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Moana might be my favorite Disney movie now, above a mixture of PatF, Hercules, and Aladdin. And the reason it blows my former choices out of the water (pun intended), is because of three things:

1. the final conflict (and resolution) with Te Kā

2. Moana’s character (and character arc)

3. what I perceive as its general message: “Know who you are”

Spoilers for a bit more on the message.

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Sugiura Shiho Wiki?

I don’t know how many this will reach; it’s my own fault for mostly lurking here, hahaha.

Anyway, for those not in the know, there is a wiki dedicated to Shiho Sugiura’s series Silver Diamond; I’m one of the admins there. There has been some talk about possibly seeing if it can be renamed into a general wiki for Sugiura’s works, as it would help bring more awareness to her lesser-known stuff.

If you’d be interested (or not) in this idea, let me know; I’d love to hear what the Silver Diamond community has to say.


Heirs of Fate End: Special Conversations VS Ending

when you writing a star wars fic and trying to make it as accurate as possible

So BTS Jimin changed his haircolor to blonde

As if we wouldn’t notice they are trying to copy BAP’s iconic warrior look

LMAO nice try. Changing your haircolor to blonde to copy BAP the kings of kpop to gain some attention and relevancy from BABYZ.