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1. Lights Off, Lights On - You are such a creep. This is wrong.

2. Come On Over Tonight - “Please come round.”
“I’m just cooking a pasta bake. Can it wait twenty minutes?”

3. When We Were Younger - Leaning back in his chair, Harry chewed on his thumb absently. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping to achieve in these chat rooms.

4. Cake Sword - “I’ll get a dance out of you later, if your lovely husband will let me.”

5. Carried Away Like Butterflies - It wasn’t much, really; it was just a small, two bedroom flat in North London, but it made Louis the happiest man on earth because it was his. He was grown up now.

6. Nora - “Enjoy your meal.”

7. Fallen Apples - A blood-curdling scream rang out through the still night. Harry’s large ears twitched in interest, but only instinctively. He had no desire to answer the vixen’s call, and so he turned his attention back to hunting.

8. Unplugged - He was a part of history in the making. There was no way this wasn’t the most boring meeting in the history of the universe.

9. Screwdriver - “So, you’re probably all wondering why I called this household meeting.”

10. Ketchup - It was snowing. Shit.
Anxiety started to bubble in Harry’s gut.

11. Gets A Little Sweeter - “Harry?”
The house was quiet, the early afternoon sun streaming in through the living room window as Louis poked his head into the room. Nope, not there.

12. Heavy On My Mind - London was humming with Olympics buzz.

13. Close To You - They’d lived next to each other for three years and five months and had been best friends for three years and, maybe like, four months?

14. Tesco - Louis drummed his fingers against his boxed sandwich impatiently.

15. Double Date - Giving Niall a key to his flat was probably one of the stupidest decisions Harry had ever made in his short life.

16. Pizza Boy - It had been a year. A whole year. Harry watched Liam and Zayn giggling quietly in the kitchen together and felt a mingling of pride and envy.

17. December 23rd - He always did his Christmas shopping in one day, on the 23rd, in Manchester.

18. What’s A Ghost’s Favourite Fruit? - “Why am I such a good friend?” Louis murmured through gritted teeth, trailing behind Niall with his arms folded.

19. We Know The Game - “I reserved your ticket for my press night, by the way.”

20. Take Me To Your Heart - He had to run, but he just managed to catch his bus. Good thing, too. If he’d had to wait the half an hour until the next one came, he’d scream.

Phew!!!!!! I guess a lot of dialogue as an opener? Haha

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me: is secretly hoping that bertrand turns out to be the traitor, as he’d have access to maxwell’s photos from the bachelor party, and that if maxwell IS involved, it’s just because he’s afraid of his older brother or MC/Liam/Drake/Hana got threatened and he secretly deeply regrets it, but he cannot stand up to bertrand!!!



So this looks fun so far! :D

  • MC has guts, a personality, and a sense of humor! And a sense of self-preservation! Just, hell yes.
  • The story is crazy so far, but whatever, doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously
  • Astrophysics student and ninja (he needed the money I guess) Sasuke is at least trying to make sense of it
  • After playing SLBP it’s funny to see some of the guys‘ very different personalities lol
    • Like, super shady Mitsuhide and extra nice Mitsunari? What? lolol
    • This crazy-ass Masamune is pretty fun, too
  • Oh, and what about the timeline before the time jumps happened? It’s supposed to be 1582, as Nobunaga even kindly confirmed (…):

I guess I’ll take the SLBP approach and just headcanon all the warlords to be somewhere in their 20ies or 30ies lol