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Julie Packard Talks Ocean Conservation 

As part of TakePart’s Blue Planet series, Monterey Bay Aquarium executive director Julie Packard talks about the Aquarium’s role in ocean conservation – of which Seafood Watch is a part. “We’re not only communicating about conservation to the public, but we’re doing conservation,” she says.



Boston Market opens in 25 minutes. First thing I thought of when I looked at the clock.

It’s too cold to walk anywhere. Dammit.

Drinking my second cup of coffee. Yay!

Got Criminal Minds on pause, S5:E16, while listening to music. Couldn’t tell you why. Also couldn’t tell you why my hands are sweaty. Kinda annoying. Suddenly paused the music and restarted Criminal Minds. Damn…



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My last weeks.

So, it’s been a long time since I had made the last post. It’s just because I’m emigrated to FaceBook instead of Tumblr. Yeah, I know that it’s different social network, but I can’t find the time for FaceBook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and VK. So excuse me for that, people that following me. 
I’ve bought new Mortal Kombat, which is amazing. But not amazing as the previous one, but anyway I really like it. My favorite characters right now or Mileena and D’vorah.  Because they’re look amazing. Yeah, I know about Mileena’s mouth, and know that D’vorah is kinda disgusting insect, but I like them anyway. 
The solo-camapign is also awesome. Yeah, the story is obvious, but you’re very interested in watching how characters communicate to each other. It’s like a good Marvel movie, but with many cruelty and violence. And yup, there are many good jokes and gags. XD 
Every character has a the varieties of combo-style, which is not completely different from each other(basically it depends only on a few special abilities) but make a more unique hours of gameplay,
Also you’ve got many fatalities like in a previous games, but now you have a brutalities, which is a things from the first MK games. But I need to make a remark, because now it’s not like in MK3 where it was like a long-combo with exploding enemy after. Now it’s like a mini-fatalitie, but to use it, you need to make special things like “Do not blocks, or complete the fight with special move”. Honestly, I didn’t any of the brutalities, because it’s very complicated especially in the multiplayer. 
The campaign’s became much easier, I had no problems while completing it, except the last boss. 
Now you’ve good new features from “Injustice” game, it’s an interactive arena. You could use special items over the map. Like you could throw some guy from the background at your enemy, Or you could jump out of the wall to get out of the corner. That’s amazing, but I always forget to use it during the fight. XD
I didn’t say anything about the graphics. And it’s really amazing, especially the effects and the backgrounds 
Only one thing that disappointing is the unstable work of the multiplayer. Because i’ve got disconnects on 1\2 battles, and that really sucks. And it’s not problem with my internet, I swear. XD 
So I would give 10/10 to new MK. Mortal Kombat X is the best fighting in the current-generation of consoles. And best fighting game for me. There is everything good: graphics: gameplay: campaign: multiplayer( yeah, now the connection sucks, but the game just launched, and everything gets better in a few weeks). 
So that’s what I’m doing in the last weeks. I’m studying, playing, listening music and watching series. The one thing of my interests that I’m not doing at last weeks is reading, which is terrible. But I hope that I will change it on the next week, ^_^ 

Gideon (Art)hurs

“To me, when you go to watch a play, you’re part of a community, you’re in a shared event — a truly shared event: no play exists without an audience. They can perform, but it’s not a play,” Arthurs  offers as an explanation for loving that dance floor. “That democracy, for me, is what all arts institutions need to be pursuing. You need to be fundamentally connected with the people you’re talking to — and give them a role to play in the conversation. Many, many of our arts institutions right now, you get the sense that, if you weren’t there, it wouldn’t matter. They like your laughter, they like your ticket fee, but they don’t necessarily say, ‘You need to be here.’ ”

~ Gideon Arthurs, inbound CEO of NTS