Peggy gives Doctor Who characters meaningful dialogue
  • Rory:Amy, I respect your independence, but we should learn to communicate better- that is the basis of successful marriages.
  • Amy:I love your devotion to me, Rory, and I completely agree. We should seek couples counseling over the loss of our daughter and my obsession with another man.
  • Doctor:I should perhaps let my companions figure out their problems themselves and try to relate to them like an adult. Perhaps facing my problems like and adult would help me as well?
  • River:I should run for president of the galaxy and get a divorce. Oh, and spend more time with my mum.

Here’s a list of fun things I wanna do with my future wife

- Designate who sings what part in Shania Twain’s Party for Two 
- Learn all the dance moves to Footloose, Grease and Rocky Horror in our living room
- Play pranks on our friends and family members together
- Play sports on opposing teams
- Make out at the drive-in theatre
- Enter a dance competition together (and win)
- Kill each other in laser tag 
- Win a couples Halloween costume event
- Host our own comedy show with hilarious skits
- Attend a poetry slam 
- Touch each other’s butts

My future wife will:

Enjoy musicals, museums and art galleries
Go to the gym with me
Compete with me in sports
Enjoy camping
Enjoy sex of all kinds
Love to dance including country line dancing
Bond with my sister
Have her own place
Make me a blanket fort
Tell bad jokes to my parents
Attend pride with me
Like superheroes
Like the outdoors
Like fishing
Love dogs
Be super girly with a tomboy attitude
Make her own money
Have her own dreams
Enjoy video games
Enjoy theme parks
Enjoy naps
Enjoy baths
Find tattoos sexy
Find piercings sexy
Find me sexy
Not put up with my shit
Tell me like it is
Get jealous
Attend concerts with me
Attend comedy events with me
Attend sporting events with me
Go on road trips with me
Travel the world with me
Eat at the Mongolie grill with me
Eat menchies in bed with me
Get couple massages with me
Fly home to meet my parents with me