together: NxT Generation. Two of my DST OC Fan children, Wisp and Wednesday. Wisp is the daughter of Willow and Wilson, while Wednesday is the daughter of Webber and Wendy (I have a special design for Wed)

Character Charts will be posted soon…If you care about that stuff… I just do this for the fandom


I just want to make them dance. lol

1. Wilson & Willow (from Don’t Starve)

2. Zacharie and Sugar (from OFF)

3. Frisk Chara (from Undertale)

4. the batter and the queen (from OFF)

5. Frisk and Elsen (from Undertale and OFF)

6. Frisk and Elsen #2

7. Webber and Muffet (from Don’t Starve and Undertale)

8. Sans and Frisk (from Undertale)