Snail Friends

This is my new friend I was telling you about. God knows what he is doing at this specific moment in time, probably out there, munching on lettuce, and quite frankly, loving his life. Imagine, just sliding around everywhere, eating, retacting your atenne, having people poke you, how weird would life be.

Imagine if we could do that with our arms, retract them in when people touched them. No. Don’t do that, that is completely revolting. Think of profiteroles instead.

Quite jealous of Delilah, yes I named her Delilah, I’ll probably never see her again, in my entire life, but I’m sure if I do, you’ll be the first to know…. Weird.

New Speakers for WildPhotos 2011

Three new speakers for each day have just been announced.

On Friday:

  • Cyril Ruoso - ‘When the setting is as important as the subject – Styles for creating a sense of place’
  • Paul Hassell - ‘Social media for all – Making the most of the message’
  • Andy Rouse (normally only present at WildPhotos in Chris Packham’s jokes) - ‘Portraits – the challenge: Capturing the spirit’

On Saturday, in a session entitled ‘Editorial tips from the top – What makes a winning picture’:

  • Ruth Eichhorn
  • Kathy Moran
  • Sophie Stafford

Full programme here.

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The Calm Before the Removal of the Nurse Shirt

Entitled with this, because, well you will just see in the video I am about to upload… but yes, the apron you see me wearing, it is actually a life replica of me. Yes, my ‘area’ is constantly covered by a leaf, and only a leaf.

It isn’t, oh my word, please don’t take me seriously, that would be weird. However, look how glam me, Beth and Frankie look…

“Nebraska, USA

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