Will Eisner

I was amazed to have won the Haxtur Award, and am pushing past Will Eisner to get to the stage. Posting because there are not enough photos of me and Will in the world and I miss him.

Gijón/Xixón, Spain, 1995.


With all the news lately about voting, I though I should remind you folks that the Deep Dark Fears book has been nominated for a 2016 Eisner Award, and time is running out to cast your vote! So, if you are a comic artist (web, print, etc) or work in a related field, I’d really appreciate your vote! You can vote at http://eisnervote.com/ - thank you!

I’d like to dedicate this award to every “bad” bisexual who ever existed out there.

Every bi person who ever fit a stereotype. Every bi person who’s been shamed, doubted or ridiculed for not being “bi enough” or for being “too bisexual”. Every bisexual woman who’s ever survived sexual violence. Every bi person who’s considered suicide. Every bisexual person of color, every disabled bi person, every asexual bi person. Every bi person who’s ever experienced multiple intersections of marginalization and oppression.

You are magnificent. This book is for you.
—  Shiri Eisner from her Acceptance Speech upon winning the 2014 Best Bi Author of the Year at the Bisexual Book Awards for her best-selling LGBT + Feminist Book Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution

#1 Cover Art by Francesco Francavilla

One more #1 cover reveal, this time for a character near and dear to my heart: Will Eisner’s THE SPIRIT!
The series is starting with a new #1 at Dynamite thanks to my dear friend Matt Wagner. Not sure who the artist is yet (trust me, I would have loved to draw some if I had time) but I am sure it’s gonna be awesome! Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the variant cover I did for issue 1.
Read more on CBR here: go.cbr.cc/1Ffj2aY