@biohazardre requested:
More Albert and Chris shenanigans?

chris is blamed for just about everything in STARS, and to be fair he is usually guilty

(part of the actual cop AU, where there is no outbreak and everyone is actually perfectly ordinary cops. also lovingly dubbed (in mod tofu’s head, at least) the brooklyn nine nine au)

*loud cough*

*shuffles papers*

*clears throat*

“I belive that Piers deserved better, Excella is…alright-ish, Chris is that dad friend we all wish to have, Claire and Jill are badasses, Ethan is pure and hates bugs just as much as I do, AlBeRt WeSkEr is NoT dEaD, Sheva was 10/10 , Alex wesker was a weeaboo, Birkin should have been in the series longer tbh, Leon is secretly afraid of p much everything that is going on, b.o.w.’s lives matter, Sherry was probably behind everything in RE 2, Alfred has the gayest laugh, and 95% of the other characters (and ones I stated) deserve a hug. Like just a nice supportive hug. Because by now if I was around that shit I would be not only mentally disturbed but also physically, and for most of them to be able to survive this nightmare…true mvp’s”