William Zappa

Musicians in drag

a.k.a. British actors in drag wasn’t enough ;D

The Rolling Stones

and posh Mick on his own

Anthony Kiedis and Flea


Robert Plant

David Bowie

Trent Reznor

Nick Cave

Cage the Elephant

Kurt Cobain

Martin Gore

Brian Molko

and Stefan Olsdal

Chris Corner


Steven Tyler

Ozzy Osbourne

Keith Moon

Alice Cooper

John Frusciante

Eddie Vedder

Dave Grohl

never change

Duff McKagan

Brian Eno

The Cure

Ville Valo

Jared Leto

Adam Smith of Temples

Pete Doherty

Harrison Koisser of Peace

Rhys Webb of The Horrors

and Josh Hayward


Billie Joe Armstrong

Iggy Pop

Frank Zappa

he is Madonna Robbie Williams