Lunyxweek Day 6 - Bonus Day/Free choice Highschool AU

(Because Highshcool AU’s are crack for me. So I didn’t have anything for day five the let’s switch prompt because I was too busy writing this.)

In which- everyone lives- Nyx is the quarterback and captain of the football team, Libertous and Gladio are linebackers/guards, Pelna and Luche are wide recievers, Crowe is a running back because Lucis High is progressive and the best players play no matter their gender. Drautos is the head coach, Regis is the principal and Ravus and Luna have transfered from Tenebrae Prep because their mother wants them to have a ‘well rounded education’. The Fleuret’s also own Miracle hospital and it’s renowned for ‘miracles’ because the hospital is on the cutting edge of medical care. 

Just FYI- this takes place on Earth so no Astrals, no divine crystal, no oracles, no ‘magic’ except slight of hand. However sylleblossoms exist because I’m not about to seperate a Princess and her favorite flower. 

Magic and Miracles on AO3 

Please consider: Haikyuu cheerleading + football au
(I’m not doing everybody, just the main characters on the teams)

Aoba Johsai: Oikawa is the top of the pyramid (and the cheerleading captain) because he wants to be the centre of attention, with Hanamaki and Matsukawa as his backup as they are the cheerleading Holy Trinity. Iwaizumi is captain of the football team, and a wide receiver. Yahaba is the quarterback, and Kyoutani is also wide reciever (and he wants to recieve as well as Iwaizumi). Watari is also on the cheerleading squad, and he does awesome stunts such as backflips and stuff like that.

Karasuno: Daichi (obviously Captain), Kageyama (Quarterback), Tanaka, Narita, Kinoshita, Ennoshita, and Yamaguchi are on the football team. Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita are offensive linemen, Daichi and Tanaka are wide receivers, and Yamaguchi is the kicker. Which leaves Suga (the captain), Asahi, Noya, Hinata, and Tsukishima to be on the cheer squad. Asahi is the backbase, Noya, Suga and Hinata are flyers, Tsukishima is a secondary base.

Nekoma: Kuroo is Captain of the football team, and he is also the quarterback, Yamamoto is wide reciever, and Lev is their mascot. Kenma and Yaku are on the cheer squad, both of them are flyers.

Fukurodani: Bokuto is on the cheer squad, along with Akaashi. Akaashi is a flyer, and Bokuto stuck with doing stunts. He wanted to be a flyer, but he was too big, rip in peace my owl son.

The level of Love (A hongice oneshot)

“I love you”

The three strange words were so small, so tiny, so trivial. But they made such a big impact on people and even though they’re just three words, they could mean many different things depending on how you use them.

“I love you” as a friend or “I love you” as a sibling? “I love you” as family or “I love you” as in “I want to be with you forever” as in a lover…

Emil had always known he loved his best friend, of course, he loves all his friends (although he had very few friends) But he knew from the beginning that he loved his best friend, Leon, on a seperate level from all his friends. And Emil did his best to hide this for almost three years now. He hoped tht it would all blow over eventually, but it never did. Because no matter who he might’ve dated or who he thought was hot, he couldn’t help but compare them to Leon.

For what was probably the millionth time, Emil was spending the night at Leon’s house - something they had done since they were kids. For some reason though, Leon never bothered to buy something like an air mattress or sleeping bag. So instead, they always either shared the bed or the floor. Not that it really mattered because they both were accustomed to staying up past three in the morning. But by the time they had decided to go to sleep Emil still felt wide awake and deep in thought. He looked over at Leon, who was seemingly sound asleep, laying flat on his stomach. Emil couldn’t help but to stare at him , admiring his features. The way his choppy, dark brown hair fell so perfectly across his face, his long eyelashes, his beautiful dark brown eyes that were currently hidden under closed eyelids. Without even realizing it, Emil reached out to touch Leon’s bare back and began tracing out random words. At first it was just simple greetings like “Hi” and “Hello” but eventually the random words were replaced with three key words.

“I love you”

Emil wrote the words countless times, over and over again until he suddenly paused to wonder what he was doing with his life. Watching his crush/best friend sleep? Talk about creepy,probably even stalker-ish and would be ten times more embarrassing if Leon had been awake. Little did Emil know, Leon was wide awake, and he recieved the message clearly.

Slowly turning to face Emil, Leon reached an arm around Emil’s waist, catching him by surprise. Leon proceeded to pull him closer before whispering into his ear.

“I love you too”

Emil turned to look at Leon, shocked into a blushing, stuttering mess. Leon slowly leaned forward, softly kissing Emil on the lips in an attempt to silence him.Which caused Emil to change several different shades of red and pink.

“I was like, awake the entire time and it didn’t take me long to figure out what you were trying to write out on my back.” Leon explained with a sly smile.

“O-oh….sorry….” Emil said meekly.

“Sorry? For like, what? Finally admitting you love me? Do you like, know how long I’ve waited for this?” Leon said smiling, it wouldn’t be a lie to say he spent a couple of years realizing his feelings for Emil and trying to drop little hints, but he didn’t actually expect that Emil would technically be the one to make the first move.

“W-wait, you mean….” Emil stuttered and Leon nodded in reply. Emil couldn’t believe it, this was actually happening…

“Please tell me this isn’t a dream..” Emil mumbled to himself as he closed his eyes.

“Of course this isn’t a dream” Leon said rolling his eyes “You said you love me and now you’re like, mine.” Leon said holding Emil closer.

“Also could you like, do the finger tracing thing again? It was like, kinda hot, and super adorable” Leon said causing Emil to blush again.

“W-what!?” Emil said, actualy shocked that Leon said that.

“Nothing~” Leon sang, kissing the top of Emil’s head “I love you.”



Tras tres entrenamientos semanales durante dos meses y un gran esfuerzo que tuve que realizar llegó la hora de nuestro primer partido de Fútbol Americano con la categoría de Junior, en total éramos 43 personas repartidas entre defensa y ataque que nos teníamos que coordinar para poder dar siempre el 100% para tener una realización perfecta.

Yo, actualmente, juego de WR (wide reciever; receptor) en el ataque, y mi número es el 87 pero en este caso tuve que jugar con el número 9 ya que la camiseta oficial con mi número original no ha podido llegar aún por un tema de retraso de la empresa que se encargaba.

Tanto en el campo como fuera de él o en el vestuario hay un sentimiento de compañerismo que permanece constante y hay un buen rollismo el cual hace que todos nos sintamos no solo como un equipo sino como una familia unida que poco a poco va estrechando sus lazos.

Antes de todos los partidos nos concentramos todos con música en el vestuario y después hacemos nuestro grito desde una carpa para salir al campo “rompiendolo” esto lo hacemos para intimidar al rival. Al final tras mucho trabajo durante el partido nos hicimos con una victoria imponente.

Ahora seguimos con el trabajo duro y para seguir al mismo nivel o incluso más para poder llegar a campeones de la liga madrileña y llegar a la liga nacional con un nivel considerable para poder alzarnos con la victoria.

Espero que os guste y os mantendré en contacto ¡nos vemos pronto!

Eight findings from an archaeological dig at Heathrow, 20756

1. The most notable feature of the site is the two long parade grounds, one at each side. The parallel layout suggests linked ceremonies may have been carried out on both simultaneously (Cooper and Carlos, 20758). A series of smaller pathways connect these parade grounds with the central site and various satellite locations.
2. There are five temples in the complex, with internal structures of varying sizes and complexity. Three temples are clustered in the central site, surrounding a small central plaza whose purpose is still unknown. The largest of the temples lies at the western extremity of the site. Another temple lies to the South of the parade grounds.
3. A large number of other buildings, probably fulfilling administrative and support functions for the large influx of pilgrims, existed on and near the site. Most of these have not yet been fully excavated. Various grant applications are in place to further investigate, following the full lifting of the exclusion zone.  
4. One notable feature of the temples is the existence of tunnel systems, often lined with metal or plastic rollers. These systems are too small for straightforward human ingress and a number of theories have been advanced as to their function. Some have argued that their main function was to vent smoke from sacrificial fires (Kent et al., 20756). Others have suggested they may be tunnels the hasten the passage of spirits through the building, possibly as part of a burial function (Khan and Spengler, 20757).
5. Underground tunnels connect the three temple areas of the site. This tunnel system also extends to the North-East beyond the site boundary towards the Central London exclusion zone. These underground tunnels are substantial structures, circular in cross-section and with a diameter of over three metres. It has been hypothesised (Cheng and Lee, 20760) that they were the primary point of entry of pilgrims to the site.
6. The most iconic feature of the site, and one which has recieved wide media attention, is the hundreds of giant bird idols which have been unearthed. The resources these long-lost peoples must have poured into the bird cult are truly impressive: the largest idols found are nearly 80 metres long, with a similar wingspan. All are mounted on wheels, suggesting that they were not fixed installations but could be towed to different parts of the site. Some (Windsor and Khan, 20756) have suggested that they may have been hauled along the parade grounds to celebrate feast days.
7. The existence of large dormitory systems as part of the nearby support structures suggests the site may have supported a large slave population, possibly engaged to move the idols around the site.
8. The most recent discovery concerning the site is perhaps the most exciting. A close study of the few extant documents from the late 21st century, just before the site’s desertion, finds numerous references to ‘flying’. We therefore propose that the bird idol cult may also have made use of ritual intoxicants. As has been widely reported, the bird idols are hollow and contain, in some cases, many hundreds of seats. Could these people, so distant from our modern lives, have gathered inside their idols to engage in mass hallucinations in the name of bird worship?