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For the @fatesfanzine I didn’t see anything about not posting our pictures so uh… I hope this is alright…? Either way! There’s two different zines for each side, and I got Hoshido so I wanted to try and draw as many of the girls as possible. c: I plan to make this a print in my shop later, too. The full res version should be available in the zine, when it comes out - I hope you look forward to it!

Admittedly, Grantaire isnt very good at braiding. They have been at it for half an hour and Enjolras is bored :’^)
Canon era exr request by @caroll-in

Here’s some doodlin of the other planets!
Jupiter is essentially a massive, slow moving storm..thing.
There’s a sort of moving city around it, that harvests gases n stuff out of it.
Walking deeper into Jupiter has a similar effect to landing in a gas giant. I.e., go too far and it’ll crush ya the city around it has to be very aware of its movements or it’ll roll right over them

Uranus is pretty self explanatory. Creepy sideways planet

Neptune is an ass. It’s basically an orb of water surrounded by a perpetual chill and flesh rending winds
Tends to stay over the ocean, and it’s General gravity and weather kinda fucks with things a bit

Pluto can only be seen at a set distance, no matter how close it physically is to you.
It could be touching ur hand but it would still appear to be like 10 feet away. It’s design is..still in flux rn

I am shameful for purging my perspectives on you,
for confessing that I view so much of the world as art.

I see two bodies;
pressed, humming and soaked on sheets
as a personification for paintbrushes pleading themselves
over a canvas that is waiting to be stretched and glossed.

You were never one for sentimental honesty.

I have trouble refraining myself from romanticizing the ordinary,
from avoiding the comfort of desired colours
that over power the outlining sketch.

I am fond of complexity,
and long for someone who explores themselves the way I do.

There are many things to detest in the world,
but a lover that allows herself to expand further than her body
should not be one of them.

—  Alessia Di Cesare, Untitled.