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Since I just recently hit 2.5k followers despite not being active on this blog lately, and since Season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about to air, I decided to create a brand new network for my favorite show. It’s pretty basic, you’ll get a place to share your b99 edits, posts, fanart, and related stuff. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive more notes on your posts.

To have a chance to be a part of the network, here’s what you got to do:

  • Follow @jacobsperalta
  • Reblog this post
  • No application form is necessary to fill out

Information about accepting:

The amount of people I’ll decide to accept into the network will depend on the notes. As for the deadline, the last chance to enter the first round will be on August 31st update: August 25th. The short deadline is due to me just really wanting to kick off the new network as soon as possible.

If accepted:

Make sure you follow the network tag, which is #brooklyn99network. You will also receive a follow from me as well as your peers from the network. You will also get a spot on the network page, and an invite to join the network chat to share your opinions and thoughts on your favorite cop comedy.

Commissions for earthquake relief

Hey lovelies,

I’m sure most of you have already heard about the earthquake that hit central Italy the other night. The epicenter wasn’t too close to where I live and my family and I are fine, but the towns on top of it weren’t so lucky.

People from all over the country are already sending stuff and helping as much as we can, and in order to shore up more donations, I’m opening up commissions :)

Prices (per character)

  • Pencil Sketches €5 + €2 per additional character
  • Inked Lineart €7 + €3 per additional character
  • Coloured €10 +€5 per additional character

Backgrounds will cost extra €1-€10 depending on complexity

Note that the prices are in Euros because that’s the currency used by the Red Cross donation page

You can see the stuff I do going through this tag or on my Ao3

Here are some info:

  • Commission works can be fanart or original. The fandoms I’m most familiar with are Teen Wolf, MCU, Check Please, Captive Prince, Arrow, Inception, Pacific Rim. If your fandom is not listed here, feel free to ask about it anyway. If you want an original piece, you’ll have to provide some reference pics/a thorough description.
  • Things I won’t draw: anything rated more than PG. If you want me to be more specific, hit me up.
  • All commissions are hand-drawn. You’ll receive a hi-res scan of the drawing upon completion + the actual physical drawing (on A5 sized, acid free card-stock) via snail mail. Because this is for charity, I’ll cover the expenses for S&H
  • Working on commissions starts after I’ve received proof of donation to the Italian Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund (screencap the on-screen confirmation or the one that is emailed to you)

To request a commission, send me a message at aredblush@gmail.com

When making a commission, please fill this form/include all the following info:

  • Description: the character/s you want, your preferred scenario or poses, a particular color choice, etc.
  • References: a link to reference pictures if your commission requires them
  • Type: Pencil Sketch / Inked Lineart / Coloured
  • Additional Notes: anything else you want to add

I’m going to reply to you with an estimate. Working on commissions starts after I’ve received proof of donation to the Italian Red Cross Earthquake Relief Fund (screencap the on-screen confirmation or the one that is emailed to you)

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the askbox :)

Thank you in advance for all your help <3

anonymous asked:

So I've been wondering, you've said the Orsi, mostly the higher ups and nobles, see humans as nothing more then a pest or a servant. Still say during a battle, the Empire was able to take a location held by the Confederation and most of the Rebels have fled. What would the Commander do if their men found that many of the humans left behind were children?

It would honestly depend on the commander. 

A big thing to note about the war between the Redspring Confederation and the Kashmir Empire is that at the very beginning of the conflict, Kashmir’s military’s field officer ranks were full of spoiled and overly-prideful young nobles who had practically bought themselves into the peace-time positions with their family’s prestige, money, and connections. 

This caused a DISASTROUS first 6 months of the war for Kashmir, who couldn’t effectively use it’s superior numbers against the smaller Confederation army because of cowardly, inexperienced, or reckless noble commanders who had no real business being in their positions. After a string of these embarrassing defeats, the resignation or replacement of several of these inept officers saw the rise of commoner, but brilliant Orsi commanders like Field-Ashton who took their places and began to slowly turn the the war in favor of Kashmir. 

So basically this would all come down to what stage in the war this scenario took place. Early-war noble officers were still tied up too much in their human racism and would refuse help or aid to the children as non-combatants and would leave them to fend for themselves. Later Common Orsi officers would most likely provide actual help to them.

Need a proofreader?

I’ve been doing proofreading on the side for a year now, and it’s time to hang out my shingle officially. 

What I do:

Although we often call it proofreading, by the strictest definition, what I do is copyediting. I go over your work, looking for grammatical errors, choppy sentence structure, repeated words, and other similar mistakes.

Ideally, pieces sent out for copyediting have been polished by the author so the story itself is in good shape. I can also do story editing. That would include notes about plot holes, continuity and consistency errors, and ways to strengthen the story overall.

How much do you charge?

I charge an hourly rate of $15/hour. 

I can copyedit 5000-12000 words per hour, depending on how much work is needed. That allows me to go over the work twice, once catching the flow of the story and large errors, and once to pay strict attention to grammar and syntax.

Story editing requires more critical thinking, so it takes more time. I work at a pace of 3000-8000 words per hour, which gives me time to read the work twice and consider the plot and characters carefully as I go. 

I am willing to do a sample edit of 5000 words to see if our styles match, and gauge approximately how long it might take me to finish your project. If you decide to have me continue, I’ll include the time spent on the sample in the overall hours. If not, there is no charge.

My work includes C Jane Reid’s historical fiber fiction novels, Jessica Grey’s Awake, Atone, and Attempting Elizabeth, and The Wrong Woman by Kimberley Truesdale. I’ve also done beta reading for @rudennotgingr, @lastbluetardis, and other fanfiction authors.

If you are interested, please contact me at nkelley.writes at gmail.com.

do you love gilmore girls? do you love coffee and talk real fast? are you excited and counting the days till the revival? if yes, then this is the network for you!

☕ rules:

  • must be following this coffee lover fast talker
  • reblog this post - likes are only bookmarks
  • must reach at least like 20 notes
  • fill out this form
  • application ends on September 3rd
  • i’ll choose 20 or more members depending on the notes

☕ what i’m looking for:

  • people who love gilmore girls
  • nice, friendly bloggers
  • multifandom blogs are welcome too

☕ perks:

  • meeting lovely people who are crazy for this show
  • new friends to reblog your edits/gifs/fanfics/vids
  • spot on the member’s page

☕ if you’re accepted:

  • track #gilmoregirlsnet for updates and stuff
  • submit an icon and a description for the members page
  • submit your email for the network chat

so tomorrow is gcse results day and despite the fact that im drowning in homework, i want to do something cool!

basically, i will make a moodboard/aesthetic for every A or A* i get! i am predicted an A/A* in english language, english literature, history, drama and art, but obviously there is the possibility i get more/less. 

so reblog this post to spread the word and please send in requests and ideas! particular myths or gods/goddesses/mythical creatues, or literature or film, or even a character! a list of books ive read/films ive seen can be found at my tags page

you have until tomorrow to send in ideas! please note that it may be likely that i dont get to do all of them, depending on how many are sent in, due to the fact that i may have completely failed everything, but i have faith that ive got at least one or two As

it goes without saying that you should be following me if you send in a request, but hey 

hoku-soemu / Gyakugire

Pen name: Hoku-Soemu on tumblr, and Gyakugire on AO3

Works: Ao3, tumblr

Major Categories: Probably mostly just shipping tbh 

Subcategories: Recently I’ve been writing a lot of (I guess) angst. I’ve got a few multi chapter pieces going, and a couple of one shots. Fairly often, I’ll do short, quick pieces of writing on my tumblr. 

Describe your fic aesthetic: 

I feel like it depends on the day. Recently, I’ve been very interested in the “Death Note Noir” aesthetic. When I was first getting into writing Death Note I was all over the place, but I think my style has kind of been narrowing itself down a little bit more over the last few months. 

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I only ever see famous or very popular artists on here talking about “don’t go around asking for reblogs or complaining about not getting any notes” and it’s like. That’s easy to say when your least popular piece has over a thousand notes on it???? Like, shut up, your voice doesn’t belong in this conversation just because you think you’re now the master of how to get Internet popularity.

The reality is that some people whose livelihoods depend on 25 reblogs instead of 50 likes are saying “hey, reblog because likes don’t do anything, and reblogs expose me to more potential clients.” And you, rolling in your free exposure and awesome commissions, are saying “stop complaining! If you were better this wouldn’t be a problem!”

Which, like, btw, good job on being a piece of shit.

-do not delete the text, or self-promote on this post. you’ll be automatically disqualify-

Hi beauties! I’m so excited to present my first ever blog of the month: Allurae’s September BOTM. Since it’s my first BOTM there are no polls or voting. I will choose 3 or 4 blogs (depending on the notes) on August 31st, 2016.


  • must be following me (allurae)
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  • talk to me, so I can know you better
  • be active and have similar blog style
  • reblog this post more than once so I notice your blog
  • reblog posts here


  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a new friend (me)
  • you will be featured on my blog for the month of September
  • promos (max. 3 per week) and queues
  • any promos that I host will feature your blog


  • banner by the amazing Haniah. You can request one here
  • I will be choosing 3 or 4 blogs on August 31st, 2016
  • at the end of month I will add the winnes on a special page (under co.)
  • if you have any question feel free to message me <3

lots of love, Faith 

how to survive ap history

With many of us going back to school soon, I wanted to give some advice. I’m fairly certain that ap history classes are not always everyone’s favorite classes. trust me, they’re not mine.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on I did right to get a 3 on ap world without taking the class, and on what I did wrong to get a 2 on apush. Learn from my mistakes, please!!!!

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geleixi  asked:

4, 14, 25, 31? sorry if it's a lot! i just recently started making gifs and i used your tutorial to learn how, so i'm curious. c:

Oh really?! That’s awesome! I’m glad to know it was of use to someone haha.

A set that flopped but deserved better:

Honestly… I don’t know. I’ve made a lot of gif sets where I was like “hehehe this will get a ton of notes” and then it caps out at like 100 lol. There’s been quite a few FMA gif sets I’ve done where this happened. Probably more than any of the other fandoms I do.

How long does it usually take you to make a set

Lord, like an hour or … three depending on how long it is or how many episodes I have to go through to find the scenes I want? I think most of it is taking the screenshots lmao. Especially considering I almost always use a psd to colour so I’m not spending much time on that. I also have to make sure there aren’t any duplicate frames (because I can spot when a certain frame lasts like .12 seconds longer than it should and it bugs me). If I’m adding text then I have to make sure the mouth flaps match the words because I hate gifs where there’s like a long sentence but then it goes by too fast to even read. And if I can’t get it under 2000MB at first I have to keep messing around/deleting frames to make it work without totally ruining the colouring.

Old dimensions or new dimensions and why

I still use the old dimensions, and I have an add on that makes all the pictures on my dash go by old dimensions too. They’re just what I’m used to and I think it looks better. I honestly don’t even know what the new dimensions are. So, sorry if all of my gifs look slightly blurry because they’re getting stretched. I always do 500px, 245px, or 160px width. 

Do you schedule/queue posts or do you post right after you’re done

Depends. If I finish a set really late at night or early morning I’ll usually queue it. Sometimes if I’m just excited to post it, I’ll post it when I’m done and just self reblog it later lmao.

(Posting our answer about stickers/keychains/displays here as well in case it helps anyone else. Please note that we generally only reply to public asks to maximize the usefulness of our answers.)

On printing: Please check out our resources page, many of the printers (not just the ones listed under specialty) will do stickers. We also share more information and reviews in our stickers tag.

On displays: It really depends on your preferences and needs for presentation. Take a look through our displays tag for ideas! Many people actually build their own as well.

On “how to resize images for printing[…]keychains”: Not sure what you mean by resizing - how to resize, or how much to resize? Almost any art program should allow you to resize your art. Photoshop (not free), Gimp (free), and many more. Decide how big you want the final keychain to be - print out a few tests and see what shows off your art the best and also isn’t too big/awkward to carry around. A lot of people do something around 2-3" in height. Also, if you’re putting the printed art into a premade keychain case, make sure to size it appropriately to fit into the case.

Save a final high quality version of your keychain art. There’s more that goes into it if you look for file preparation posts on our tumblr, but for the sake of the basics 300 DPI is a standard high quality resolution for colour printing. Then, make a new blank image that is the size of the paper you’re going to print on (e.g., 8.5 x 11 inches at 300DPI), and copy/paste your keychains over and over to fill that image. This becomes your production file for printing a whole bunch of keychains!

Tesselating the art (rotating the design to fit shapes in between each other so that you have fewer gaps of white space/wasted paper) is a good idea. See here for an example: http://aatoast.tumblr.com/post/87543480455/what-is-involved-in-making-your-stickers-and-what (this post was about stickers but the principle applies to laminated keychains as well, and gives a good overview on the process).

Hope this helps and have fun!

Anonymous asked: Hello Cas! What do you think is Light’s alcohol tolerance?

I am honestly shocked that I never bothered calculating this out before this ask because this kind of quantifiable headcanon is right up my alley. Beneath the cut, equations and calculations you can use to estimate a character’s alcohol tolerance. This is honestly why you don’t ask me nerdy questions, lmao. Obviously content warnings for alcohol apply.

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do i love shoegaze yes do i hate shoegaze yes. i guess it depends on the band are they yuppie hippie bullshit? i still might like em but probably i dont. are they a bit more noise? i 100% like them. are spacemen 3 best shoegaze band? i dont know, maybe. are my bloody valentine best shoegaze band? yes if you are 17. is slowdive a true shoegaze band? define shoegaze then. dont call some dream pop band shoegaze ever, they just pick some notes with two effects thats not shoegaze. anyway my fav shoegaze band is iceage on youre nothing lmao

Imbalance of Water

Too little emphasis on the element water can manifest as a wide range of psychological,emotional, and physical problems.Most people with a lack of watery attunement have great difficulty  entering into the feelings of others with empathy and compassion,as well as getting in touch with their own feelings and emotional needs.This does not mean that they lack sensitivity in all cases,but they inevitably have trouble dealing with their own feelings; the world of emotions seems to them a foreign land of great peril which would likely be more troublesome than beneficial. In extreme cases,one finds cold, aloof, and callous people with this imbalance.Such people are noted for their lack of sympathy and rarely have good emotional rapport with others’ They tend to disregard the feelings of others as unimportant, unable to see in others that which they cannot accept in themselves.In their attempt to be emotionally self sufficient,they often deny their emotional nature altogether, which can lead to a particularly unconscious dependency on others who do express feelings. 

A lack of the water element also manifests as an innate distrust of intuitive knowledge.In fact, in some cases,these people main emotional problem is that they don’t trust themselves at all since they readily dismiss their feelings as unimportant annoyances’ As Jung pointed out in all of his writings, however,whatever is denied conscious access continues to influence the individual any how, but via unconscious processes. People lacking water will very often resist all efforts of others to draw them out of their emotional void, while at the same time making groping, half-conscious gestures towards others which reveal their loneliness, fear, or inner misery.Those with this imbalance in their charts can achieve a measure of emotional stability by slowly letting the seemingly endless pool of feelings come to the surface, thus releasing the accumulated pain and suffering which they have for so long denied.These people seem fanatically fearful of pain, with the result that their disregard of their emotional needs insures that they will experience more pain. On the physical level, a lack of water almost always manifests as a rather severe physical disturbance, usually due in great part to excess toxicity. 

The diet of those lacking water should be watched carefully, and they can greatly benefit from periodic cleansing diets or moderate fasts.In other words, when these people consciously work at augmenting the cleansing function on the emotional and physical levels,they are able to overcome many of these problems and to avoid most of the severe disturbances to which such a toxic state would eventually lead.

Those with an over emphasis on the water element may feel like they are cast adrift on the open sea in a small boat with no rudder, no sail, no oar, and no compass.They are usually rather easily influenced by any wind that blows, making them overly impressionable and often times at the mercy of emotional patterns over which they have no control. Most people with this imbalance are extremely sensitive to any experience,which can lead either to profoundly penetrating intuition or to over-reacting to the slightest stimulus. If the emotions are totally out of control and if the person habitually functions in a state of apprehensive self-protectiveness,he can easily become devitalized by fears, negative reaction patterns,and timidity. Being overwhelmed by emotions as a daily life experience ultimately wears out anyone, and the fact that these people often feel unable to cope with the stresses of dealing with the outer world can prompt them to withdraw into their inner life or to run away from life’s challenges. These people can in fact be “water-logged"with emotions and contradictory feelings, a state of affairs most likely to come about if they are not using their feeling sensitivity and empathy in an active concern for others. At their best, once the self-absorption has been overcome,these people are capable of developing an emotional self-sufficiency based upon a rich inner life of total dedication to an ideal.They often have pronounced imaginative abilities and a natural attunement to spiritual and occult realities. Their seemingly absolute dedication to a life of self-sacrifice is often genuine, but in others this is simply a guise veiling an absolute selfishness and a compulsive pattern of demanding that others fill up their inner emptiness.There is no way to understand this type of person unless one realizes that they are motivated chiefly by deep yearnings and insecurities which they have difficulty identifying. Until these yearnings are clarified in the full light of consciousness these people cannot help but be rather compulsive in their behavior. And, until the yearnings are identified as the soul’s desire for liberation and ultimate serenity, the individual cannot effectively make use of his greatest strength. 

More than with any other element, those with too much water emphasis tend to go to extremes of behavior, and it is difficult therefore to make generalizations that will hold true for all people of this category.It is evident to me, however,that those with this combination in their charts have the potential for expressing fully the highest spiritual qualities: love, compassion, devotion, and sympathetic helpfulness. Those who have achieved this level of self-expression are, however, decidedly in the minority. On the physical level,a great emphasis on the water element indicates that the body is always eliminating poisons,both physical toxins and emotional residue.

I got a lot of traffic today! (Well, more so than usual on this blog XD) Primarily I have @goopy-amethyst to thank, they were kind enough to reblog some of my posts and get me some notes!! That being said, I am still doing pencil sketch commissions, 5-10 bucks depending on complexity, in order to get my laptop screen fixed. Money is kind of tight, my parents are in between jobs and my education basically depends on that laptop, so I really need some funding so if you would please help, it’s not expensive. Thank you all so much, particularly goopy 💙💙💙

My art approach

Someone asked me for tips via email, which I took as a huge compliment. I thought maybe I could post it here, just to save my thoughts for later. I think its important to note that I know little, but I do know what has worked for me so far. So I’ll share that. PS. This person was a beginner, so I assumed he worried about basic drawing skills more than compositions etc.

Hello -Insert name here-!

I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I’ve had a lot of work to do.

As for tips, it depends on what you want to do. Since you asked me, I’ll tell you what I’ve done so far!

1. Draw every day. No matter your mood or inspiration, just draw something. It can be complete piece, or a very bad doodle. But drawing every day is more likely to make you want to draw more, and more often than not, you’ll end up with more than just a doodle!

2. Draw real things. It’s fun to copy other artists or learn from them, but remember that everyone has their unique way of picturing reality, and that their view will always be a little distorted. To find your own style, draw from life, draw people in cafes, draw animals or anything you find interesting! You don’t have to be good at drawing everything, if it isn’t fun, you’re not going to get good, because you will draw less.

3. Therefore, number three is HAVE FUN. or at least learn something new, it’ll make it feel like its worth it.

4. Set goals! Anything you’d like to be able to do? Some pictures that you wish you’d made? Set them as goals, maybe find something thats not too far away first, someone that is just a step above you, and aim to become as good as them. Sometimes, I find competition helps me be motivated^^

5. If there’s anything you feel like you’re bad at, but you want to be good at, do it a lot. I draw 15 hands twice a week because i think hands are difficult.. I sit down, I find some reference or use a mirror, and I draw 15 hands. Its all about determination!; )

I hope I answered your question a little? I also like to watch others paint or draw on youtube, if the video is too fast, you can turn down the speed in the bottom right corner^^

Good luck!!