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Everyone always argues that Hollywood is a business based on money. But the truth is, it’s a business based on power.

Blockbusters. These are the movies that everyone sees, the movies that get distributed widely, the movies that receive the most marketing, the movies that get the most word of mouth. The movies that subsequently make the most money and thus become even more famous, receive even more marketing, even more word of mouth, and so on.

I was really curious about the percentage of female characters in box office hits, since that is literally the only thing I’m ever interested in when watching or rating a movie. Yes, the way the female character is portrayed is important too, but they have to exist in the first place, right?

I went through IMDB’s list of highest grossing box office hits of all time worldwide. It lists all 609 movies that made more than 200,000,000 US dollars.

I first tried to look through the cast lists to see how many female characters there were, but soon – with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 actually – I realized that it makes zero sense because they really aren’t sorted by who is the main character.

So I employed another method of determining how many (if any) female characters there were: I looked at the movie posters displayed on their IMDB page. Now, this method might not be completely accurate, since it might not say much about the existence of female characters in a movie, but it very much reveals the importance of those characters, which is what I was aiming for in the first place.

Can you guess what I found out after looking at the first 100 individually and then skimming the rest by clicking only the ones that sounded like they could contain female characters? Not scientifically valid, no, but good enough for me.

Yeah, I guess you can.

Surprisingly enough, the first two movies (Avatar and Titanic) had each both a man and a woman – a romantic couple – on the poster. Already nice, though the romance part was really not what I was getting at here. But yeah, at least there are women present.

It did not continue like that, though. Quite on the contrary.

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