The Hunter

Watched this movie out of random when I was looking through Netflix and didn’t expect much, but it was actually pretty good. Dafoe plays the role of a professional hunter hired to find the last Tasmanian Tiger. According to imfdb, the rifle is a Keppeler KS-V Bullpup. Very obscure rifle made in Germany and as far as I know, they aren’t imported into the U.S. (GRH)


The writer-director Sean Baker took the 2015 Sundance Film Festival by storm with Tangerine, a gritty comic portrait of two transgender sex workers in Los Angeles. Two years later, he’s back with a look at another marginalized community in The Florida Project, which arrives in theaters today after playing the Cannes, Toronto and New York film festivals. Film critic Justin Chang says:

The Florida Project is one of the most thrillingly alive portraits of childhood I’ve ever seen. It’s a neorealist sugar rush of a movie, like a 21st-century American update of Los Olvidados or Bicycle Thieves reimagined in rainbow-sherbet colors and sprinkled with Pop Rocks. The writer-director Sean Baker and his co-writer, Chris Bergoch, shape the stuff of one girl’s turbulent upbringing into a raw, exuberant comedy that darkens almost imperceptibly into tragedy. It packs an emotional wallop like nothing else I’ve seen this year.”


We’ve got a new trailer everyone! Be sure to watch if you’re interested. Or don’t watch if you hate the idea of an American version and are afraid you’ll be emotionally scarred. Either works.


Whatever Happened to Monday Trailer

*Its like Orphan Black, with a bigger budget….Anyone else getting that kind of vibe? 👀

Death Note movie watchapalooza

Yo I am watching the Death Note movie and instead of making several posts I’m making this huge post of reactions as I am watching it. Here goes!

-Huh. I didn’t know it was set in Seattle! eyyy -ok ok no one hate me but even tho the Lonely Nerd Who Does Others’ Homework plot point is sooo cliche I am digging this opening scene -Light is caught by the rain. God I wish that were me I love rain 😫 -AAAAAAND we’ve hit a snag already. Two cliche bullies that are supposed to be in high school but somehow look 40. One of them even has a hat on backwards like its nineteen fucking ninety nine ughhhhh -Detention oh noooooo 😆 -For once in my pathetic life I was not fazed by a jump scare oh my god -Light screams like such a nerd 😆😆😆😆 -I wonder if William Dafoe’s back will break with how hard he is carrying this entire fucking movie -ok that was a pretty cool death scene I gotta admit. Gave me final destination vibes! -Damn Light’s dad must have gotten a sweet ass deal on that shitty house lmao -huh. The fight seemed kinda genuine. 👌🏽 -I’m only 15 minutes into this shitshow!? 😫 -ok I’m never gonna finish it if I keep pausing to type shit out so see y'all when I’m done 👏🏽💆🏽