William Sadler


Since it’s Norman’s birthday soon we’re getting a present! That’s how it works, right?! =D

Norman’s one scene from Reach The Rock (1998), my own rip. He was cute as a button, even pretend-plastered lol.

Tess was cool. To have a lady around the house was great. I’m going to miss Emilie. [Her departure] came as a shock to me. It was kept secret for a long time. I didn’t know until about a week before we started shooting the episode. She came out of Jason’s [Katims] office crying one day and that’s when I heard. That’s when I heard, you know? And we’d just killed Alex two or three weeks before. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m next. Godammit!’ No, but I liked Emilie very much.
—  –William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) in Xpose in October 2001.