Saturday, May 16th 2015 // 10 more pages and then I’m done for the day. I’m probably gonna have my mum ask me a few random questions… The perks of having an awesome mum that’s also an awesome lawyer.

Later in the evening I’m going to watch an episode of Sherlock with my brother because you know what day it is? IT’S SHERLOCK SATURDAY. (Yes, we’re limiting ourselves to watch only one episode per week.)

The studyblr community never ceases to amaze me and I’m so happy to be part of it. I have received so many sweet messages of encouragement from people I have never even talked to and I am so grateful for that - even more so because the university I go to is a super competitive place and most of the time I have the feeling that most people there are happy to see you go worse than them. I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU ALL A BIG KISS ON THE CHEEK OR BOTH CHEEKS OR FOREHEAD OR WHEREVER YOU WANT TO BE KISSED. Ok maybe not everywhere. You get the drill though 💕

An incident in New York where local residents blocked police officers from arresting an underage girl shows a growing gap between civilians and police, and underscores the challenges facing President Obama’s call for more community-oriented policing.

“Community policing is very important. We have a lot of these officers who aren’t from the community that they’re policing,” Michael Barber of Cop Watch told RT. “They don’t know who is who, and who is what, so they automatically assume that everyone is a criminal.”

Barber is the activist who recorded the May 14 incident in Upper Manhattan, when local residents confronted two apparent plainclothes police officers over their manhandling of an underage girl. …

The Tory Government, aka Welcome to 1984

Since they were reelected with enough of a majority, the Tories are pushing through a whole slew of nasty stuff. A lot of these, the Lib Dems basically stopped them doing for the last four years, but we never knew how bad it could get.

  • The Snoopers Charter - aka the right to spy on your populace, whenever you feel the need
  • The Human Rights Act - or the fact they want to get rid of it so they can kick people out the country at will
  • The privacy-for-Parliament stuff - aka, we can spy on you and find out all about you, but you have no right to know what we’re doing behind closed doors when we’re deciding your communal future
  • Anti-Terror Laws - aka we’re watching you, Muslims, so you better behave because the Tories just weren’t prejudiced enough (Our Home Secretary was taken to court because she was accused of being racist towards asylum seekers. And yet, she’s still Home Secretary)
  • The Strike Laws - aka “if you try and strike for better pay, we’re going to make it as difficult for you as possible” (bear in mind the people who tend to strike are the ones who have been on pay freezes for the past four years and can’t keep up with the rate of inflation)
  • Raising the bedroom tax - aka that tax you have to pay if the council flat you are provided with has one bedroom too many, and there are no alternatives
  • Cutting benefits
  • Encouraging dependency on food banks, because there’s nothing like tax payers feeding other tax payers

To be frank, I hope the other parties and the left-leaning Tories cause as much trouble for these ignorant, racist, prejudiced arrogant bastards as possible. Go at ‘em, Nicola! Faster pussycat, kill! Kill!

chiraledge asked:

• tell me your favourite song/film/person and why you like them !

So many things and I’m going to answer all of them!

They kind of change a lot but my favorite songs now are the theme for the pc dating sim called Dandelion (song is called Yet I Can’t Stay) because it’s super catchy and the game is both infuriating and wonderful. Also Formidable by Stromae because I can easily find the emotion in it even though it’s in French.

Favorite films right now are the Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley because I love re-watching it to find all the subtle communications between the characters and the most recent Jane Eyre because I happen to love stories with a desperate kind of love. Also if you couldn’t tell I like period films. Honorable mentions are The Shawshank Redemption and Amelie.

If you meant actor/actress then I would say Benedict Cumberbatch because of being British and The BBC Sherlock series. Also Smaug. Honorable mentions are Richard Armitage and Jennifer Lawrence.

If you meant person person then definitely my husband/ my son. They are my life (quite literally because I don’t do anything else except be with them) and they make my days worth it. Also cuddles.

That was really long. Sorry about that!

What we’re watching: May

Vids vids vids, TV series, films from the VHX community. We’re watching it ALL. Here are some recommendations from the team:

In Country: A (surprisingly contemplative) documentary about Vietnam War re-enactors. Or LARPers, if you really think about it.  

Inside Amy Schumer: Season 3 pulls no punches, brings many laughs.
-Courtney, Steven

Small is Beautiful: Well-executed documentary about a fascinating and more sustainable way to live life.

Toro y Moi’s music video for “Lilly”: Weird grocery store scenes and a downpour of pickles. Will watch again.
-KK, Steve

Winning: Paul Newman is one of my favorite actors, a great humanitarian, and a heckuva driver.

Halt and Catch Fire: …it has computers in it!!!

anonymous asked:

I feel alone and depressed..

What’s the cause if you don’t mind me asking. I mostly feel that way but I went through that by sleeping it off my mind or find a way to make me happy. Please, if you’re a part of the Mark/Jack community, watch their videos. It help you feel less alone and you have at least a voice in the background.

anonymous asked:

Just stumbled across your blog.... What're to let you know that you are a fucking idiot. I can't believe you even exist, you are so ridiculous. Like that other person have fun in butt fuck Texas and don't bother contributing to society because we don't want idiots like you.

I DON’T EVEN LIVE IN TEXAS. WHAT THE HELL. I have been there and it is too hot for me, plus all of the foliage is dead.

And I’m already contributing to society and my community :) while you? You’re probably watching British shows on Netflix while thinking social activism actually helps people.

Exploring the themes of de-constructing and re-constructing a community, through the physical deconstruction of a watch, a complex item that requires precision and patience to piece back together. But even then, it doesn’t  always work out, the item can never go back to the way it was, it will never be the same again, sometimes even some things get left out because they no longer fit in. This relates to the way in which I am exploring the way a community is taken apart and has to be pieced back together in migrant situations. 

Every time someone mentions that they’re watching community I try to look as shocked as I can and ask them how they could keep watching past season 3.