Will Lexington

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Okay but Lexington has her first sleep over and her moms pull out all the stops to impress lexi's bff (and if kara can't sleep until 4 am cause Lexi and her friend are up giggling that late she can't be mad because Lexi just sounds like she's having /the best/ time)

You know Kara and Lena have never been to a sleepover.

Not once.

Because who wants to invite the weird kid that the Danvers just adopted, or who wants to invite Lex’s quiet little sister?

So neither of them have any idea how to do the whole sleepover thing? So of course they call Alex and Maggie and Winn and James and by the time they’re done they know they’ve gone way, way overboard - but Lexi is just so excited that they don’t really care!

Lexi and her bestie have the best time, and if Kara has to double load on coffee the next day then, well, it isn’t the first time!


You’re Mine” - Rayna Jaymes, Scarlett O'Connor, Gunnar Scott, Juliette Barnes, Avery Barkley, Will Lexington, Maddie Conrad & Daphne Conrad

5x11 “Fire and Rain”

I promise you right here right now won’t ever let you go this I vow
 And through the good times and the bad times you’re mine