this took 4000 years but it done

i want to do an artist’s alley table with maria and izzy so i had to put five samples into the application for a table and this is the only one out of five that will actually be sold if we get a table at NDK 2014

it’s 3:40 am omg also open high-res in new tab to see it full size


Beloved comic actor, favourite of the Royal Family and notorious for pushing the boundaries of protocol, Sir Norman Wisdom causes mischief during Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to the Isle of Man in 2003, where he spent the last three decades of his life. 

The cheeky 88-year-old comedian convinced the Queen to pose with him in front of photographers and also suggested that she try some cheese, to which she declined and showed him a sample that she had been given as a gift. Determined to have a longer chat with the Queen, Norman later crept up and touched her arm, breaking royal protocol in doing so, and kept a firm grip of her hand… for a good while.

(Norman Wisdom: His Story)


That’s right, this drawing of Yoshi is all my own work. With a little help from my Yoshi Amiibo as a brilliant 3D drawing reference of course. Yes I’ll say it’s not the best looking being a little scruffy with pencil smudges since I was so eager to share it. Nothing that a digital touch up can’t fix later on when I get round to it.

So what do you think? I’m going to plan on giving drawing Bowser next with my Bowser Amiibo.

Ten of Swords - “When one disaster follows another, we feel devastated at first, but eventually we throw up our hands and laugh. It’s so bad, it’s funny! In films, the hero says, “What else could possibly go wrong?” and we know that’s a signal for the bucket of water to fall on his head.”

Martyrdom/sudden misfortune/victim mentality

gotta go out!!! might touch up the caption later