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Lapidot ok? Based on this song.

Lapis is dying and Peridot is doing everything in her power to save her but she keeps slipping through her fingers. Peridot continues to try, using all her science and tech to save her. There is a point the only thing keeping her alive is one of Peridot’s machines. She can’t speak, move and she won’t respond to any stimulation. 

Peridot is losing her mind. She spends all of her time to try and save Lapis.

But she can’t.

nightpool42 asked:

i've been enjoying your hugos liveblogging! there was a post i remember from a few months ago it reminded me of, specifically about the split nature of what's considered "fandom" nowadays and the core audience of people around the Hugo's, tehnakki(.)tumblr(.)com /post/119278262353/as-for-gaming-the-hugo-awards-it-is-surprisingly Have you read it/do you have any thoughts on it? (sorry I had to mangle the link so much to get tumblr to accept it...)

Hmmm…. I haven’t read that post before, no. 

I mean, there’s been a huge split between what we might all colloquially refer to as fandom here on tumblr and what other (generally older) SF fans might think of as fandom and it goes back way way way further than 2009. Cause we say “fandom” we mean an individual fandom, we mean “Homestuck fans” or “HP fans” or “SU fans” or whoever, which are all specific communities with overlapping populations but with their own like, discussions and tropes and styles of fanwork and inside jokes and shit. By and large, while the sort of people who go to Worldcon might be Doctor Who fans, they’re generally not the sort of Doctor Who fans who write 50k Ten/Rose fixit fics, if that makes sense. 

That’s not true always, I’m simplifying, but like – uh, someone at a con told me once something that someone said in the 70′s (thats vague i lit can’t remember sry), “science fiction is three thousand people sleeping in one thousand beds,” you know, which, pretty much. I saw a post yesterday on a blog while I was looking up Hugos stuff that was like “can you really call someone a fan if they haven’t read Heinlein?” if that gives you a better idea of the HUGE gap b/t what i might think of as “fandom” and what like yr statistically avg stereotypical Worldcon attendee might think of as “fandom.” It’s just a fundamentally different understanding that dates back to AT LEAST the advent of the internet and I think probably further. I do think the gap has gotten bigger since the gap started being A Thing but it’s just different, u know, it’s just different. 

Moving on.

I think I fundamentally disagree on several different levels with the post’s points on the Hugos. Like 

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realityruinedmylifeandstuff asked:

omg "liamists" i think you just created another fandom faction dear lord save us all

LMAO are you referring to my tags on this post?  Anyone who reads my blog with any regularity should know by now that I am hardcore Liam trash.  Liamists for life, baby!

To digress, something I find interesting is how terminology develops in this fandom, or in any community really.  For example, how the term “Larries” for those who think that Larry is real first began as a derogatory term used by “antis” only to be reclaimed by what are now Larries themselves.

Of course, since most people who acknowledge that Ziam is real, the “Ziamists,” also acknowledge Larry they would under the strict definition of “Larrie” also be Larries.  But I feel most of them are leery of the term because it has negative connotations and is associated with the more unsavory aspects of the Larry fandom.

I have noticed that the term “Ziamist” has gained traction over the last several months.  Who first started using it seriously and how it spread is anyone’s guess.  Fun fact: did you know that the term originates from this Pop Bitch blind item?

They practically handed you the answer: it is about Liam and one of the other four in One Direction; it is a closeted homosexual relationship analogous to Harry and Louis’, ruling them out; there are no serious rumors about Niall’s sexuality, ruling him out—but Zayn is commonly known as Liam’s “best friend” and Ziam rumors already persist in the fandom.  Ding ding! we have a winner.  It’s Zayn.

The word “Ziamist,” as far as I know, debuted when Pop Bitch solved their own blind:

So all you Ziam lovers have Pop Bitch to blame for that term.

Despite Leftist merchants of evil using big words and arrogant condescension to convince us that morality is relative, we instinctively know some things are good and some things are bad. Equally annoying is Leftists’ air of superiority – claiming to care more than us commoners about equality, saving the planet and all life; their evil intentions hidden beneath a shroud of faux compassion.

I don’t want Harry to just have a solo music career. I don’t want him to just act, or just put out a clothing line. I want to drown in all the Harry. I want Harry to free the whales and rescue the elephants. I want Harry for president. I want Harry for leader of the United Nations, blazing a new way in the world with a killer smile and unwavering kindness. I want Harry to take over the world and save us all from ourselves. I want Harry Domination.

Help an undocumented student pay rent.

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“This isn’t the last of One Direction”

5 years of One Direction