learning about nazis in class is the literal worst, like it doesn’t educate anyone in my class or make them think wow thats so fucked up bc theyre all too busy acting like literal nazis and yelling antisemitic things to pay attention

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Do you plan on writing weekly reviews of tv shows at Vox or is that not really something you're interested in anymore? Watching community this season without you're episode reviews is gonna feel vaguely empty...

Hey, I wrote about Community THIS week: http://www.vox.com/2015/3/17/8230443/community-premiere-recap-ladders

Whether I keep doing so is up to a lot of disparate factors. But it certainly doesn’t hurt things if you read that article and tell your friends.

so we’re watching the great gatsby for a communication study in english and like I never really bothered watching it before and

i actually really like it and daisy i think the blonde one when she came on screen ppl looked at me like “its u” SHE HAS MY HAIR

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how do you feel about a female gemini male leo relationship?

this is a great relationship! gemini is drawn to leo because they both have a lighter approach to life and love to socialize and be with other people, so their lifestyles are super compatible. gemini appreciates how large and extravagant leo can be and leo appreciates how creative and intellectual gemini is, making working together very fun and dynamic. leo has a tendency to minimalize their problems for the convenience of others, so gemini has to be gentle with leo in that respect. leo needs to watch out for overstimulating gemini and riling them up. both signs have quite a bit of a hidden temper, and if you’re not watching out and communicating properly, things can get tricky. also both signs are very flirty, so loyalty could be an issue if you don’t talk about what is and isn’t ok and what is and isn’t considered cheating in your relationship.

what i’ve learned from this community re-watch is: 

  • kettle corn IS a fun time snack and i’m craving it
  • i forgot how much i love britta

I really want to know how people who work TV shows feel about fan elitism and how a lot of vocal fans talk about other shows

I’ve seen a LOT of people who feel the need when talking about their favourite show, be it Community, Doctor Who, anything, to put down other shows and very often put down fans of other shows (eg the “if you watch The Big Bang Theory you’re some dumb person, real geeks watch Community!!!” type of thing)

why are fandoms becoming ever increasingly aggressive and almost competitive

why can’t y’all just enjoy whatever TV shows you like and not bash each other mindlessly for liking something you don’t like

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Cairo, Amsterdam, Stockholm and New York City.

  • Cairo: Whats your favorite quote?

I have many, but one in particular that stuck with me when I first heard it was something Danny Vinyard says in the voiceover at the end of American History X…”So I guess this is where I tell you what I learned - my conclusion, right? Well, my conclusion is: Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it.”

  • Amsterdam: What is your ideal night out?

Ha. My ideal night “out” is a night in with my husband, fluffy pj’s, air-conditioning, takeout (delivered) and the latest episode of whatever show we’re watching together at the time (lately Community). I despise going out with the fire of a thousand suns. 

  • Stockholm: What scares you?

Um. When my loved ones are in dangerous situations. Hubby was dropping our best friend at the airport last night in a severe storm with flooding all over the place, and I was very upset until he got home safe. 

  • New York City: What gets you up in the morning?

Literally, my alarm clock and the desire to drink a smoothie. Figuratively…all the regular lame things I guess.