Solangelo during school year headcanon

Will goes back home while Nico stays at Camp Half Blood

  • They write each other letters
  • A lot of letters
  • As they have difficulties to read English because of their dyslexia, they write all their letters in ancient Greek
  • Will loves that because he can write letters in school without anyone understanding what he is writing (and all his classmate are like why the hell are you writing like that)
  • Once, Will couldn’t send letters to Nico for a week because he had a school trip and Nico became very moody and insulted everyone and everything in italian all the time (“Get out of my way you stronzo” “Valdez leave me alone mi rompi i coglioni”)
  • Nico smiled when he finally received a letter from Will after this trip (“NICO DI ANGELO IS SMILLING GUYS, I REPEAT, NICO DI ANGELO IS SMILING” -Percy)
  • Nico lost his smile when he read that a girl hit on Will
  • Is she cute ? Did you like that she hit on you ? I’m sure you did you disloyal bastard.”
  • Calm down, sunshine. Actually, I told her that I didn’t care about her because she smells like mayonnaise and I have a boyfriend. I said that at dinner. In front of everyone.”
  • When he read that Will accidentally came out to his whole class, Nico burst out laughing. It was the first time the campers heard him laughing.
  • When Nico is particularly sad because Will is away and a camper asks Hazel why he is like that, she answers “He misses the sun” and the camper looks at her like she was crazy.
  • Will sent a letter all written in (broken) Italian for Nico’s birthday and Nico was close to tears
  • Will always ends his letters with “I miss you sunshine” but Nico never tells him that he misses him back (though he does miss him)
  • Nico writes all his letters in the infirmary because it is “Will’s place” and so the kids of Apollo’s cabin are used to see Nico there and they tease him about Will (“Writing a letter to our brother again, Di Angelo ?”)
  • Once, the Stoll brothers stole a letter before Nico could read it (Nico summoned a skeleton to chase them all day long)
  • Omg Nico they talked about greek mythology in class today it was hilarious. For a moment, I was scared my dad would appear in the class to recite one of his haikus. Ah, and before you ask, they only said bullshit about Hades. You know, the usual. Hades, god of the Underworld, the “bad” god. And yes, sunshine, I know, Zeus is way worse than your dad. Please don’t do an essay on Hades in your next letter.”
  • Nico keeps all the letters in a little box because he physically can’t throw them away
  • When he really misses Will he reads all the letters again
  • Nico has one of Will’s tee-shirt hidden under his pillow (and he would probably die of shame if someone found out)
  • Will has a picture of Nico and him in his room
  • When he’s bored in class Will draws Nico on his notebook with little annotations like “I’m Nico di Angelo, fear me you little piece of shit”.
  • When Will came back to Camp Half Blood, Nico couldn’t help but run to hug him. He didn’t care about his reputation, he had missed his boyfriend so much.
  • Damn Solace I missed you so much. Please don’t leave next year.”

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  • Hazel: Wait, are you leaving?
  • Nico: Yeah, I got a big day tomorrow. I got to get some sleep.
  • Hazel: No, you can't leave. This is a big moment. The whole gang has to be here.
  • Nico: The gang? Do you know who the gang is to me, Hazel? Here's what the gang is: the gang is you and Frank, the married couple who I never see anymore, about to have their third kid; it's Will, my ex-husband, hitting on slutty cops right in front of me; and Percy, the guy I probably should have ended up with with the beautiful mother of his child.
  • Nico: I mean, who in their right mind would call that group of people "the gang"?
  • Hazel: Oh Oh, oh, so so what? This is all just over then? Our whole friendship is just over?
  • Nico: Look, we'll we'll always be friends. It's just never gonna be how it was. It can't be. And that doesn't have to be a sad thing. There-There's so much wonderful stuff happening in all of our lives right now. Look, more than enough to be grateful for. But all of us hanging out, being young and stupid, that's just not one of those things. That part's over. I got to go.
Sometime During My Shift

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โ€œNico had a problem. His problem was the boy who wandered into the coffee shop every Tuesday and Thursday; just after noon, presumably during some lunch break, and always during Nicoโ€™s shift. This boy- this awfully cute boy- could definitely be described as aโ€ฆ problem.โ€

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every new camper is terrified of capture the flag days when Percy and Annabeth are captains of opposite teams. They go all out. They yell obscene things at one another and Percy floods Annabeth’s supplies. Most campers think they hate each other by the way they talk smack during the game. Things like “I hope you finally figure out how to drown, Seaweed Brain.” are thrown around. The two are ruthless and the game is almost always called at a tie before someone gets hurt. Which is why, three hours later when Percy and Annabeth are sitting by the lake, holding hands and stealing a kiss, all the campers are super confused. 

Happy Pride, everybody!

Rick Riordan characters as things I’ve said/done

  • Percy- “God hasn’t killed me because he doesn’t want to face me”
  • Annabeth - “spiders are bitches and that’s that on that”
  • Jason - “ B I T C H
  • Piper - “If I wanted to look good you’d be on your knees begging me to step on you”
  • Frank - a very convincing cat impression
  • Hazel - “I’m willing to fucking die for this cat”
  • Leo - “I haven’t slept in 36 hours and I’m pretty sure I could go on for another 7 hours at least”
  • Reyna - crushes empty can in her fist
  • Nico - “I’m gay ,broke and tired leave me alone”
  • Will - “Look man I don’t care how pretentious I look I’m gonna sit in the sun and play my ukulele”
  • Samirah - in response to how are you doing “no”
  • Magnus - “I haven’t stopped screaming internally since I was 11”
  • Alex - flips off the sky
  • Carter - “Just… stop”
  • Frank: Why are people so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I would just be excited to have a bunk bed.
  • Percy: ...
  • Annabeth: ...
  • Hazel: ...
  • Jason: ...
  • Piper: ...
  • Leo: ...
  • Reyna: ...
  • Nico: I'm gonna tell him.
  • Everyone: Don't you dare.

I found the textpost by @crazylocaldreamer that points out every minor PJO character’s last name is a pun on their godly parent and I loved it, so here’s a list expanding on that idea.

- Katie and Miranda Gardner: their mother, Demeter is the Greek Goddess of agriculture (planting, harvesting, ‘gardening’, etc).

- Grover Underwood: his godly parent is Pan, God of the Wild and Nature and an ‘underwood’ is a type of plant. (Also, take the first 3 letters from both his first and last name and you’ve got a word.)

- Clarisse La Rue: her dad, Ares is the Greek God of War and “La Rue” is a type of gun.

- Travis and Connor Stoll: their dad, Hermes is the Greek God of Thievery, Traveling and Outcasts. ‘Con’, ‘Trav(el)’ and ‘Stoll’.

- Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Rachel is the mortal Oracle of Delphi with special powers and abilities which is fitting because the name ‘Dare’ means ‘gift’. (And her first three initials spell RED but I think everyone knows that :))

- Will Solace: his dad, Apollo is the Greek God of Healing, Music, Archery and the Sun. ‘Sol’ comes from the Winter/Summer ‘Solstice’, ‘Sol’ means ‘sun’ in Latin and Will ‘consoles’ a lot of patients as a healer.

- Luke Castellan: his dad, Hermes is the Greek God of Thievery, Traveling and outcasts. Luke CASTellan felt like an ‘outcast’.

- Malcolm Pace: his mom, Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Warrior Skills, Battle Strategies and Settling Conflicts. Malcolm’s last name means ‘peace’.

- Jake Mason: his dad, Hephaestus is the Greek God of Forgery and Crafting. A ‘mason’ is a builder or worker in stone.

- Lee Fletcher: his dad, Apollo is the Greek God of Healing, Music, Archery and the Sun. To ‘fletch’ is to add feathers to an arrow.

- Thalia Grace: her dad, Zeus is the Greek God of the Sky and in Ancient Greek mythology one of his daughters (known as the ‘graces’) was originally named Thalia.

- Meg McCaffrey: her mom, Demeter is the Greek Goddess of agriculture (planting, harvesting, gardening, etc). A nutMEG is yummy fruit and spice.

- Nico and Bianca Di Angelo: their dad, Hades is the Greek God and Ruler of the Underworld. Ironically, in Italian the name ‘Di Angelo’ means ‘from the angel’.

- Silena Beauregard: her mom, Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty and in French (aka the langue of love) ‘Beauregard’ means ‘good to look at’.

- Charlie Beckendorf: his dad, Hephaestus is the Greek God of Forgery and Crafting. ‘Char’ means slightly burned by fire and Charlie was killed in a gas explosion.

- Zoë Nightshade: her father, Atlas is the Titan who Bares the Weight of the Sky. Ironically, ‘Zoë’ means ‘life’ and ‘Nightshade’ is a poisonous plant.

- Michael Yew: his dad, Apollo is the Greek God of Healing, Music, Archery and the Sun. ‘Yew’ is a reference to a tree that is commonly used to make longbows.

- Castor and Pollux: their dad, Dionysus is the Greek God of Wine and Merriment. Just like their twin name sakes from the Ancient Greek Myths, Castor died before Pollux.

- Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano: her mom, Bellona is the well respected Roman Goddess of War and Reyna means ‘queen’ in Spanish and Filipino.

- Lou Ellen: her mom, Hecate is the Greek Goddess of Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft and Crossroads. Ellen’s name means ‘torch’, which is her mother’s sacred symbol.

- Ethan Nakurama: his mom, Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of Revenge. ‘Ethan’ means ‘firm soldier’.

- Tyson: his dad, Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea. Tyson is a cyclops and he works in his father’s forges. Tyson means ‘firebrand’.

- Percy Jackson: his dad, Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea and when pronounced, Percy is PerSEA Jackson.

- Annabeth Chase: her mom, Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Warrior Skills. Battle Strategies and Settling Conflicts. ‘Annabeth’ is an anagram of ‘Athena’— take ‘B’ and ‘N’ from ‘Annabeth’, rearrange the letters and you have ‘Athena’.

- Frank Zhang: his dad, Mars is the Roman God of War. Ironically, ‘Frank’ means ‘free one’ in French and ‘Zhang’ means ‘Master of Bows’ in Chinese.

- Piper McLean: her mom, Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. Piper means ‘one who plays the pipes, s/he with musical talent’.

- Leo Valdez: his dad, Hephaestus is the Greek God of Forgery and Crafting. The name ‘Leo’ translates to ‘The Lion’ (a very sacred and beloved animal in many cultures) and ‘Valdez’ means ‘very brave’.

- Hazel Levesque: her dad, Pluto is the Roman God and Ruler of the Underworld. The name ‘Hazel’ means ‘commander’ in old English.

- Jason Grace: his dad, Jupiter the Roman God of the Sky, gave Jason a Greek name to please Juno which means ‘healer’. Jason was also born in July and if you take the first letter from July through November, it spells ‘Jason’.

- Sally Jackson: Sally, as in ‘Sally sold shells by the seashore’. Sally means ‘princess’ and Poseidon himself said she was a ‘queen among women’.

-Estelle Blofis: ‘Estelle’ means ‘star’ and ‘Blofis’ is self explanatory, so I’m going with ‘starfish!’

- OCTAVIAN: Our Crazy, Tactless And Very Irritating, Annoying Nuisance

That’s all I have for now. Please feel free to add any more names w/ their meanings that I might have missed or forgotten, or tell me names and I’ll add them here.

~ Alex

  • Nico: Honey bun?
  • Will: Yes?
  • Nico: (blushing) I meant, would you like one?
  • Will: (also blushing) Oh. Yeah. Sure. Sugar?
  • Nico: Yes?
  • Will: (blushing harder) I just meant, would you like some in your coffee?
  • Nico: (further embarrassed) Oh. Yeah. Sure.
  • Both: (completely flustered)
  • Percy: (from a distance) Even I was getting embarrassed from watching them.
  • Jason: I think I know what you mean.