Repeat after me, Don’t Starve fandom:
  • Willow is NOT her pyromania.
  • Willow’s personality is not her mental disorder.
  • Willow has MANY other charming and interesting quirks to her personality that are not her mental disorder.
  • Willow is NOT an arsonist. She is NOT a criminal.
  • Willow is NOT her pyromania. She is not her mental disorder.

Instead of basing all of her interesting quirks on her pyromania, why not think a bout some of these canon things?

  • Willow was a girl scout and achieved every single badge. That would mean she’d have had to have been a scout from the time she was 7/8 until she was about 17/18. Had she burned anything down in that time period, she’d have been kicked out, so that means she truly has been capable of controlling her urges!
  • Willow was an orphan, which also made life about 10x harder in that era. Who knows how she grew up or where, or if she ever even was adopted. (it’s likely she wasn’t)
  • Willow also probably lived a very difficult life; in the 1920′s, a woman who was not ‘the norm’ (a housewife or maid) was, in general, unnatural and frowned upon. She is strong for living as she is in that time period.
  • Willow also wears heels! CLASSY-ASS HIGH HEELS!!! She’s out there surviving in that crazy wilderness in those high heels like yaaaas bitch slay.
  • She’s also in her early twenties! She’s young, but she’s an adult!
  • She’s also into fashion! Check out some of her quotes on different clothing; (ex: “Vests are so in this season.”) She’s also the only playable female character in Don’t Starve who wears lipstick!
  • She likes using insults like ‘jerk’ and ‘mean’ and sometimes even ‘butt’, which is super adorable fyi.
  • “Wham, bam, jam! Thank you, ma’am.” - Willow’s quote on jam (I felt this was important because I think about it a lot tbh) She’s got PLENTY of adorable quotes like that one!

Willow is not her mental disorder. She is a strong young woman and so much more than a fire joke.