William Mason

A little headcanon of mine…

I like the idea of Thomas being able to see ghost/attract. Just imagine Sybil and Edward constantly berating him on the choices he makes. Also, Sybie enjoys being around Thomas so much because Sybil is always talking to him (because she’s dead, and it helps to talk to someone who can see her), and Thomas acts as the medium between mother and daughter.

Edward also makes things break and drop around Jimmy whenever he feels that he’s getting to close to Thomas (because Edward is a little jealous, and doesn’t think that James is good enough for Thomas), but will also whisper into his ear things that Thomas likes (like his favorite cigarette brand) so that James can go buy them.

William is there too. Always playing piano, though only on a level where Thomas can hear him. He’s always playing sad tunes though, eternally depressed due to Daisy’s falsified love.

But occasionally he baits James towards the piano to play happier tunes, because he can’t stand seeing Thomas sad (because it’s just not in Thomas’s nature to be anything but snarky and sarcastic, and it frankly disturbs him even as a ghost),and it livens up the servants hall.

Sometimes when people walk by Thomas’s door, they hear him talking aloud to his friends, but thinks he’s talking to himself. Carson just adds that to another long list of things that are “wrong” with Thomas.

The ghost do really kind things for the people they consider Thomas’s friends. Sybil puts flowers in Baxter’s room, and also give her new material for her embroidery. She sends telegraphs to Anna, telling her to “Keep on Trying,” and attaches Anna’s favorite scent to them . Plus strange clothing and jewelry will appear in Anna’s room out of nowhere.

William leaves Jimmy new piano books (when Jimmy still works there), and books on how to be a gentleman magically appear on Jimmy’s bed (courtesy of Edward).

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So err.. I tried doing purple guy’s in their owner’s styles (including Jack of course..) and..I think it went alright..

(I kinda think I managed to fuck William up..sorry blastic..)

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