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Hi there, I’ve been sitting here with a burning question on my mind for a long time, and i thought maybe you’d know an answer? How can i paint a wig? What’s the best way i should do it? I’m making an earth-chan cosplay but i have no idea how to paint the fkn wig, thank you in advance~

Ahh earth-chan and her challenging hair!

If you started with a base wig that was blue and wanted to add the green, airbrushing the paint onto the wig might work. You can create a stencil and add the green colour in light layers. Since you’re using thinned out paint it should be more opaque than using ink which is translucent and because it is airbrushed, it shouldn’t get as stiff as just painting it on by hand. If you don’t have access to an airbrush then painting it on by hand can work, but I still suggest working with watered down paint and building up the layers. Check out these tutorials for reference: [Cosplay Tutorial Wig Painting] and [Wig Dying Tutorial - Human Gilda]

A common way to change the colour of a wig is the ink-dye method. Usually this involves mixing rubbing alcohol and ink to create a dye and spraying, sponging or painting it onto a wig. You can also colour directly onto the wig, which takes a lot longer but would give you crisper lines and more control over the two colours. You can check out some tutorials for ink dying here:

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Shit quality photos but I was Mystery Girl from Steven Universe for Halloween this year!