William Birkin

*loud cough*

*shuffles papers*

*clears throat*

“I belive that Piers deserved better, Excella is…alright-ish, Chris is that dad friend we all wish to have, Claire and Jill are badasses, Ethan is pure and hates bugs just as much as I do, AlBeRt WeSkEr is NoT dEaD, Sheva was 10/10 , Alex wesker was a weeaboo, Birkin should have been in the series longer tbh, Leon is secretly afraid of p much everything that is going on, b.o.w.’s lives matter, Sherry was probably behind everything in RE 2, Alfred has the gayest laugh, and 95% of the other characters (and ones I stated) deserve a hug. Like just a nice supportive hug. Because by now if I was around that shit I would be not only mentally disturbed but also physically, and for most of them to be able to survive this nightmare…true mvp’s”