HOLY FUCK so obsessed with this song ‘seventeen’ from Wildhoney's new 7" EP 'Over & Over’. Priests+Wildhoney played a handful of shows together on our last tour and every time they played this song I was filled with an overwhelming urge to make out like i’m in a teen movie with whoever happened to be standing next to me.  And now I get to listen to it over & over and feel those feels in the comfort of my own home!

~Thank you Wildhoney for igniting a passion for upbeat shoegaze I didn’t know I had within me~

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This WILDHONEY song, as well as 2/3rds of this Baltimore quintet’s debut single that recently came out, is a massive wall of pop-drenched shoegazing interstellar overdrive. That means I like it, quite a bit. I’m pretty sure you’ll be busting a nut over this one too,

Fans' birthday party for Baekhyun By Blooming May

Blooming May created an Exhibition and a Theatre event for Baekhyun stans in celebration for Baekhyun’s upcoming Birthday. [photo cr:  kiki912_]

Exhibition Fanacc

Fan’s said there are still lot of people lining up outside and she said there are 2000 estimated fans inside the theatre (cr: @白光猪猪)

@TheStarLight_05 said the hall is filled. Fans were queuing

Photos of the exhibition & the line for separate screening hall  they rented the whole arts centre with seats and all [cr: wildhoney_b]

Fans leaving post-it birthing day messages on the board

Some Brief Pic of the Exhibition. Photo taken by  wildhoney_b

[photo cr:  kiki912_]

[photo cr: exo_twohyun]

Theatre Fanacc

OP said the entire theatre is full! (cr: JokerVaek)

Fans raised their banner that their holding in event to celebrate Baekhyun’s birthday today

And here are some photo taken at the theatre.

[photo cr: exo_twohyun]

And last but not least, Baek Stan’s at the theatre

Wildhoney is a shoegaze band from Baltimore, MD. On this single, buried under thick layer of jangly fuzz, are some upbeat indie-pop gems sure to please fans of Cocteau Twins, Black Tambourine, and Medicine. The vocals are airy, yet powerful, maintaining a strong presence amongst the beautiful noise of the band. 200 available on gold vinyl, the rest on black, in glue-pocket covers.

All songs available or stream/purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and pretty much anywhere else digital music is sold.

1. Seventeen 
2. Get Out of My Dreams 
3. Soft Bats

Purchase here: http://photoboothrecords.bigcartel.com/