Video of a dinosaur-sized alligator in Florida is going viral — and people are freaking out

  • On Monday, Lakeland, Florida, police uploaded shared video colossal alligator at a wildlife sanctuary, and it’s sending the internet into a fit.
  • The gator’s size has led some to suspect that the footage is fake.
  • But, in keeping with all that makes Florida bizarre and great, of course the gator is real — and locals call it “Humpback.” Read more

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Florida Scrub Jays (Aphelocoma coerulescens) are found in upland scrub ecosystems unique to Florida ( also one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America). These area are the remnants of ancients dune when what is now Florida first appeared above sea level This ecosystem is one of the few in Florida that rarely floods, so it was the first to be developed for citrus groves and later for housing developments. Currently, habitat loss is still the main threat to Florida Scrub Jays but due to fragmented population, genetic diversity is likely to become a major issue.

Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary

Rockledge, FL


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