What in the actual fuck

So check this. I go into my local target and I head over to the fitting rooms (mind you this one is in the women’s and children’s section). I casually walk into what I think is an empty fitting room. NOPE. Sitting there is some Asian dude leg on knee phone in hand BUTT. ASS. NAKED. The fuck are you doing dude?! I was so in shock, I politely apologized and went into the room next to me. I left, forgot my purse and had to go back. I was horrified to open any door further and I’m pretty sure he was still in there with the door still ajar.

It didn’t hit me until later to actually call target to notify them that some fucking creep is sitting there naked in a changing room with the door not closed.

Went in to target to browse, left with a real life dick pic and an encounter with a soon to be phedophile.


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