Oh all these feelings, can't handle them all

No Stug in sight. It’s terrible how it can make so empty feeling when there is no my favourite pairing on the tv. I feel so bored. Well now I have good time to watch all those Stug moments again and again. especially that “keep your mustache out of it ” and stug’s first time moments. One of my favourite moments. Doug I freaking love you :D He is so cute, funny, dorky, loving, cuddeling, etc. <3


I have also started to re-watch this storyline of Elias from  tv serie secret lives (salatut elämät). The acting is not so awesome but hey there haven’t been too many gay characters in finnish television so I’m happy for this :D and also I have started to like this story. Also I think it’s good that the producers of this program aren’t affraind of showing some boy x boy action. and the gay couples are in the same level as the staright one’s. Also it’s good that there is gay teenagers and also hockey player who is strugling with this issue of being gay. There is lot of teenagers out there who are strugglin with same probles. So it’s good that they can see that they are not alone. And also it’s good soap of course :D

Also I have been reading some spoilers of Days of our lives and really lookin forward what will happen to it. I haven’t watched that Will’s story so much. I haven’t watched most of the tv soaps that comes form US. I really tried to watch Lukas & Noah’s story but seriously it was so slow sometimes. And it was so ridiculous that they couldn’t show those boys kissing in one point. Luckily they get over it. And there was some pretty intense scenese also in the end. But I hope now something finaly starts to happen between Will & Sonny. I realy hope that Will’s love interest will be Sonny coz Sonny is ADORABLE :D so is Will tho :D

I really liked that Will’s alibe btw ha haa :D it’s so soap like to make coming out from the closet so dramatic and big event :D even tho it was really lovely how all of Will’s family was so suporting. Also I really like Neil’s visit the hug was nice and I really had this feeling that Will and Neil have had something going on lately. Unfortunately it has happened off screen. I would have liked to see them in that gaybar ::D

But I really need some new storyline to follow. If there will be no stug moments like in 3 WEEKS!?!?, no Will & Sonny moments and also this Elias & Lari story is on the summer break I dunno what to do. I feel so bored and loney without some drama from tv soaps :D why there can’t be more this kind of things going on. Well there was some nice spoilers that in GTST there will be some new love interest for Lucas. Only thing is I don’t like so much of this character of Lucas. I dunno why well we’ll see what happens maybe the story will be intereting enough.

And for the last note. I wanna some more Walker in Hollyoak. That guy is creepy especially when he was there alone with Ste’s kid. But that guy is one hot guy. I love his ear ring and his vampiris(is that eve a word) look. I dunno what is that thing with bad boys that makes them so sexy :D

But overall I have all these feelings. I miss stug, I love Sonny, I want Walker, And I’m waiting some interesting stories to come. Oh feelings. :D

Wilson September 14th

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This Gif pretty much sums up how i reacted when watching the Wilson scenes for tomorrow’s episode (14th September) They are sooo cute, and sooo good at flirting with each other, sometimes i don’t even think they know they’re doing it! hehe, Will’s face is just like..the cat that got the cream, that boy is clearly smitten, and Sonny.. is just adorable and all cute and smiley!!

Agghh they make such a cute couple!!

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