David Bowie sings “Chilly Down”, the song performed by the Fireys in Labyrinth.

This is the only song Bowie wrote for Labyrinth that he doesn’t sing himself in the film.  This rare track is AMAZING.


Ah, this song. One of my favourites on the album for sure. 

I love the way wild things sounds like it feels. its big, anthem like, & loud. It makes a statement that I think is extremely important:

We will dance when you tell us not to, we will scream the more you try to silence us, & we will be anything and everything we want to be. we’ll either find a way, or make a way. 

as strange as it sounds, being ok with yourself is one of the hardest things to do. so with that said, I want this song to empower people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, & circumstances. anyone with a label they want to rid themselves of. anyone who has been told they are wrong for simply just being. 

listen to this song on both your best and worst days. empower yourself. challenge yourself (and others). make statements and be proud to exist.

this track has live cool ass drums, provided by the awesome producer Malay. we did this song with him in LA and it was magical.


- This song came about after a conversation with my A&R about those “you can’t sit with us” hats.

- I used the same mic that frank ocean used to record “channel orange” (i almost died because best thing ever)

^ Sebastian, Myself & Malay looking all cute.