MELANIE MARTINEZ
                           CHARACTER TRACKS

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iris likes warm biscuits, fresh-baked with melted butter. they are warm and light, melt-in-your-mouth, and taste like home to her. her mother used to make them, and they make her feel safe. 

maya likes spicy foods –– anything and everything. she likes them spicy enough to burn her mouth, her tongue, her throat, hot enough to warm her up from the inside out. specifically, her favourite is a dish that her adopted brother felix makes (a spicy curry). 

willow likes ice cream, cold and sticky on a hot summer day –– on a cone (a waffle cone, those are her favourite), best eaten on the little deck of her apartment building with a friend. 

zero likes fruit: specifically blueberries. he likes them because they stain his fingers purple, because they are sweet and burst in his mouth, turning teeth and tongue purple. 

jo likes fast food, greasy burgers and salty fries. he often eats it alone at odd hours of the night, sitting in the back of the restaurant and watching other sleep-deprived patrons come and go. 

alex likes chocolate –– dark chocolate, specifically. it’s his comfort food; he eats it a lot when he is upset and/or sad, and gets very pissy if someone tries to take any of it from him. it’s a treat that he often indulges himself in, especially when he’s on a drinking binge. 


Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang (Regal Films, 1985)

Sleeping Beauty

Cast: Snooky Serna (Prinsesa Rosetta), Gabby Concepcion (Prinsipe Amante), Gloria Romero (Reyna), Mario Montenegro (Hari), Lani Mercado (Maitim Na Diwata), Nova Villa, Gretchen Barretto, Debraliz (Diwata).


Cast: Maricel Soriano (Cathy), William Martinez (Mike), Manilyn Reynes (Sheila), Nadia Montenegro (Pina), Benedict Aquino (Satur), Albert Anido (Deo), Pailto (Zambo).

Querubin (Maria Leonora Theresa)

Cast: Nora Aunor (Sabel), Tirso Cruz III (Roland), Sheryl Cruz (Luisa), Chuckie Dreyfuss (Querubin), Kristina Paner (Lalay), Bella Flores (Fe), Flora Gasser (Esperanza), Mely Tagasa (Caridad).

Chichay (Lola Basyang), Richard Arellano (Efren).

Direction: Maryo de los Reyes; Screenplay: Jose Javier Reyes; Cinematography: Rody Lacap; Production Design: Dez Bautista; Music: Lutgardo Labad; Editing: George Jarlego; Sound: Rudy Baldovino.


Hindi Kita Malimot (Regal Films, Inc., 1982)

Cast: Maricel Soriano (Celia), William Martinez (Edwin), Rosemarie Gil (Doña Teresa), Alicia Alonzo (Caring), Lito Pimentel (Stephen).

Direction: Ishmael Bernal; Screenplay: Raquel Villavicencio; Cinematography: Loreto Isleta; Production Design: Raquel Villavicencio; Music: Winston Raval; Editing: Augusto Salvador; Sound: Vic Macamay.