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Have you seen all those other kpop YouTubers making "*insert kpop group here* answer wiki how questions" videos? You're a true trendsetter. LEGEND.

oh my I’ve never been trendy before

Can I just say something real quick

A lot of fics that I’ve read, mainly AUs, make Kara younger than Lena, but if we go by the timeline on Wiki and go by earth years, Alex was born in 1989, making her 14 when Kara arrived on Earth at the age of 13. If the show is taking place in present day, that means Alex is at least 27, maybe 28 depending on when her birthday is, which makes Kara 26-27.

So not only is Lena Luthor a Soft Lesbian™, she is also younger than Kara in human years

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I don't know exactly how to ask this, so i'll give you an example: According to the wiki, Elves from Lorwynn have a shorter lifespan than usual, while Ravnica inhabitants (elves included i suppose) have a longer lifespan. if an Lorwynn elf decides to live in Ravnica, his lifespan increases? A plane can change the natural characteristics of someone?

Elves aren’t the same from plane to plane. Even on Dominaria, there were different kinds of elves that had somewhat different lifespans, so it’s not about the plane but what kind of elf you are.

Now, there’s also that Ravnica has better healthcare and amenities, and it seems everyone lives a bit longer there. How much of that is do to what factors I can’t say.

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Hi! Big fan of yours! I have a question about the reading order for getting to know Verity Carlo's character. I'm *pretty* sure it starts with Infiltration, and the Wreckers comic is in there somewhere, but do you know the exact order off the top of your heard? I was looking at the wiki but honestly I never have an easy time figuring out comic reading orders lol.

You’ve got your starting point exactly right! Verity’s story begins in Infiltration, then continues into the direct sequels, Escalation and Devastation. After that, Simon Furman’s time as writer of the books got cut short, so Verity’s story hits of a bit of a stumbling block and the situation she’s in at the end of Devastation has to be quickly wrapped up without much exposition in Maximum Dinobots.

Verity then returns a few years later in Last Stand of the Wreckers, and then a few years later again in Sins of the Wreckers. And that’s her story so far! 

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Hi, you're damn sweet and non-scary, could you please explain what non binary means and entails? Also, dumb small question: I'm attracted to people but like only sexually attracted to women and that too, partially. I'm so confused am i even real rn?

‘non-binary’ is an umbrella term used by people who identify as something other than male or female. There are lots more specific descriptors with tighter definitions and if you’re interested in those I suggest looking up the Gender Wiki or something similar (check out the Resources page to get you started)

As for your second question, that’s not really my division. This is a gender blog, not a sexuality one, and I’m not particularly comfortable in assigning labels to other people. You could simply say 'I like girls’ but if you’re after a proper label, then again I think a little bit of research into specific identities would be helpful. There are plenty of ask blogs on Tumblr that are very good at this sort of thing but I’m afraid I’m not one of them!

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"His working class, Irish Catolic family were pro-Kennedy, pro-union Democrats" this is from Bannon's wiki page and it makes me feel dirty because that's basically a summarization of my family! yikes!

just make sure you don’t turn out to be the bannon of your family, also this is the literal definition of my family too. yikes!

so in golion their names were metals and I kinda wish they would’ve kept them