Topi’s Daily Card #931:  Widespread Panic

Sometimes players abuse tutors a little to heavily.  While tutor commanders or heavy tutor spells can seem like fun for some, the repetitive gameplay isn’t always the best thing in EDH.  Widespread Panic was printed to punish those kinds of things.  Anyone abusing Demonic Tutors and the like are going to have cards from their hand put on top of their library, negating their next card draw.  This unfortunately also effects land tutoring, something that I’m always okay with, but it’s hard to stop one without effecting the other.  Still, it’s a nice way to make people think first before finding their answer.  You can find whatever you want, but at the cost of losing card draws and cards from your hand.  Huge bonus if they try and use something like Enlightened Tutor, as it just buries their card and they have to wait two card draws.  

Pure Panic // Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Drama, slight Angst

Summary; Jackson receives confusing, devastating news that you’ve been severely injured, so he gets on the next flight back to Korea to try and find you.

Reminder; (Y/F/N) = Your Full Name

Reminder; (Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

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waiting for a hurricane to hit is the weirdest fucking thing because life goes on as usual until the city is underwater. apart from the empty store shelves, the hundred new tin cans of food in your pantry, the extra days off school or work, and the dried up gas stations, everything is more or less the same. everyone knows what is coming, and we all know it’s gonna be devastating, but we just keep going?? there is concern and a little bit of fear but not gut wrenching, widespread panic. maybe we’re just used to it by now, or have gotten complacent or numb to the devastation of a hurricane since its been so long since we’ve had a really bad one, I don’t know. it’s like a cloud of tension hangs over the entire region, like we’re all holding our breath, as we wait for the inevitable, but there is nothing we can do to stop it so, why panic?

what I’m saying is “the calm before the storm” has a whole new meaning for me.

you know what? you’re right, pan people don’t exist. we're actually all greek gods of the wild. we’re half goat, we instill widespread panic, screeching at others is our best defense, we do not like to be woken up from our midday naps, we enjoy music and merrily dancing about, we are particularly fond of noise and riots, and you may worship us in your local caves. thank you for your time.

i love the victorian era aesthetic.. .shitty ass candles and dirty streets, tweeds, carriages, ghost stories, the widespread existential panic due to newly discovered dinosaur bones and the theory of evolution


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IMAGINE: You’re Bellamy’s girlfriend, and when Murphy hangs him you’re also in the drop-shit. When Murphy sees you, to make Bellamy more angry, he began’s touching you suggestively.

A/N: Not the best summary of summaries but I am currently going through a The 100 faze and really wanted to write a story on it. I got this idea from @wukindly so props to her or him! That story was amazing and I wanted to do my own little twist on it. Also, I love both Murphy and Bellamy, but with how the episode actually goes, Murphy’s gonna be the bad guy in this one.

Let me know if you guys would like more The 100 imagines and please request some as well. CHECK HERE TO SEE WAHT’S ACCEPTABLE? HERE: http://justauthoring.tumblr.com/post/154862752161/request

WARNING: Suggestive material, and sexual abuse but only touching! Nothing further!

“Murphy! Murphy, if you even touch Jasper you’re dead.”

You tried to quiet your frantic breathing. Your heart bounded against your chest as you hid above where Murphy was. You could see perfectly through the trap door that allowed you up but Murphy didn’t know you were there and although you desperately wanted to help Jasper, without a weapon you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

It was silent for a long time as you heard Jasper’s grunts of fear. Murphy was out of your view but you kept your eyes locked on Jasper, he was a dear friend of yours and you prayed he would make it out of here alive.

Looking around there was nothing valuable as a weapon up where you were, but just bellow you there was a metal rod. If you were sneaky enough and Murphy was distracted you could possibly reach the weapon in time. It was risky but you had to at least try.

Just as you moved to jump down, the familiar crackled of the walkie-talkie caught your attention and you braced yourself. “Murphy, i know you can hear me.” Your heart began to pump rapidly again at the familiar voice of your boyfriend, Bellamy. You wished you could see his face right now and hold him, you were so scared.

Part of you wonder if anyone knew you were in here. Camp was huge and with a situation such like this, it wouldn’t be hard to forget about you, even for a moment.

“All food and ammo are in the middle ground, you know that.” Bellamy explained and Murphy came back into view. You snapped your head back, trying to stay hidden for now. Looking around you, you saw what Bellamy was talking about, they needed these supplies. “You’re leaving us vulnerable to an attack. I can’t let that happen.”

Murphy grabbed the walkie talkie, “yeah, well, if you haven’t noticed you’re not exactly in control right now.” You let your eyes fall on the metal rod again, Jasper whimpering slightly when Murphy walked closer to him.

“Come on, Murphy. You don’t want to hurt Jasper.” You rocked, thinking about leaning down. Just has you moved, Bellamy’s voice stopped you once again. “You want to hurt me.” No, no. What was he thinking? You cursed him mentally.

Sometimes you hated your boyfriends knack for being the hero. He always threw himself in danger when it involved saving his friends and you from danger. But he was right, Murphy did want to hurt him. Though you loved Bellamy, it made sense, Bellamy was one of the prime reasons why Murphy had been strung up and almost hung for a death he didn’t commit. Which only proved to make you more afraid.

You watched in mild interest as Murphy debated over what Bellamy said. “So, what do you say? How about you trade him for me?” You felt your heart drop and flinched your eyes closed in panic. You needed to act quick. “Look, all you have to do is let him go and i’ll take his place.”

Murphy smirked and you glared at him from above, “how?”

“Simple, you open the door. I walk in, he walks out.”

There was a deafening moment of silence as Murphy and Jasper exchanged looks. Then you saw him pick up Jasper, Jasper letting out a squeal of surprised, as Murphy slammed the door open. He was distracted, which meant if you were quiet enough you could sneak down and grab the weapon.

“Just you, Bellamy, unarmed.” Murphy yelled out as you began making you way down the ladder. You took light small steps, trying to be as quiet as possible. “Ten seconds or i’ll put one in Jasper’s leg.” When you finally reached the ground, Murphy had begun counting. You cursed yourself when you nearly slipped, checking quickly behind you, you carefully grabbed the metal rod.

“I’m here.” You heard Bellamy. And then he came walking in, you quickly hid in the shadows, unsure of what to do. You had a weapon but you wouldn’t be able to reach Murphy quietly with Bellamy there. He’d be sure to make some sort of reaction.

You jumped when the bullet rang, making the metal rod fall out of your heads. You cursed yourself when the noise echoed, why the hell did you have to be so stupid and get scared? You watched in concern as Murphy pointed around the room in panic. Bellamy seemed just as shock, no doubt thinking he was the only one in here. 

“Get out!” Murphy suddenly yelled and you closed your eyes. What to do? What to do? There was no where to hide or run and you’d lost the only defence you had, not only that but Murphy had a gun. “I know someone’s in here, come out!”

Taking a deep breath, you straightened out. You took small, shaky steps towards the light, looking down when you finally became viewable. You heard a chuckle of amusement, when you looked up and made eye contact with Bellamy.

“No…” He whispered, shaking his head and taking a small step back in hopelessness. You stared fearfully at him, shaking in the spot.

“What a surprise!” Murphy mocked you, pointing his gun directly at your head now. You took a step back from instinct, “eh. No. How long have you been here there, Y/N? You didn’t sneak in with Bellamy here, so you must’ve been here the whole time. How’d you hide so well?”

You opened your mouth to speak before falling silent and pointing up to the trap door. Murphy looked up, licking his lips as he let out a laugh. “Come here.” He ordered, pointing where he wanted you with his gun. 

“Murphy, leave her out of this. This has nothing to do with her.” Murphy spun to Bellamy, smiling wildly at him.

“This has everything to do with her.” Murphy looked back over at you, ordering you once again over to him. You began making your way over to him, your eyes directly on Bellamy the whole time, you could see his hands inching to grab you but hesitated with the gun pointed towards him.

You let out a sob when Murphy grabbed you around your neck, smacking the back of you towards his chest. He was much taller than you, though most people were. He held with his left hand, the gun pointing at Bellamy, and you with his right, holding you tightly against him so you couldn’t move.

The walkie-talkie crackled, reminding you that it wasn’t just you three. “Bellamy.” Octavia’s voice came over, her voice cracking with concern. Murphy leaned down, bringing you with him as he grabbed the walkie-talkie. Bellamy kept his eyes on Murphy, watching his every movement. “Bellamy, are you okay?” Her voice sounded more strained.

“Want her to know you’re alive?” Murphy asked, tightening his grip on you. You muffled a moan of pain, grabbing his arm, trying to pull it away from your neck. “Start tying.”

Your eyes darted to the seat belt laying on the ground, realization of want Murphy meant to do coming quickly. You struggled, “no!” You yelled, trying to escape his grip. Murphy grunted. Bellamy held up his hands, trying to tell you to calm down, you fell silent, understanding what he meant.

Bellamy crouched down, grabbing the seatbelt as Octavia’s voice came up again. “Bellamy! Do you copy?”

“I’m fine.” Bellamy finally spoke. “Just a misfire. Now stop worrying about me and get back to work, all of you… and tell Raven to hurry her ass up.” You blinked, confused as to what Raven could be doing when you heard the faintest of a thump coming from below you. Murphy nor Bellamy seemed to have heard it, and you realized that she must be underneath you somehow.

“Alright, that’s long enough. Tie those two ends together.” Murphy ordered, Bellamy complied. His eyes falling once again on you when finished. A widespread of panic fell over you when Murphy ordered Bellamy to toss it over a pole in the ceiling. He hesitated, and turning your head you saw the same metal rod. You desperately needed to reach it and quick.

When the noose was over the pole, Bellamy turned to Murphy. Shrugging his shoulders, he asked; “what do you want me to say? Want me to apologize? I’m-” Murphy raised his gun threateningly when Bellamy step closer to you two. Bellamy sighed, stepping back and raising his hands lightly. “I’m sorry.” he mumbled.

You felt Murphy smirk against your neck, “you got it all wrong, Bellamy. I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then…” You took a deep breath in, sucking up your stomach as you stared dreadfully at Bellamy. “Then, I want you to die.”

Bellamy dragged a stool over, being ordered to stand on it he complied. You felt tears coming as he stood above you two, Murphy holding the other end of the strap tightly against you, it wrapped repeatedly around his hand. You recoiled from the feeling of the strap, hating it against yourself. “Put it over your head.”

Bellamy blinked, hesitating he spoke up. “This is insane, the grounders could-” You let out a scream of terror, shifting your body to the right when the smoke from the bullet Murphy had just shot next to your foot, evaporated. You could heard your own heart now, as you tried to squirm away, Murphy held you tighter.

Bellamy moved forward to grab you before Murphy let out another bullet, closer to you. You whimpered, trying to calm your breathing when Bellamy finally complied, putting the end of the noose around his neck. “Happy now?” Bellamy spat out. “Please just let her go Murphy. I know you don’t want to hurt her.”.

Murphy pulled on his end of the rope, jabbing you in the neck as Bellamy’s hands instinctively grabbed the noose trying to loosen the tightness. “You’re so brave, aren’t you Bellamy?” Murphy spat, he pushed you and himself towards Bellamy. “I mean you came in here thinking you were gonna turn things around, that you were stronger than me, now not only do I have you hanging by a thread. Little Y/N here is here as well.” You tilted your head to the side, disgusted when Murphy’s breathed in your scent from your neck, his breath fanning over you.

“No, stop.” Bellamy said.

You let yourself make eye contact with Bellamy as Murphy dropped the gun, kicking it behind you as he pulled higher on Bellamy’s restraints. And grabbing you around the waist to make sure neither of you were going anywhere. You pushed yourself closer to Murphy’s chest, trying to get away from his grasp. “Well, what are you thinking now, Bellamy? Huh?” 

Bellamy was now gripping the ends around his neck with both hands, his toes and just the lightest touch of his feet touching the stool. He let out grunts, clearing choking a bit. “Please, stop.” You begged, trying to get Murphy’s attention back on you.

“You know, I always liked you, Y/N.” Murphy spoke up, nuzzling his head in your hair as he kept his gaze on Bellamy. You blinked back tears as Bellamy tried to get to you. “But, then I come back and find out you’re fucking king boy over her.” He whispers harshly in your ear as you whimper. You cough when his grip on your neck becomes tighter, also tightening Bellamy’s noose. 

“You know, Bellamy, I gotta hand it to you. You got ‘em all fooled, including Y/N.” You pulled on Murphy’s hand that was around your neck when he let his other hand graze over your body. Reaching your chest. You close your eyes, unable to bare the look in Bellamy’s face as he watched you be defiled. Nor could you see the colour of his skin slowly dissipate as breathing became more difficult.

“Yeah, well we knew know the truth, don’t we, Bellamy?” Murphy grabbed your right breast, his head completely turned towards Bellamy now. You felt tears now starting to fall as you felt disgusted that you were letting this happen.

“P-Please…” Bellamy choked out. “Leave her out of this.” He couldn’t bare to see you so tortured, and it hurt him that he could do nothing to stop it.

Murphy loosened his grip on the strap, letting Bellamy and yourself take a stake of breath. But the rope around Bellamy’s neck was still tight enough that he couldn’t do anything to help himself. Murphy was also so close that one kick of the leg and the stool would be gone from beneath Bellamy’s feet. “You’re a coward. I learned that the day you kicked out the crate from beneath me.”

You let out a strangled cry, Murphy’s hand still on your breast. “Isn’t that what you said? That you were just giving the people what they wanted, right? Well, now i’m giving Y/N what she wanted.” Murphy murmured lowering hand so it caressed your stomach. Bellamy tried to kick out to help you but stopped when he nearly fell. “Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

“No.” You whispered. “I don’t want that.” Murphy grunted, his expression turning angry. In a fit of panic, Bellamy whispered; “I should’ve stopped them.”

Stopping his ministrations, Murphy turned to Bellamy. Nodding to himself. “Yeah, it’s a little late for that.”

“What do you expect Murphy? That they’re just gonna let you walk out of here?” Bellamy questioned.

Murphy nodded, thinking to himself. “Well, I think the princess is with me. Clarke’s dead, and the kings about to be. So, who’s really gonna lead these people, huh?”

You looked back over to the metal rod, Murphy’s grip loosening on you a little bit. You debated over whether you should fight for it or wait. “Me. That’s who.” Murphy answered his own question. Turning to you he smiled, “and yeah. Maybe i’ll have to pound the princess over here into submission. I’m sure she would feel nice, up and against me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, too, Y/N.“ Murphy gazes at, grabbing your hip, he thrusts you against him. Bellamy lets out a grunt of anger, strutting his foot out to try and hit Murphy who let go of you in panic, knocking you back so hard you hit your head on something. You barely noticed when Murphy tightened the noose around Bellamy, as you blinked trying to gain consciousness. Bellamy yelled your name but you barely heard him.

“Ahh!” A scream echoed out and rang in your ears. You blinked when four loud gun shots rang through and deafened you. Your head dropped and when you opened them, Bellamy was choking, the stool gone from under his feet and Murphy was making his way over to you and quickly.

Turning your head, you saw the metal rod. Grunting, you ignored the pain in your head and turned over to grab it. Murphy grabbed your shoulder to turn you over, but you’d already had grabbed the weapon and hit him over the head. Your aim was misjudged from the dizziness that filled you. Murphy straddled you, easily grabbing both your wrists and slamming them on the ground. “Get off of me!” You yelled, trying to push him off.

The door creaked open but you barely heard it as Murphy tried to grab you, yanking you upwards. A scream fell from your lips as you were dragged and tossed up the ladder, but your eyes met Bellamy’s, seeing him choking to death. You tried to reach him but Murphy was quick and aggressive.

You were still dizzy, and Murphy tossed you to the ground, quickly tying you there. It was loose but it kept your left hand there as he looked around frantically for something. You listened closely, trying to see if you could hear Bellamy at all. 

“Come on, goddamnit!” Murphy screamed and you flinched, trying to untie your hand. You were so close when Murphy kneeled next to you, holding the gun to your waist.

“There’s no bullets…” You whispered, out of breath. 

Murphy smiles, “no, theres one.” He leaned down, grabbing your chin before smashing his lips against you. You struggled from his grip, his hands no doubt bruising your jaw.

“Murphy!” You heard Bellamy yell hoarsely. You immediately snapped back from Murphy’s grip, turning your eyes to look at the trap door. Murphy panicked, as he pressed the gun harder against your waist. You feared he would shoot you. “Murphy! It’s over!” The trap door began to smash open and closed, as you guessed Bellamy tried to break it open. “Let Y/N go!”

You watched Murphy carefully. “Please, just let me go.” You whispered, he looked at you before his eyes caught something. He stood up, letting go of you as you followed where he was going when you saw his gaze on the explosive can of gun powder, you panicked.

You frantically tried to untie your hand and just as your hand was free, there was an explosion, small but smoke filtered around you as you stared at the gaping hole in the drop-ship. Snapping awake from your shock, you crawled over to the trap door, taking the metal rod out and letting Bellamy and Jasper clamber in.

When Bellamy saw you, he immediately wrapped his arms around his waist. As Jasper went to the gaping whole. “Murphy’s running away.” Jasper exclaimed. “Should we go after him?”

Bellamy mumbled a no, not letting go of you as Jasper nodded and left to give you two some space. 

You pushed back from his embraced, running your hands over his face making sure he was okay. He looked extremely concerned as he breather heavily, no doubt still out of breath. You watched as his hands, shaking, reached up and softly touched your bottom lip. He pulled back staring at the blood, you hadn’t realized but it must have happened when he kissed you.

“I thought I lost you…” You whispered, staring at the red marks that marred his neck.

“I thought…” Bellamy started, “I thought he had…”

You shook your head. “No, all he did was kiss me and well, the rest you saw.” Bellamy nodded, standing up and helping you up as well. “Is your head okay?” He asked, touching the back of it only to feel something slimy, you nodded despite the clear concern on his face.

“Just a bit dizzy.”

Despite how he felt, he nodded. Leaning down gently, he pressed his lips to yours. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A/N: So yeah! My first The 100 imagine! i hope you guys enjoyed it and truthfully I think it’s the longest imagine i’ve ever written. But I enjoyed writing it greatly!

Lolll. When Caryl actually does go canon and it’s everything we’ve ever hoped for, people are still gonna find something to complain about and then ruin it for other people.

Don’t believe me? Just wait, it’ll happen, I promise.

Col. Bruce Hampton Dead at 70

Col. Bruce Hampton - the celebrated Granddaddy of the Jam Scene - collapsed on stage Monday at the end of his all-star, 70th-birthday concert celebration at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre.

Hampton, who turned 70 on April 30, died early Tuesday morning at a hospital, his family said.

“After collapsing on stage surrounded by his friends, family, fans and the people he loved, Col. Bruce Hampton has passed away,” said an online statement. “The family is asking for respect and privacy at this difficult time.”

Hampton was stricken near the end of a four-hour concert that brought more than 30 musicians - including former Allman Brothers Warren Haynes, Chuck Leavell and Derek Trucks; Widespread Panic’s Duane Trucks, John Bell, Dave Schools and Jimmy Herring, who played in Hampton’s Aquarium Rescue Unit along with Jeff Sipe, Karl Denson and Drew Emmitt, who were also on hand; Susan Tedeschi; Todd Snider; and Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon, among others - to Atlanta to celebrate his birthday and career.

Hampton appeared to pass out as the musicians performed “Turn on Your Lovelight.” According to reports, the concert came to an abrupt end and concertgoers were unclear if Hampton was actually ill.

“The low lighting, crowded stage and configuration of the musicians probably kept people from realizing immediately what had happened,” the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported.

Allman Brothers biographer Alan Paul described himself as “stunned and deeply saddened” by the news of Hampton’s death, while taking “some comfort that he died theatrically … Just as he would have written it.

“But what a sad day for so many of us.”

Hampton’s career spanned more than 45 years, beginning with the 1971 release of the Hampton Grease Band’s Music to Eat. He founded ARU and the Code Talkers, helped launch the H.O.R.D.E. music festival and recorded with Frank Zappa, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Widespread Panic and others.

In a 2017 story in the Atlanta Journal -Constitution, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’’s Kevn Kinney called Hampton a legendary presence in the music world.

“People don’t understand how far back he goes,” Kinney said. “He’s just the ultimate showman. He’s our P.T. Barnam. You never know when he’s going to pop out of the jack-in-the-box.”