It has to be hard for Daryl. He went from being the guardian of everyone, watching over them and such and now they're in this community, which is the type of place that he didn't fit in before.....

Thank God he has this group though, and Rick and Carol, they won’t let him spiral…

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Yo I'm a noob to musical theater, what good musicals do you think are worth seeing?

all musicals are worth seeing.

Here’s a basic musical theatre starter pack for those who want to see what all the jazz hands are about!

  • Wicked [x] - this is almost a given. This is the show almost all theatre kids have seen or at least listened to. It’s basically a right of passage to enter the theatre community.
  • Les Misérables [x] - wether you’re watching the recent movie adaptation or the original broadway bootleg, this is a classic. Most people nowadays have seen this, so it’s a pretty good starter to dip your toes in.
  • Pippin [P1, P2, P3] - this is one of my personal favorites. This show is basically the epitome of everything musical theatre stands for. Bright costumes, extraordinary dances, and incredible music. This is it, kiddo.
  • Chicago [x] - The origin of the infamous Cell Block Tango, and a reference every theatre kid is required to make at least once in their spotlight-ridden life. This was also turned into a movie staring Renée Zellweger as Roxie and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma.
  • Anything Goes [x] - No matter where you go, no matter what you do, if you’re with theatre kids, you need to know who Sutton Foster is. No exceptions.
  • Legally Blonde [x] - If you’re going to hang out with theatre kids, you must at least know G.O.E. and Omigod You Guys. You’ll understand when you watch it. There’s a movie with Reese Witherspoon, but that’s not musical so watch this one.

These are the basic starters that I recommend to get into theatre. There are also classics like A Chorus Line, Cats, Singin’ in the Rain, and Newsies and stage adaptations of familiar kids movies like Aladdin, Shrek, and Beauty and the Beast if you’re feeling it. 

Also there’s a musical theatre production for everything you could possibly be feelings. Peppy stereotypical happiness? We have that. Sex? Oh yeah. Queer rep? All day! Mental health? Plenty. Angst?

So. Much. Angst.

i didn’t even stop to think

mark kern is mostly upset about the SVU episode existing and ‘painting a bad light of gamers’, right, even though ever police procedural has been doing awful video game and internet episodes for yearrrrrs

i mean he blames the games press for the episode existing, but mostly he’s mad about the episode, or at leas that seems to be the deal

so we’re watching like a quantum leap shit transfer of the furry community’s reaction to that CSI episode back when it originally came out (as opposed to its current general stance over it which mostly comes down to “lmao”) over to a dude who’s still mad about jack thompson

this is so weird to watch in action


Re-watching community and taking stock of just how fucking fantastic Jim Rash is, as dean Pelton. 

A note to guys everywhere

Yes, I like hockey.

Yes, I have favorite players.

Yes, I may find those players attractive.

No, they are not my favorite players just because they are attractive. I appreciate their skill and athleticism as players, and if they happen to be attractive, then that’s just a bonus.

So please, don’t just assume I know nothing about the sport and that I just watch “Because they’re sooooo hot.”


the community of girls that like hockey

I was re watching Community and I kept thinking about how much interesting and complex Britta really is. I mean, this is a girl who was abused as a child and tries all the time to improve the world around her (she joined the PEACE CORPS for crying out loud) not just because she wants to help, but also because she has the lowest self steem ('I only act compassionate because I'm afraid I'm not') and wants to feel good about/proud of herself and then the show turns her into the laughing stock, everyone can barely stand her  (dont worries though they’re all still her friends) they even make fun of her ideals or trigger the memories of her abuse (Troy made up he was abused as a child; ‘Evil’ Abed in therapy, did he even apologize?) but that’s okay because she’s an idiot whose mind goes faster than her mouth and sometimes she messes up words or something

She deserved 1000x better.

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I think it might be less that crows have their own language and more that crows (like most species) have their own unique ways of communicating with each other

yeah, true :0 crows are definitely great at communication and they’re very intelligent. i watched a cool documentary about crows a few months ago, it’s called a murder of crows & i recommend it to anybody who’s interested in animal intelligence

It has come to my attention that fish in aquarium shops aren’t being treated very well as you think they are.

*Story* ; I went to a near by fish store with my father to drop off this Balloon Belly fish, it was killing everything in the tank. Apparently the Balloon Belly fish weren’t supposed to be extremely aggressive like the one we recently gave away, they’re ‘community fish’ . While I was watching my father swap fish I came across some good fish for kids, friendly , 4 month lasting fish. ( The fish in the picture ) wasn’t the ONLY FISH DEAD.

All sorts of fish were dead , some in plastic bags!

Repost this if you’re against harming fish, sure they’re little but they make a big impact on somebody’s smile.

I’ve wanted to write this FOREVER and last night I finally had some inspiration but I watched a documentary with Boyf instead (we’re having communication and closeness problems and I’m trying to do my part) and now it’s GONE and I’m sad.

It’s basically soul mate fic! But not a romantic one! I’m excited, I want to write it.