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Fringe (2008-2013)

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I love this show. I always have problems choosing between my shows/books etc when people ask me “What’s your favourite?” because it’ll often depend on how I’m feeling or where my life is at. BUT! Fringe will forever and always be in my list of top TV shows.

Admittedly I didn’t follow it the whole way through. Because of the way TV makes its way to NZ I started it with season 1 but ended up not being able to keep up with it. Then a friend reminded me about it and how awesome it was and I caught up just in time to watch the final season.

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Five seasons. 100 episodes. Two universes. An alternate timeline. 

Beginning in 2008, the basic premise of the show had an FBI agent recruiting a formerly institutionalised scientist and his estranged son to help her investigate crimes relating to a pattern of seemingly unexplained phenomena, delving into areas of fringe-science to solve them. 

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Beautifully guided, acted and written; this show takes the basic concept of a procedural cop show, and brings it under the sci-fi banner by having the ‘cases of the week’ be stranger than your average crime. As the show progresses it quickly becomes less about the ‘case of the week’ and more about the mystery of the overarching plot and how intertwined our characters are with the initially unknown aspects relating to the pattern, Massive Dynamic, the observers, and cortexiphan.

The acting is brilliant, the writing is genius (I maintain that there are practically no plot holes, which is pretty amazing considering all the jumping around that can happen). Despite dealing with out of this world concepts like ‘mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, reanimation…’ (among many, many others) it still keeps a strong emotional center which is the core strength of the show. 

(That emotional center is also the reason I cried like a baby several times while watching this show. But I promise you the angst is worth it 😜😜)

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Now, I really don’t want to go into too many specifics, because it’s all wonderfully written and connected and I feel like discovering things as you watch is part of the magic of this show so I really don’t want to spoil anything here. Instead, I’ll finish with this:
It’s got humour and heart. It’s serious while still being fun. It has some of the best ‘one-off’ episodes that remain as some of my favourites (Brown Betty y’all, it’s so much fun!). It’s just simply a beautiful story, told in a beautiful way. 

Would I watch it again? I think we have established that YES!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS WILL I LOVE AND WATCH THIS SHOW!!

Would I recommend it? See above 😂😜😂😜 (But in all seriousness, even if sci-fi isn’t normally your thing this show could still work for you - just give it a shot!)