William Hartnell


On This Day

July 24

1972 • Doomwatch - Episode: Enquiry

1971 • UFO - Episode: Reflections in the Water

1971 • Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster

1971 • The Guardians - Episode: Head of State

1966 • Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series - Episode: Shinryakusha o ute

1965 • Doctor Who - Episode: Checkmate

1954 • Rocky Jones, Space Ranger - Episode: Crash of Moons: Chapter III


24th July

On this day in 1965: Checkmate

Discovering the Monk’s plan, the Doctor is determined to stop him meddling with history. As the Viking fleet approaches, time is running out for both the Monk and the Doctor.


‘So here she is,’ he said, stroking the TARDIS’s battered frame. ‘Grumpy, grouchy, unreliable and with a mind entirely her own. But ours again!’ The Wheel of Ice by Stephen Baxter