Dark Rising Trailer [2007] (by BigProofFan)

CHRISTIAN is FORTY-ONE years old, and currently wrestles for WWE. Christian is played by LIZJAY.


A long time wrestling fan William Jason Reso grew up to become the wrestler Christian for the WWF/WWE along side his long time friend Adam aka Edge, the two starting out as the Brood before going on to become E&C. After the two parted ways in the tag team scene Christian would go on to hold some minor titles and tag team with another good friend Chris Jericho. Around 2005 he chose to sign with TNA where he would go on to become the champion twice and would work with many old friends and make some new ones. 2009 he decided to resign with WWE going to work on the then ECW brand where he won the brand title twice. When ECW shut down he was moved to Smackdown before in 2011 he won the heavyweight title twice, he has won a few more titles shots and titles since then.

Jay can be a quiet person sometimes though he also has a playful side, he makes friends easily. He’s worked hard to live his dream and tries to ignore the naysayers that like to say he rode Edge’s coattails.