Interview with Molly Driscoll, winning TV Spec writer (Arrow)

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SUPER AWESEOME NEWS FANDOM. One of our very OWN, the amazing and talented Molly Driscoll WON the Wildsound Writing, Screenplay and Film Festival Review!!!!!  Her ARROW SCRIPT was filmed during a table read. How freaking awesome is that?

So how do I know Molly? She’s one of my Flarrow girls. Em & I were waiting in line for the Flarrow Screening to start and this beautiful red head comes wandering down the street, stops and visits with us. She mentions she’s an Arrow fan, didn’t have tickets, but wanted to see if she could get in. She lived down the street.  And she totally got in.  It was impressive.

Check out her blog.  She’s amazing.  She’s a writer and Creative Director at a production company.  Girl knows her stuff. This is one of my favorite Molly stories: 

We’re all waiting in line anxiously and it’s around 4:30…the screening didn’t start for another hour.  We were standing by the entrance to the theater parking lot.  Cars were driving in and out of the theater all the time.  Suddenly Molly perks up.

Molly: Black Escalade. It’s him.

Me & Em: (bewildered) Huh?

Molly: (very calm) Turn around. That’s him.

Me: No way. The premiere doesn’t start for another hour.

Molly: Tinted windows. That’s HIM. Trust me.

So, we obediently turn around and who do we see exit the vehicle in all his handsome & suit wearing glory….STEPHEN AMELL.  He’d shown up nearly an hour early to sign autographs & walk the line and thanks to Molly, Em & I didn’t completely miss seeing him arrive!!!!

So I love my wonderful Molly and I’m super proud of her. Sit back, relax and enjoy her wonderful Arrow story. It’s fantastic and this award is well deserved.