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10 YEARS SINCE #PrinceCaspian 
(May 17, 2008 - May 17, 2018)

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“Reuniting on each one every time it’s always… it’s hilarious. It’s just really exciting like I turned to like a little kid again, in a way. You know, because we’ve all gone on to, in between these films, we’ve had years, you know, growing up. We’re in our mid to late 20s now, most of us, all of us. And I find myself kind of becoming that little, you know, my little crazy like energetic self, who sprinted up to Thomas the first day I saw him in the production office on the first one, and I just wanted to meet him so bad, you know. And just that excitement that we all… kind of an energy that we all created with each other in the first movie that just kind of snaps right back in, I guess. I don’t know, as soon as I see everyone again i’m just like… I turn into a person I only am with them in a way. It’s really cool and i’m gonna miss that, you know.” - Dylan O’Brien

The difference between the Narnia fandom and other fandoms

I just spent a little time going through all of my fandoms posts in social media and i just realized something which is actually really ironic.

I noticed that there is a specific area in which narnia fans stand out in comparison to fans of other fandoms.

Books such as the Divergent trilogy, the Hunger games trilogy, the Maze Runner, City of Bones and even Harry Potter are known for their saddening deaths of beloved fictional characters. All over the internet you can find posts where people get upset about Sirius Black’s death or about Finnicks and Prim Everdeen’s death (they also really terrify me) for example. People are complaining that their favourite characters in books always face a tragic end but this is exactly the point where Narnia fans react so differently:

In terms of characters that die throughout the book, the chronicles of narnia definitely takes the lead. The characters from all the seven books die except for only one person, Susan Pevensie. Some characters have died of old age while others face a tragic death. Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Jill and Eustace were young when they died in a train wreck. Outsiders may think that this is the controverse spot of our fandom but in truth we are not frustrated about everyone dying in the series.

We are only sad when we talk about Susan’s fate in the Chronicles of Narnia. It sounds really ironic but we are literally sad and terrified that Susan Pevensie got to live because now she is left alone by herself, living without her family. This is what truly makes everyone of the narnian fandom frustrated. We all wish that Susan would have died alongside her siblings but instead she had to cope with losing her whole family.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series that doesn’t associate death with a saddening event. The last book shows us that living can be worse than being dead.