Jidai Matsuri 2016: Famous Geiko Toshimana (Komaya Okiya) of Miyagawacho dressed as Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior.

The Jidai Matsuri, held every year on the 22nd October, is one of the three biggest festivals of Kyoto.

It commemorates the move of the imperial capital from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1868 and was first held in 1895.

Over 2,000 citizens dress up in historical costumes and as important historical figures going back to the early Heian period (794-1185) and parade though the inner city.

The main role of this parade is Tomoe Gozen, a famous female warrior who lived in the 12th and 13th century.
It is a great honor to play her and the role is always given to one of the most famous Geiko of Kyoto.

Two of Kyoto’s hanamachi take part in the parade every year; this year, it was Gion Kobu’s and Miyagawacho’s turn.

Source: Naeyes - Blog

How to add volume to a clip-on ponytail

This is a simple way on how you can add some volume to your clip-on ponytail wig and get a more poofy effect to the ponytail.

This is how the clip-on ponytail normally look, it works fine but for some project you want a ponytail with more volume.

Start of turning your clip-on ponytail upside down, this will make the seams of the hair go in the wrong direction making the ponytail appear bigger.

When doing this it is a risk that the net inside the ponytail shows so to cover this it can be a good idea to sew in some wefts.

Mark with needles were you can see the net in the ponytail.

Separate the hair around the net with hair ties to prevent the hair to be in the way when you sew in the weft.

Sew in the weft in the middle of the net between the already existing hair seams.

To cover the net shown along the side of the clip, sew in some more wefts.

This will also make the ponytail appear fuller on the sides.

Fastened the clip-on ponytail on the wig. If the wig has the hair already in a ponytail, like this one, I recommend to put the clip-on a bit over the wig’s ponytail.

Cut the hair and you are done.