Man it’s been a while since I’ve done a Zelda inspired ring.

Here we have a, frankly, amazing looking signet ring inspired by the upcoming game: Breath of the Wild! 

I am looking forward to this game like none other, especially after hearing all the developed commentary.  It looks like they’re finally expanding the game’s universe, this looks like nothing they’ve ever done.  Apparently they took a lot of design inspirations from Skyrim, something I cannot praise highly enough.  Everything about it looks incredible, and I cannot wait to play it.

So that brings us to the ring.  The face is inspired by a lot of the locations shown in the released footage, that symbol pops up in so many places.  It’s also on a coin they were giving away at E3 for the demo players, and I desperately want one now.  The cuff around the head is brought from Gerudo designs (also featured on this Link’s bracers)  The sides are a variant on the Hylian Crest, and the game’s logo. 

I’m intensely pleased with how this turned out, and I’ve already bought one for myself.  Remember how I said this would also be available for purchase?  It is, check out the store right here!


”In the old Zelda there is this image, this illustration that we started with and you kind of had to put that into your imagination as you were playing along. But now, you really don’t need that illustration. The vast world is ahead of you. It surpasses the illustration and now you can actually walk and do things in this world that has come to life.” (x)