you must survive in order to expose this nightmare…

The cast of Resident Evil 2 in 'local man' terms
  • Leon S Kennedy: Local cop starts first day on force, gets shot, falls in love, escapes zombie ridden city
  • Claire Redfield: Local college student goes looking for her brother, finds zombies and a small child instead, escapes city intact
  • Ada Wong: Local spy discovers that she isn't as heartless as previously thought, falls in love, fakes death
  • Sherry Birkin: Local child orphaned after virus goes wrong, infected by father, taken into government custody
  • Irons: Local police chief plans to taxidermy mayors daughter, attacks college student, dies
  • Annette Birkin: Local woman shoots first, thinks later, and dies
  • William Birkin: Local man refuses to give up virus, infects self and child before dying via rail incident
  • H.U.N.K: Local man fucks everything up, only survivor of squad
  • Albert Wesker: Area man didn't really have hand in disaster, thousands amazed