Meet the three Barn Owl sisters, in order, Doodlebug, Ruby, and Scarlett!

These lovely birds will be a year old in July, and I remember when they were just fluffy clouds of feather! These girls are so calm and so content around people, Ruby is always prone to falling asleep if you gently pet her head! All three are awesome birds and are always popular with the visitors!

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African lovebirds at Monkeyland and Birds of Eden sanctuary in South Africa. They are a species of parrot native to Africa and they mate for life, often spending long periods of time sitting together and grooming each other

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2734842/True-lovebirds-Feathered-friends-enjoy-quick-nuzzle-South-African-sanctuary.html#ixzz3BcqhlkMb 

This is Tilly, one of our few birds that really enjoys a long hug!

Tilly is a European Eagle Owl and is slowly being brought back as one of our main display birds. We recently renovated multiple aviaries and so our main priority then was letting her settle into her new home. Now she’s regained her confidence and has been out in the display ring almost everyday and is enjoying being the centre of attention ((which leads to lots of snuggles!))

She’s so lovely and calm around the volunteers and is comfortable being perched on a strangers arms ((even if they can’t easily hold her whopping 5-6 pound weight!))

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My boy Allie giving a big smile to the camera, he has so many facial expressions it’s unbelievable!

He is comfortable sitting on his perch in the display arena now, so much so that he’ll tuck his foot up and start to nod off! He now hops from the glove to his perch and is gradually grasping the concept of stepping up onto the glove.

He has a strop here and there but it’s completely understandable, but he has a great attitude towards me and training and so he should be flying in no time!

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