Rules and tips to dating a hockey player:

Since some of you act like you’re dying to date a hockey player or think you’ll be a perfect fit with one, if you can follow more than half of these then you’re probably mentally mature enough to date a hockey player. I’m here to tell you straight up that it’s not all happiness rainbows and flowers and cuddles, there are hard, not cute or fun things to deal with and you have to be grown up about it. That being said, you’re also 18 or older because none of these guys are trying to go to jail by dating/having sex a 15 year old, just being honest. So here it goes, take this as you will:

1. Don’t talk about hockey a lot because it’s what they do 24/7 and often they want a break from hockey in their personal life.

2. Don’t cause drama with anyone (him, teammates, other girlfriends) If he warns you about a teammate who doesn’t know boundaries, don’t hang out with said teammate under any circumstances. Even if you’re mad at your boyfriend don’t do it just to get back at him. It’s called being petty and a hoe if you do.

3. Realize that his world (not by choice) revolves around his hockey schedule and team things during the season, you are still a priority in his life but hockey pays his bills and you being pretty doesn’t.

4. That being said don’t get upset when things like dates get cancelled last minute because something came up with his team. It happens often, there will random speakers that will come in to pump up his team before big games, there will be team bonding exercises (a lot of times golfing, sports games, paintball or bowling) or he may even have a meeting with someone important to talk about his future as a hockey player. Don’t take it to heart if things get cancelled. If he’s a good guy, he WILL make it up to you.

5. If you’re the jealous type; turn around and walk out the door. This is not the life for you. There will be times after games where female fans will take things too far but all you have to do is stay calm and trust your guy, know he’s not going to do anything. Same thing goes for snapchat, Instagram and any other social media. TRUST IS KEY. If there’s a girl leaving hearts under his pictures, asking him about it. Don’t go assuming anything.

6. Long road trips do NOT mean he’s going to cheat on you with some other girl or girls. Don’t be constantly trying to get a hold of him on a road trip either. He’ll call/text you back when he’s not busy. Don’t be overbearing or needy.

7. Road trips = Guy time. Which means it’s probably best if you don’t follow him around on a road trip. It’s okay to go to one or two games on the road during the season but not every single game on every single road trip. It’ll make you look clingy and he probably won’t appreciate the “backlash” so to speak from his teammates.

8. They’re their own person. You can’t tell them what to do. If you tell them not to go out with their friends, it’s not happening. He’s still going out to the bar and you need to realize that the girl in the background on so and so’s Instagram story is probably no one to worry about.

9. Don’t become friends with his whole team. It’s weird. Be “friends” with his friends, don’t talk to the guy on the team that your’s never hangs out with. You’ll look cheap.

10. You do NOT under any circumstance have to come to every game dressed up, especially in the OHL. I’ve gone to plenty of his games in leggings and a sweatshirt. You don’t have to wear jeans, heels and a nice shirt/jacket to every game. Also learn the difference between classy and cheap. Stilettos don’t belong at a hockey game, they belong at the club and you’re going to look like a baby deer going up and down the steps to/from your seat. Another tip: you don’t have to be blonde to be a hockey girlfriend. I’ve met plenty of brunettes.

11. When he’s tired: let him take his nap. When your car runs out of gas you can’t force it to drive ten more miles and you shouldn’t make your guy stay up either. And if that doesn’t help think of it like this: you know how little kids get when they don’t get their naps? That’s how it’s going to be.

12. Video games. Don’t complain about him playing Xbox 9 hours out of the day and not spending time with you. He is spending time with you, you’re just unwilling to sit there and try something he likes to do. Lay on the couch next to him & read your book or whatever while he plays his games. He doesn’t need to be looking/touching/talking to you constantly for it to be quality time together.

13. No matter what, under any circumstances, DO NOT tell him what he did wrong during his games, especially when his team loses. Oh my god don’t! Unless you want to see the calmest, sweetest guy turn into the hulk. If you can constructively and nicely point out something he could work on, then do it but 9/10 times JUST DON’T.

14. Always tell him he played good/looked good even if he just sat on the bench most of the game. It’ll help boost his confidence. (Same thing goes for his suits. Even if you ABSOLUTELY HATE his god awful green plaid suit, just lie and tell him he looks hot in it)

15. Practices range from 2-4+ hours long. They’re not always skating or lifting weights. Sometimes it’s watching film or he’s just screwing around, pranking his teammates in the locker room or sitting in the ice or hot tub. Don’t bother him with texts, learn his schedule and it’ll help both of you out.

16. Have a life outside of his. Don’t be afraid to hang out with your friends. Maybe even ask your guy for an extra ticket or tickets occasionally so you and your girls can hang out at one of his games. He’ll enjoy having a personal fan section that isn’t just you and his mom. Don’t be afraid to go to the bar with your friends without him too, a lot of times it’ll just be awkward for him to be the only guy joining your girls night. If you feel guilty about going out without him, think about all the things he does with his friends without you. It’ll be alright just don’t go out every single night/day without him.

17. If you live in two different cities/countries in the off season: don’t worry about it, especially if his season is still going on. Live in the moment with him and don’t make plans for four months down the road. Who knows what’s going to happen between you two. When off season comes and you’re still together then make plans to go to whoever’s city for a weekend or two.

18. You have to be strong and thick skinned. Whether it be his teammates with their “playful teasing” or other girls/girlfriends, things will be said about you and you have to be able to smile and shake it off. There was a girlfriend on my guy’s team who got talked about a lot for cheating on her guy. Whether it was true or not she held her head high like a champ and she’s still with her man. (TBH I don’t think she ever cheated on her guy, I just think some of the guy were jealous that his girlfriend looked like a Victoria’s Secret model)

19. You also have to be grown up and mature acting/thinking/talking. If you’re still acting like this is high school, you’re not going to stick around long. Hockey players won’t deal with shit anymore once they go pro. Girls are disposable and if you act like a Barbie he’s going to get bored and your novelty with wear off. The key to sticking around is being grown up and not acting like a bimbo.

20. Lastly, don’t be dependent on him. Be your own person and don’t throw away your life completely just because you want to try and always fit in his schedule. It’s never going to happen. There will be times where you won’t see each other for a while and it’s going to suck and you’ll think you’re growing apart, but when you do get to finally see each other it’s what makes it all worth it in the end.