Willie Garson


As of GMW 2x13 - Girl Meets Semi-Formal

- I doubled up for Josh’s first episode because it’s a surprise!

- Actor Willie Garson has played four different characters in the BGMW-verse to date. Most memorably, Leonard Spinelli, the assistant manager at Alan Matthews’ grocery store in BMW season 1. He also played Mervyn, a patron of Alan Matthews’ camping store in season 4. In season 7 he played the minister who married Cory and Topanga. And in GMW season 1 he played “big deal yogurt lawyer” Harrison Miller, who works at Elliot, Brown, & Montgomery with Topanga.

- Actor Hugh Dane played Cory’s basketball coach and Fish Store Phil. In the former role, he is only credited as “Coach.” Nothing specifically contradicts the possibility that he is the same character and has simply moved to New York and opened a fish store in the years since coaching Cory.


i got my copy of White Collar season 3 a little early because i preordered off of Amazon, so i decided to rip the gag reel and share :)