Sherlock: Hey, what if we kidnap Anderson and keep him tied up until after we win?

John: Okay, what have I told you about kidnapping?

Sherlock: It’s illegal and rude

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Ficlet for Doc leaving Thomasville? k thx

Based on that depressing picture that’s made the rounds, portraying a deleted scene where Doc’s crying the the rain.

“Don’t take it personally, kid. You’re history, but history that’ll be remembered.”

That’s what they’d said. That’s what he’d been told and expected to drive away from.

It was early, just a little after five in the morning. The only source of light came from his own headlights, which seemed dim in the pouring rain. He looked up at the sky as a clap of thunder rolled, bouncing off the mountainsides. The reflection of his mood within the weather was painfully ironic.

Slowly, he began to drive through town. He’d packed only a few of his belongings - his Piston Cups, some old newspapers, and a couple video reels. He didn’t need anything else. Those alone would be enough to keep him from wanting to return.

He passed Smokey’s garage, and considered saying goodbye. If there was anyone left he could trust, it was his former crew chief, the only one that fought back against the officials beside him. Hud slowed to a stop in the middle of the road, coming to rest in a puddle that became muddied as his tires touched it.

No. Smokey would try and convince him to stay. And if he stayed, he’d have to live in a world with a culture that worshiped the very entity that had betrayed him. Smokey may be on his side, but he’d never truly understand.

Just outside town, the speedway towered, glowing a ghostly white in the black night. Hud found himself being drawn towards it, as if a part of his spirit was calling for him from within. The smell of rain-washed dirt wafted up as he inhaled the cool air. He felt a sense of urgency, an adrenaline-like response to the stadium. For a second he closed his eyes.

The rush of the wind passed over his hood. It was a sunny day and he was well on his way to winning his fourth championship. The crowd was cheering him on. He was determined. But then everything fizzled like static on the radio and he felt himself flip over, and over, and over again. The pain was real enough to jolt him alert.

Again he was back, sitting in the rain, but he found that he’d moved. He was now sitting on the track, right in front of the finish line. He hadn’t seen the old piece of rope in months. He hadn’t touched it in even longer. 

He reached forward to touch it, let his tire roll over it just one last time, but found himself holding back. 

No. This was not for him. He wasn’t welcome here anymore. He kicked up mud as he drove around the finish line and back out of the stadium. There was no fighting the way he felt. The tears weren’t going to be repressed. 

One more time he stopped to look back at the town that had both given and taken everything from him. His tears intermingled with the raindrops on his hood and ran down his fenders. Another boom echoed through the sky as he turned and slowly, but steadily drove off into the night. He didn’t know where he was going or what he was going to do, but anything had to be better than this.

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Did Doc and Sheriff ever get into any shenanigans together when they were younger (or even at their current age lol) and if so, what were some examples?

They’re not into shenanigans all the time, but they’ve had their moments.

  • They’re surprisingly good at pranks, though this wasn’t apparent until Lightning came to town. You guys know that comic where Lightning has that dream that everyone’s driving backwards, and then wakes up to find everyone actually pretending it was real? Yeah that was Doc’s idea and Sheriff liked it so much he got everyone else to play along.
  • One other time they decided to get back at someone was when Mater decided to go through and rearrange all the outside decor in the town one night. Everyone woke up and immediately noticed the town was off balance. Mater acted like everything was normal, of course, and didn’t admit to anything. So that night, Doc and Sheriff went to his chaotically organized junkyard and switched a bunch of stuff around. When Mater woke up and saw everything rearranged, he freaked out. The entire town acted like they had no clue what happened. Sheriff made up a story about a desert monster that likes to bring karma to those that deserve it.

The short Dear MC project is done with a “not goodbye” message from each of them.  These were written before SWD made mention of possibly bringing out one more scenario.  Before that and after it, the guys just wanted you to know exactly how much they care about you and that they’re always there waiting for you if you need them.  

If you missed any here is a link per guy below:

October 09 - Mikah
October 10 - Sebastian
October 11 - James
October 12 - John
October 13 - George
October 14 - Jeremy
October 15 - Hercule
October 16 - Mycroft
October 17 - Jack
October 18 - Sherlock

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again, this game is important to me and I will stand with it, cause I love it so.

Even if SWD is done with the game, I am far from it.  Thank you for being with me. 

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Can you write more about the sheriff crash from that hc post?

Doc warned him several months ago his wheel bearings were wearing out, and that if he tried to take a corner too hard before he got them replaced, he’d be pressing his luck. 

They’ve lasted this long, they’ll last a while longer. Sheriff repeated this over and over to himself until he believed it.

The day came when the delinquent road hazards came through town, hot-rodding it down Route 66 as was their custom. Sheriff went through the same old routine, wondering how many times he was going to have to teach these young men the same lesson.

They roared into town with Sheriff hot on their trail, but instead of blowing straight through, they took a hard right between Flo’s and Ramone’s businesses. Sheriff reacted with the instincts only an officer would have, and took the corner to follow them.

It was too much. His front left wheel bearing shattered and his lower control arm dislodged from the ball joint. This resulted in his wheel collapsing over on it’s side as his weight shifted onto it. The rest of his body went with it.

As top heavy as he was, he flipped over onto his left side and skidded into one of the poles on Ramone’s shop. The crash was heard throughout town, and immediately everyone rushed out to see what happened. Even the tuners slowed to a stop, to turn and look. 

It wasn’t pretty. Sheriff was bumper first into the crumbling support. His wheel was completely detached and laying off to the side. Somewhere in the midst of the crash, the other front control arm had become dislodged from its joint as well.

Everyone surrounded the scene. Doc and Red pushed through to him first. Sheriff groaned as Doc started asking him questions. He was in pain, yes, but more than anything he was embarrassed. And he felt old. With the help of Mater and Guido, they hauled him off to Doc’s clinic, where repairs began immediately.

No one expected something like this to happen in Radiator Springs. The town came together to take on Sheriff’s responsibilities while he recovered. Boost, Wingo, DJ, and Snot Rod felt so bad about what they’d done that they volunteered to fix the damage done to the building and do whatever community service was asked of them.

It didn’t take long for Sheriff to get back on the road, but he’d done some thinking. First of all, he needed to start taking Doc seriously, no matter how much it hurt his pride to go to the doctor’s office. Secondly, he was old and worn out. He could barely make it through a day without taking a nap.

Maybe it was time to consider a more relaxed retirement. But as he looked around town, his love for it and the residents within rekindled his enthusiasm. Perhaps he wouldn’t quit policing, at least not yet.

All of the posts for Dragon Age 4/Retribution!

>Game takes place primarily in Tevinter but we’ll have missions in the Anderfels, Seheron, Antiva, Deep Roads, and the Fade, etc..
>60% of the game world is represented by the capital city of Minrathous which is 200 times bigger than Denerim in DAO.
>Minrathous will be a open and living city with moving npcs that walk around, buy goods, do busy work,, think of how npc’s acted within Novigrad in the Witcher 3.
>The city will have large temples, statues, large buildings and towers, markets, docks, fountains, giant walls which you can explore and other cool areas like a coliseum and even an aqueduct which you can climb.
>If you hadn’t noticed yet Minrathous will be heavily based on imperial Rome and Constantinople and in lore is the largest city in thedas with nearly 1 million inhabitants. 
>The city is divided into 5 zones/districts with no loading screens to get into each one so it’s all integral.
>The districts include, the noble district which is in the upper/Northmost part of the city set on a hill which will have three different staircases that can get you in and out of the district.
>Within that district you have a smaller district encased in marble walls and only accessed by gate called the Imperial quarter which houses the Imperial Senate house, the Grand Library of Tevinter (lorewise its equivalent to the library of Alexandria and is nearly impossible to get into - there will be a quest dedicated just to that place), Archon’s Palace, the grand temple of Dumat and senatorial mansions.
>The lower half of the city includes includes the market district, the “plebeian/worker class district”, the coliseum district which also includes an academy of magic, the library of minrathous, imperial army headquarters and finally the poor district.
>The streets of Minrathous are all cobbled, the outside walls are large guarded by just as large juggernaut statues which are massive black golems.
>The city has three bridges that connect it to the outside world which you can also explore before being told to turn around.
>The other 40% of the game world will be large maps and dungeons similar to the zones in DA:I.
>One specific zone will be a swamp marsh area where you’ll get one companion and a tied story mission.

>Your character can only be human for story reasons, that means you won’t be able to play as a elf, dwarf, qunari etc…
>Can play as male or female.
>There’s a CC filter on being homosexual, heterosexual or bi and influence some dialogue line as well as romance options.
>Your character’ last name is Lanius and will be referred to as such by all the NPCs and text.
>DAR will be more story and character focused than DAI, you have a mother and father and a dead male/female that’s interchangeable based on your sex ie if you’re male you’ll have a dead sister and vice versa .
>Your dead sibling is dead before game and will be involved in a form of a quest with your own mother.
>Vastly improved CC system, you can literally make a young Liam Neeson type character if you wish, it’s that good and it’s the best CC system ever made.
>You’ll have 7 companions, 4 males and 3 females.
>Of those 7, one will be a dwarf, another an elf, and there’ll be a qunari companion.
>If you take any of these characters on mission with you within Minrathous prepare to have racist encounters and with the Qunari a literal bloodbath.
>The main female romance option of males is named Eva Scala and her father is senator Daedelus Scala leader of Populares faction of the imperial senate.
>Your father is a minor noble of the equestrian rank and is leader of the knightly class of Tevinter, he is in constant conflict with the patricians/senators especially Scala.
>The rest of the companions I’ll mention in the story bits.
>Will be more like DA2 combat and will have a vastly improved tactics system similar to DAO.
>Loads of build variety.
>Blood magic returns and your story is affected if you use blood magic/become a blood Mage.
>NPCS and companions will mention that a lot if you actually choose the blood Mage path.
>The canon is to play a Mage but you can still play as a warrior or rogue.
>The rogue is actually super fun to play as, you’ll actually be a stealth assassin type figure if you spec into it.
>Warriors are just warriors, still cool.
>Items system is the exact same as DA:I.
>RNG is more forgivable in DAR than DAI however the higher difficulty the less luck with RNG.
>Can craft weapons and armour.
>Can tint, color and modify your armour.
>Weapons are less final fantasy looking.
>Five different difficulties, easy, normal, hard, very hard, nightmare.
>No new game plus.
>Can customize companions.
>You have a den in Minrathous similar to the assassin’s den in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
>You and Daedalus Scala lead this secret society known as the Old Order whose fundamental goal is to bring back the last two untainted old dragon gods to fight against a “greater evil”.
>You recruit people similar to how you recruited individuals in DAI and send them on missions of assassinations, political intrigue, resource gathering etc…pretty much similar to DA:I.
>You get rewards for mission completion including exp, crafting resources, rare weapons and items, and Old Order points used to unlock perks in the Perk system.
>The Old Order is integral to the story line but recruiting people and sending them off to missions is entirely optional.
>Attribute system returns and is pretty much nearly identical to DAO.
>Game is set in 9:51 Dragon.
>the Qunari have invaded Tevinter in six different invasion points.
>They’ve already conquered the northern half of tevinter except for Minrathous which is guarded by its powerful walls on land and by the Imperial Navy at sea.
>You’re apart of a southern tevinter relief force.
>Game starts off with massive cinematic battle.
>You pick your gender, do your CC, pick your class.
>You’re apart of a 4 man specialist commando force including yourself, Eva Scala which the commander, one warrior named Constantius, and a rogue named Justin (both of whom die at the end of the level).
>The first area of the game is the army camp area.
>Get assigned the mission by the general/commander Mage literally name Maximus Decimus (there’s there’s loads of name references to everything Rome and Roman including movies/TV shows) and dropped off immediately behind enemy lines.
>Your goal is too pretty much disable the Qunari warmachines (cannons) and destroy their supply train.
>There’s numerous cutscenes of a large grayish wolf stalking you.
>Kill trash mobs of Qunari and Dalish elves in alliance with them.
>Final battle of the level is with a powerful Saraabas.
>Get confronted after the grayish wolf finally appears and transform to a giant 10 foot tall armored figure.
>Pretty much destroys everything and sets giant balls of Fire on to the clashing armies.
>There’ll be a warden civil war that you’ll have to resolve.
>Assassination attempt on the Archon.
>Salos burning and killing tevinter cities and both Qunari/Tevinter armies.
>Second final level will be Solas essentially trying to destroy Minrathous just after you beat off a Qunari siege.
>Final level is traveling to the forest of arlathan to kill Salos/Solas.
>Ending choice is to kill, capture or save Solas.
>Solas is the main villain in game.
>Dorian cameo.
>Inquisition and Grey Warden both mentioned.
>Hawke/Stroud are in the Anderfell level.