Will Behlendorf

“so I was bored & decided to go through my Dad’s phone camera roll. To my surprise/dismay, there were quite a few selfies but I found this picture of me & @daltonrapattoni at his house back in Texas. To think that tomorrow he’s going to perform for the finals of American Idol just confirms what I’ve known for a long time: this guy is one of a kind. seriously, who else that would sing Phantom of the Opera with an acoustic guitar & make It’s Gonna Be Me a love ballad?
Time and time again the judges & audience alike have praised him for "Daltonizing” songs, which he has done masterfully, but there’s so much more to that than creative song arrangements. “Daltonizing” a song is seeing someone who performs like it’ll be their last time on a stage & who sings lyrics like it’s their therapy. whether he wins or not, you all are the real winners because you got to witness the start of a very special artist. I have as much idea as you all do what he’s going to do next musically but I have no doubt it’s going to be epic.
Dalton, I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you. I can’t wait to watch you in the audience tomorrow & especially can’t wait for you to answer your phone again when all the Idol craziness dies down. here’s to more music, more laughs, as well as more of actually seeing you in LA because if you don’t move out here we have a problem. congratulations on everything 😃

Sincerely, Dalton’s Friend/Will"


AU: You’re Will’s girlfriend and while the boys are on tour you and Will talk to each other all the time in an attempt to not let the distance get between your relationship. An interviewer asks which of the boys is late the most and the boys go psycho in laughter as they explain why Will is always late. He gets caught up in something one night and you fall asleep before you guys facetime and he gets very sad that he won’t get to see your beautiful face until the next day


Colton-One Shot

Cole knew the interviews were going to be hard.  Questions about Dalton leaving…  But he didn’t think they would be this hard.  

Dana was the one to talk about it.  ”Dalton has left the band.”  Dana said, not wasting any time getting into the issue.

Hearing the words made it more real.  Cole looked away, not wanting the camera to see the tears that flooded his vision, hiding his grief from the fans.  Will was the only one in the band who knew the truth about Dalton’s relationship with Cole.  He silently reached out a hand and put it on Cole’s knee.  A silent reassurance.  It will be okay.

Cole blinked his tears back, then turned to give Will a weak smile.  A silent Thank you.

But when Will turned back to the interviewer, Cole’s smile fell.  Because it would not be okay.  He would not be okay.

A/N: gif credit to goneagainbackagain (http://goneagainbackagain.tumblr.com/) which I previously forgot to put in, but now I did and I am so sorry I forgot. So I may write a part 2 to this… i don’t know (spoiler: may contain an attempted suicide) Would anyone read it?


If I am ever feeling down I just need to watch this beautiful moment in history right here.

And honestly I need this right now. The world makes me so sad. This makes me happy on so many levels.

IM5 imagine

A/N: you guys voted on who you wanted this to be about, so here goes!

You stand on Will’s front porch shivering as the rain pelts at your skin, mixing with your tears.
He finally opens the door, eyes widening with shock as he sees you. “Oh my god y/n. What happened?”
You practically fall into his arms. “Can I come in?”
Wordlessly, he nods, letting you in. You change into some of his clothes, and once you are warm again, you explain. “I caught Cole cheating. He wants to get back together but I just… I can’t trust him anymore.”
Will’s jaw clenches angrily. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe him.” He says in an angry tone that you had never heard gentle sweet Will use before. “You’re staying the night here. Actually, you’re staying here until you get everything sorted out.”
“Thanks Will.” You say with a small sad smile.
“You must be tired.” He says, and prepares the couch as a bed for you.
Gratefully you climb under the warm blankets. “You’re my best friend. I’m here for you no matter what. Goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight Will.”
You awake the next morning to frantic pounding on Will’s front door. Before you can even get up, you hear the door open and an angry hiss from Will, “You can’t see her. I can’t believe you would do this to her!”
“Please.” Your heart aches at the painfully familiar voice. Cole. There’s a scuffling sound as Cole pushes past Will into the house. Quickly you close your eyes, pretending to sleep, not wanting to face Cole yet.
You sense him standing by the couch, unsure of what to do.
“Let her be.” Will whispers angrily.
You take the opportunity to sneak a look at Cole through a partially opened eyelid. He’s a mess, hair disheveled and eyes red and bloodshot like he’s been crying.
He reaches out a hand, like he’s going to touch your hair. Will grabs his arm before he can reach you. The look of regret on Cole’s face is almost enough to make you want to get up and pull him into a hug, reassure him that everything is okay.
But you don’t.
Instead you watch as he looks again at your sleeping figure. “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I love you.” He whispers before letting Will push him out of the house.

Preference #2: How he cuddles you

Cole: Cole likes to take you in his arms and wrap them around your back. He’ll nuzzle his head into your neck while you can rest your head on his chest because of height difference.

Will: Will would hug you from the side and quickly move his body to the front of yours, hugging you normally now. He would rest his head in yours and hug your even tighter.

Gabe: As you guys sit on the couch, he always has his arm wrapped around you and your head on his shoulder. Your legs fall over his lap and your arms around his waist.

Dana: Dana always liked cuddling by laying down. You two would face each other, legs intertwined and holding hands. He would give you small little pecks in your lips and you would lay like that for hours.

David: You and David liked to keep it simple. His arms were always around your waist and your arms around his back. You would straddle his waist and rest your head on his shoulder.