Wide Glide

In Sagittarius, there is a strong sense of justice despite popular belief; Sagittarius has ascendency over the 9th house of law and legal principles, ethics, morals, and expansive understanding that derives from Jupiter, also known as the Superconscious Self. There is a lingering of the stigma of Sagittarius, the “immature, foolish and irresponsible” Sagittarius, and it is not entirely untrue, I am not here to debunk anything, yet the Sagittarius who is open to growth tends to value a more ethical personal truth and a higher purpose. The arrow shot by the centaur is representative of a higher calling, it sweeps far and wide into the universe, symbolism of expansion and self-discovery, and therefore self-growth that reaches the Superconscious being. There is no foolishness, immaturity or irresponsibility in this version of Sagittarius, only the totality of wisdom. Jupiter is a charitable, joyful, and generous planet and this expresses through Sagittarius; seeing injustice does not sit right with a person who generally has a giving, good-natured, and tolerant approach towards others.

Of course, with Jupiter, there is a problem with excessiveness: while Sagittarius can be lawful and genuine, this can turn around into taking justice into one’s own hands, in due course causing recklessness, insincerity, and willfulness, as this is a sign that may abide solely by arrogant or self-interested inner philosophies. “My way is The way” is the motto of a Sagittarius unwilling to separate themselves from their superior judgment and inflated ego.

Jupiterian knowledge rests inside Sagittarius and gives an aura of altruistic sense and cosmic-consciousness; in Sagittarius we see the direct functioning of the higher mind. The advanced faculties of the Jupiterian perception seeds a spiritual, idealistic and an insightfully intuitive individual, who is ever-questioning of the universal workings of life. The constant questioning of divinely unknown matters also gives birth to the skeptic nature of Sagittarius, but it is a cycle; a skeptic asks questions and does everything in their power to find and understand the answers. A skeptical Sagittarius who does not seek answers to their critical questions is stuck in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, where an eternal storm is brewing, symbolic of internal frustration and directionless pursuit. Sagittarius can also get lost in daydreams of far away and romantic voyages just as much as their Jupiterian counterpart, Pisces, gets drunk on escaping the mundane…they are the romantics of life; the visionary soul who has a love for life’s humor, mysteries, and other delights as well as an urge to learn all that life has to offer, the arrow keeps gliding far & wide and further.

In bed with... WinWin


Anon: hi!! Can I have a in bed with winwin (nct127) please? Thank you!’

This is the last member in this series! I hope y’all liked it and you’ll like this one too. It’s very freakY lmao so please prepare yourself and it’s very very long too! Please suggest some more series you’d like to see!😇👀

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In bed with… series: 

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don’t hate me for this gif ok it’s so hard to find “sexy” ones of winwin bc he’s an innocent angel

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Chibs’ Birthday

A @samperv challenge: Its Chibs’ birthday.

“Good morning handsome,” you smiled as you walked into the bedroom you shared with your old man. He stretched, groaning as he sat up and smiled at you.

“G’mornin’ love,” Chibs mumbled back to you, pulling you down onto the bed with him and kissing you, “You know what today is…” he trailed off, his hands wrapping around your back and dipping into your pajama bottoms.

“Mhmm,” you cooed, sitting up, “but I have something else for you, something better,” you grinned.

Chibs’ eyebrows raised, “I dunno if there’s anything better than this,” he spoke, patting your butt, causing you to chuckle.

“Just get dressed and meet me downstairs, birthday boy,” you winked, getting up from the bed and walking out of the room.

You had a big day planned for your old man; a scavenger hunt that went all around Charming and ended with his birthday gift, something you’d been saving up for since you got married to the Scotsman three and a half years ago. Quietly, you stuck the envelope with the first clue on the front door and snuck out to your car, quietly backing out of the driveway and heading to TM where you would patiently wait until Filip ended his hunt.

“Love, I’m thinking of calling Tig and having him handle things today so we can stay home and…” Chibs paused as he reached the bottom of the stairs, not seeing you in the living room or kitchen, “…(Y/N)?” he called but received no response. He called to you one more time before he walked past the front door, noticing the envelope taped to it and he smirked, pulling it off and opening it to reveal a short letter you had typed for him.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
I have a big surprise for you today! But first, I need you to stop by the place we first met and pick up another envelope. Love you!

“Shite,” Chibs breathed, “It must be a good gift if she’s testing me,” he chuckled, grabbing his wallet and keys off the counter and heading out the door.
First stop, the Diner on Main Street.

Chibs backed his bike against the curb and stepped off his bike, pulling his helmet off and setting it on the seat. He slicked his hair back with both hands and eyed the storefront before him.

“Mornin’,” a voice pulled Chibs’ gaze away from the restaurant and he turned to see one of the waitresses approaching him, “(Y/N) said you’d be coming by this morning and asked me to give you this,” she shrugged, holding out a white envelope for him to take.

“Thanks, darlin’,” Chibs winked, grasping the clue as the small woman turned to walk back inside.

Chibs pulled the letter out and read it.

You got the first clue! Only a few more before you get your gift…
The next place I need you to go is where we went after the diner closed on the first night we met.
Have fun, babe!

Chibs stuck the clue in his vest and mounted his bike. He knew where the next clue was.

“Man I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to get here,” Tig smirked as he met Chibs in his driveway.

“Aye, the lass is testing my memory. She sent me to the diner because its where we first met, now here to your house because we came back here after the diner with you and Venus that night,” Chibs held his hand out to Tig, waiting for the envelope. Tig placed it, torn open, in his brother’s palm and Chibs looked at him with his eyebrows furrowed.

“I got curious, man. She wouldn’t tell me what it said so I looked. I couldn’t help myself,” Tig chuckled, “And if you don’t know where to go next, I can help ya.”
Chibs huffed shaking his head in mock-disgust, “Thanks Tiggy.”

“You bet brother.”

Chibs walked back to his bike and sat on the seat to read the clue.

If my guess is correct, you’ll be the second person to read this clue. I know Tig won’t be able to resist reading it. I guess I can’t be too upset with him, if it wasn’t for him and my best friend, Venus, I would’ve never met you!
The last clue is where the spent the night after our first date.
You’re so close!

“Jesus Christ,” Chibs groaned, “Really, (Y/N)?” he muttered to himself as he shoved the paper in his vest and started his bike.

He never really had a reason to come here, unless he was being forced of course, but leave it to his wife to make him go to the police station as part of his birthday.

“Hey Filip,” Deputy Eglee smiled as he stepped in the front door.
“Good morning, officer,” Chibs forced a smile as he approached her, “You wouldn’t happen to have something for me from (Y/N), would you?”

“Actually, I don’t, but I think I overheard Lyla Winston in the waiting area saying she was expecting you to come by” she smiled, patting him on the arm, “Have a good day.”
“You too,” he spoke as he approached the waiting room to see Lyla sitting there.

“Hey!” Lyla beamed as he walked up. She stood, giving him a firm hug and patting his back, “Happy Birthday,” she whispered.
“Thanks sweetheart,” he responded, stepping back and looking at her, “I assume ye have something for me?” he asked.

“I sure do!” she pulled an envelope from her purse and handed it over to him, “I’ll see you later,” she smiled sweetly as he nodded to her and they both walked out of the police station.


Who would’ve thought that having sex outside the clubhouse after our first date was illegal? Haha…
If I’m honest, I think Althea just hated seeing us together. That’s probably why we spent the night in the drunk tank. Those were good times…

Alright I think you’re ready for your gift, love. 
It’s waiting for you where we got married!

See you soon

Chibs chuckled as he pulled up at the clubhouse. Lyla had managed to beat him somehow, crossing the parking lot in front of him as he backed his bike up to park.

He stepped into the clubhouse to find all his brothers, their women, and his woman, waiting for him.

“Happy Birthday!” everyone shouted as he walked inside.

You were smiling from ear to ear when you stepped forward, flinging your arms around him and pulling him into a hug.

“Hey darlin’,” he mumbled as he pressed his lips against your ear, kissing you there before pulling you back and placing a gentle kiss on your lips, “You sent your Old Man all over Charming this morning,” he smiled, holding your waist.

You flashed a huge smile as you nodded, “I sure did, but I think you’ll say it was definitely worth it in just a minute.”

Happy stepped forward handing him a beer as you took his hand and pulled him back out of the clubhouse door and towards the garage.

“My gift is in the garage?” he asked as everyone walked towards one of the four large bay doors.

You smiled sweetly as you stopped, releasing his hand, “Wait here,” you ordered, walking forward and knocking on the garage door before returning to his side.

“Love, what are you–?” he began asking, but his question was cut short when the door started rolling up and his attention focused back in front of him. When it was fully opened, one of the TM  mechanics stepped aside to reveal his present, and Chibs’ draw dropped.

Inside the garage was a brand new bike.

A 2016 Dyna Wide Glide with wrapped exhaust, SoA decals on the tank, and a custom hand-tooled leather seat with the St. Andrew’s cross stitched in.

“Holy shite, (Y/N).” he gasped.

“Do you like it?” you asked, beaming up at him as he stared at you in awe.

“Like it? I love it, baby!” He pulled you to him and kissed you deeply, amongst a chorus of hoops and hollers from his friends, “Thank you, (Y/N).” He spoke sincerely.

“Come on! Test out the new ride!” Tig yelled, and the rest of the party agreed, clapping and cheering. 

“What do ya say, love? Wanna test it out with me?” Chibs grinned, squeezing your hand.
“You bet I do!” You chuckled, following him to his new bike.

FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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Percy was desperate on teaching you to skateboard.  
“Percy, I’m gonna fall and probably break my neck.” You whined as you were placing on your helmet and knee pads. He just chuckled and fastened your elbow pads on, “ I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ll be right here when you need me. ” He set down his skateboard and took your hand, “ step on slowly and adjust your feet like this. ” He set his feet in the proper position to show you when you were on the board.
You sighed a little and gripped his hand tightly when the board shifted underneath you. Percy twisted his hand away from yours and went to your waist instead. He instructed you to balance yourself by holding out your hands while he held your waist and gently guiding you around. You squeaked and turned a bright red when his hands slipped lower to your thigh instead. “ Don’t worry, ” he said, his own face a tinged pink, “ I’m only adjusting your legs so you can gain more balance. ”
You couldn’t stop yourself from blushing, but you could stop being in love with this boy, that wasn’t an option. Percy shifted your leg and placed one hand on your waist the other holding your outstretched hand. You were doing it, you were riding a board. Finally. He let his hands loosely drop to his sides as you rode on.

He grinned widely as you glided across the busy skate park. You were amazing with your balance, rolling past gratified walls and other skaters doing tricks and turning. Percy picked up his Navy and white board, he quickly got on it, his eyes never leaving your retreating figure. He gave a laugh and sped up to meet you. But unfortunately, he didn’t get there in enough time  to push you away from harms way.
A skateboarder, who made fun of your flailing and failing earlier that day , crashed into you and knocked you clean off your (f/c) board. “ Watch it!” The burly skateboarder yelled before he made contact. Just  like your own (e/c) eyes, Percy’s shown with fear; A swelling and pounding in his chest made everything a bit worse. His demigod skills made everything seem like it was slow motion for at least a second and a half as he processed that his girlfriend was just tackled by a broad, long-haired, brunette boy apparently named Zeke since his friends were yelling and shouting his name. Percy’s body was fueled by anger and pure adrenaline as he sprinted over to the tossed and bruised pair, leaving his skateboard behind him. When he got there the first thing he did was what any good boyfriend would ask. “Are you hurt? Any broken limbs? ” He asked giving you a look over.

You groaned and held your head, which was bleeding badly since you didn’t strap your helmet on. When you removed your hand from the bleeding spot, Percy saw that it was much worse than imagined. “ Poseidon’s underpants are you kidding me!” he yelled. He pulled your body slightly so that your head was in his lap. He felt like beating his head into a wall for letting this happen to you.  He dipped down to kiss your forehead before frantically searching for  help. Then he saw it, a business man holding a phone up to his ear and shouting in it angrily. “Hey you! Call 911 my girlfriend may have a concussion. Are you even listening to me? ” Percy shouted at the man. You on the other hand were getting sleepy and your vision was becoming a blurry mess dotted with black. Your body seemed  to go from hot to cold. The blood was dripping down from your temple and down onto your boyfriend’s lap, soaking his jeans. the business man glanced up at the distressed pair once and then twice for a double take. He shouted a quick “call you back” into the phone before dialing the help number, 911.

Percy blinked back tears that were wanting to drain out. This was not happening, this can’t happen and it won’t.
He cupped your face and sniffled a little. “ Hey eyes on me (y/n), look we can go get Ice cream later. We can watch (your favorite movie) together. I’ll show you the corals under the sea; My dad’s underwater palace, we can go there if you want. ” His voice got lower as he spoke so no one would over hear. Your eyes started to close with every breath you took, “ Percy…shut up and love me. ” You mumbled with a slight smile tugging on your lips. He chuckled and dipped down again to kiss your lips softly, he lingered for a second before leaning up to glance around. An ambulance siren could be heard not to far away from the distressed couple that lay in the middle of the skate park. He leaned down one more time  to kiss her before the men rushing up behind him took her.


You opened your eyes to see a bright white light over your head before it dims out into a hospital room. Your head was pounding with a headache and your eyes were stinging, basically you were in pain. You look around the grey looking room with distaste, searching for Percy. He wasn’t there. All that was beside your bed was your (m/p) and a nurse refilling your IV. You frowned, thinking that he left you alone. “It’s alright”, you thought, “he was probably needed or something.”  You sighed to let them know you were awake. “ Oh honey you’re awake!” your (m/p) said with a relieved face. The nurse smiled and went out of the room without a word, well, except for when she excused herself at  the door. “ (y/n) you’re awake! ” Percy said while sitting down his pizza on the side table. “Oh he was eating, he didn’t leave me.”
You smiled and raised up only to lay back down holding your head, which was covered in bandage. “Wow” you laughed, “ looks like I’m pretty bad ass with this battle wound huh? ” he cracked a smile and held your hand,“ I didn’t know you’d get hurt badly enough to be in a hospital. ”
You shrugged barley enough so that your head wouldn’t ache anymore. “It’s my fault anyways, I didn’t strap my helmet on. ”
Percy  shook his head and  smirked a little. “ So, let’s get back to the ‘Shut up and love me part’ eh?  ”

“Guys parental guidance is standing right here. ” Your (m/p) said with an awkward stance. You blushed and cleared your throat, “ Yeah Percy, I’m never skateboarding again.Ever.”

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Plance first pet dragon au 😁💜

I’ve never written dragons before so this was interesting. Also interesting?? the way it ended up being something i never intended to write, but I hope you like it!!

“Your dragon ate my rooster!”

The short young woman stared up at Lance, gaze sharp and fierce enough that he resisted the urge to shrink away from it.

Instead, he glanced down at where Ariel curled her serpentine body around his ankles. She looked up at him, yellow eyes gleaming, and uttered a soft hiss. “Did you really go that far yesterday?” Lance asked, surprised. The day before was the first time he’d dared to allow his fledgling dragon out alone, without realizing she would venture as far as the next farm downriver.

Ariel burped, a single brown feather falling from her jaws.

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Desert Fest

Dog Days of Summer Challenge
Roman x OFC

Note: I’ve never done a challenge like this…. so, I hope it doesn’t suck. Here’s the link to the challenge post. My numbers were 11 (quote), 18 (location), and 12 (situation). I hope I did it justice! Thaks to @sammiielli & @fan-fiction-galore for coming up with this!

The Outside Lands Fest was Palm Desert’s annual summer festival. The small resort town of Palm Desert was just 120 miles outside of Los Angeles, smack dab in the middle of the Coachella Valley. It was something that all the locals looked forward to, for the music, food, and fun, not to mention the boost it brought to the local economy. The lineup this year was a great mix of the year’s most popular acts, from Sam Hunt and Jessie J to X Ambassadors and SZA. It wasn’t anywhere near Coachella, but it was just as amazing. There were always tons of great food trucks and bars on wheels. Plus, it was hard to go wrong with a giant ferris wheel. Michelle DePalma had been excited ever since she bought her tickets three months ago. A group of friends were all planning on attending the festival together. Well… they had been planning on going together. That was until Ashley and Josh flaked. So then it was down to just Michelle and her close friend Mojo Rawley. At the last minute, Mojo called, asking if it was cool if he invited some friends from work. Mojo was a WWE superstar and Michelle was most definitely NOT going to turn down the opportunity to hang out with some of her favorite wrestlers, especially if a certain Italian/Samoan giant was tagging along.

The day of the festival, Michelle planned on meeting Mojo at the front gates, near the entry security checkpoint. She was dressed in a pair of cutoff shorts, cowboy boots, and a tank. Comfortable for this heatwave, but still cute in case she ran into any potential hotties. She spotted Mojo’s large frame the second she rounded the corner towards the entrance, a huge grin on her face when she saw her dear friend. She couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled up out of her as he ran over and picked her up, swinging her around playfully. That was one of the many things she loved about him. His energy and that smile of his were infectious and never failed to make her happy. 

“How are you, baby girl?”

“I’m good… just workin’ all the time, you know.”

“You should come to the show tomorrow. I’ll get you some tickets.”

He slung his arm over her shoulders as he guided her back over to his buddies. She recognized a few of the faces in the group, including Jinder Mahal, Jeff Hardy, Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso. Mojo introduced her to everyone and she took in all the smiling faces. These dudes were way bigger than they looked on TV. And Naomi was twice as hot.  

“We’re just waiting for one more. Big Dog is always late,” Mojo said with a chuckle. 

The loud rumble of an approaching motorcycle had Michelle turning to see. The dark figure approached on a black Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide and Michelle tried really hard to not drool in front of Mojo. The man pulled to a stop, his long leg kicking the kickstand down as he pulled his helmet off. Long hair tumbled down his back and Michelle’s pale pink tongue darted out to lick her lips as he climbed off his bike and started towards them. It was the Big Dog himself, Roman fucking Reigns.

“Damn,” Michelle murmured softly.

“That’s not the first time he’s gotten that reaction from a woman,” Mojo said, nudging her arm as he teased her.  

The answering blush on her cheeks made Mojo chuckle. He’d actually invited Roman along because he believed the big man would be perfect for his friend. Michelle was too damn gorgeous and sweet to be single and as far as he knew, Roman hadn’t really dated anyone since his last girlfriend six months ago. Roman was a genuinely good guy. Mojo had gotten to know him pretty well over the last year or so. He’d always said in the past that he didn’t want one of his friends to ever date a wrestler, just because of the lifestyle, but Roman was a safe bet. Safer than most. He wasn’t like a lot of the guys in the locker room. Never entertained the women who threw themselves at him night after night. Never in any trouble. Roman was the good guy girl’s parents loved. Besides, a little flirting never hurt anyone.

As Roman approached, those warm brown eyes of his flitted over to her as he nodded his hello to his coworkers. 

“Mojo didn’t tell me his friend was so fine. I would have been on time if I’d known that.” he joked. 

“Bro, you’re never on time,” Mojo said with a big grin.

“Yeah, you’re right…”

Michelle felt the blush heating up her cheeks again as she shook the hand he held out.

“I’m Roman.”


“Nice to meet you, Michelle.”

She grinned up at him.

“Nice to meet you too.” 

Mojo had a smile on his face as he watched the little exchange.

“Everyone ready to head in?”

The large group made their way towards the festival’s security entrance, where they received their wristbands and VIP badges. Michelle found herself between Roman and Mojo as they moved through the crowds that were already forming, both men keeping other people from bumping her. She smiled when she noticed the way Jimmy did the same thing for his wife. There was one main stage for the big acts and it was surrounded by tons of food and beverage trucks. Sam Hunt was up first and Michelle couldn’t wait to see one of her favorite singers.

Michelle sang along during the entire set and after, the group grabbed food and beer. As she enjoyed her freshly grilled pupusas, she also enjoyed Roman’s flirtatious attention.

He wasn’t too overpowering with his innocent flirting. It was just enough to give her butterflies in her belly. After eating, they headed back over to the staging area to see Michelle’s favorite band, X Ambassadors. Roman lifted the small woman on his shoulders so that she could see over the crowd. Heat blossomed in her belly when she felt his large hands on the bare skin of her thighs, holding her steady. Michelle gleefully sang along with Naomi, the women swaying and dancing on the tall men’s shoulders. The sun was setting and the moment felt magical, like she didn’t have a care in the world as she sang her heart out to her favorite song. 

Once X Ambassador’s finished their set, the group headed over to one of the mobile bars to get more beers. The sun had just disappeared over the rim of the horizon, casting them all in a beautiful bronze glow. Michelle happily took her fourth beer of the night, sipping on the ice cold drink as she gazed up at Roman. The dark haired man glanced down at her with a crooked smile.

“You’re cute when you’re drunk.”

“I am not.”

“Yeah, you are.”

Michelle pouted and Roman laughed, taking another sip of his beer.

“That pout right there? Adorable.”

All Michelle could do was roll her eyes, unable to control the smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth. The last thing she wanted was for him to think she was cute. Screw cute. She wanted him to think she was hot.

“I’m not drunk… just a little tipsy.”

"Mmhmm. Ok.”

Roman grinned over at her as he drank his beer. Michelle was a pretty little thing and based off of their many conversations that night, smart as hell. That was sexy. Pretty girls were a dime a dozen, but smart ones? Those women were that next level of sexy. 

“You wanna ride the ferris wheel?”

How could he say no to that face? He took her small hand in his and they walked over to the brightly lit ferris wheel together, standing in line. When it was their turn, Roman carefully helped her inside the gently swaying passenger car. He sat down across from her, his dark eyes soaking in her face as she closed her eyes, a breeze catching a dark tendril of hair. The ride slowly began to move, taking them up high above the desert. 

“I love ferris wheels,” she said softly.


“Because I can get away from the noise. Do you see how beautiful it is up here?”

“I do…” he murmured softly, staring over at her.

Michelle felt an answering blush on her cheeks as she looked over at him. His big body took up the majority of the seat and he sat with his arms splayed across the back of the seat, his long legs open in invitation. Michelle bit her bottom lip as she tore her eyes away, not wanting him to see the blatant thirst in her eyes.  

“I get what you mean about it being peaceful up here. Sometimes, it feels like I’m always running from one show to the next or one autograph signing to the next. Being up here is quiet. No one is asking me for anything.”

“You can just be.”


He smiled over at her and she smiled back.

“You’re a nice guy, Roman Reigns.”

“I try to be. You’re a sweet woman, Michelle. Mojo knew exactly what he was doing tonight.”

“Did he?”

“Mmhmm. He knows I’ve got a thing for beautiful black women who are smarter than me, with killer bodies like yours.”

“Oh?” Michelle felt her breath hitch in her chest as her eyes met his. The alcohol surged through her veins, giving her a tad more courage than she would normally have. “Why smarter than you?”

“Smart people keep me on my toes. If you’re smarter than me, you’re always challenging me, teaching me. I never have the chance to get bored. Plus, a smart woman is sexy as hell.”

“Good to know.”

Roman winked at her, enjoying the blush on her cheeks. The ferris wheel slowly went around one more time before bringing them back to earth. Once again, he took her hand in his, helping her off of the ferris wheel. Their group of friends was waiting at the bottom and Roman headed right towards them. Right before he got to his friends, a guy popped up, a cocky sneer on his face.

“Hey, you’re Roman Reigns, aren’t you?" 

Roman took a deep breath as he glanced down at the guy. He’d been hoping to avoid running into a guy like this. 

"Yeah. I am.”

“I knew it was you. Yo, you fucking suck!”

Michelle frowned over at the asshole, her drunk mind trying to rationalize what was happening.

“Thanks for letting me know. Do you mind? You’re in my way.”

“Make me move, bro. What are you gonna do, Superman punch me?”

Roman clenched his jaw before moving to step around him, keeping Michelle close behind him. The asshole stepped to the side, effectively blocking Roman’s path. Over his shoulder, he could see Mojo on a warpath towards them, a frown on his normally happy face. 

“I’m just trying to have a good time like everyone else. I let you state your piece. Now let it the fuck go,” Roman growled. 

Michelle watched a bit of the color drain from the asshole’s face and he finally stepped aside. Roman pulled her in front of him and walked by. At the last second, the asshole lunged at Roman, shoving him violently into Michelle. His big body collided with hers and she felt a tearing feeling in her ankle as she toppled to the ground. Before Roman could even turn around to get at the guy, Mojo had already tackled him to the ground. Roman immediately went over to Michelle, wincing when he saw the obvious pain on her pretty face.

“Are you ok?”

“I think so. My ankle hurts though.”

Roman took her small hands in his and gently pulled her to her feet. As soon as Michelle put weight on her ankle, she groaned, immediately favoring her other leg. The alcohol in her system was probably numbing the pain a bit, so she knew she’d probably have to visit her doctor tomorrow to have him wrap the ankle.

“I probably just need to put some ice on it.”

Roman’s big arm came around her waist and he swung her up into his arms, holding her small body close to his chest.

“Put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

Roman glanced over at Mojo, who by that point had gotten the attention of security guards at the event.

“Just let me help you, Michelle. I don’t want you to hurt yourself more.”

Michelle sighed softly, letting her body rest in his arms. It was quite a comfortable place to be, surrounded by all that strength and warmth. Even though she wished it was under different circumstances. She chuckled to herself as she thought of Roman as the lead character in the werewolf erotica novel she was currently reading. If she couldn’t have Joe Manganiello as her wolf man, she damn sure wouldn’t complain about being in Roman’s arms. A girl’s gotta have a fantasy, right? 

Mojo walked over with some ice for her ankle. He had fashioned a little wrap for her out of his undershirt and tied it tight. That was yet another one of the things she loved about her friend. He was always taking care of her, making sure she was ok.

“Thanks, Mo…”

“You’re welcome, little bit. We should get you home.”


“I’m sorry the night got ruined,” Mojo said softly, a small frown on his face.
“No way. I had a blast with you guys tonight! Not gonna let some idiot ruin it. I’ll be just fine in no time.”

“I’ll make sure she gets home ok, bro,” Roman said, his deep voice vibrating through her body where they were touching.


Mojo pressed a kiss to her temple and winked at her before walking back to his group of friends, who all waved good night to her.

“Did you drive here tonight?”

“No, I ubered…”

“I’d rather not put you in the back of some strange dude’s car like this. Mind if I take you home?”

“On your bike?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a spare helmet.”

“What if I fall off?”

“I won’t let you fall off, princess.”

The look of contemplation on her face was both adorable and annoying. He wasn’t gonna stick her in the back of some weirdo’s car tonight, so that as out of the question. It was either his bike, or he was gonna be crowded in the back of some Uber driver’s Prius for a very uncomfortable ride. 

“Either you’re riding with me or I’m riding with you.”

“You’re riding me?”

Laughter bubbled up inside of her and Roman couldn’t help laughing right along with her.

“If you let me take you out on a real date, we can work up to me riding you. Right now, I just wanna make sure you get home safe, princess.”

Michelle couldn’t stop laughing, her brain comprehending the words in a jumble. The exasperation on Roman’s face merely served as fuel to amuse her even more. 

“Never brought a guy as perfect as you home before,” she murmured with a little giggle.

“I’m not perfect, princess.”

“Oh, you’re a ten. Trust me. Fine ass ten. You’re all big and muscly. And your hair is so pretty. Can I touch your hair?”

Roman bit back a laugh as he stared down at her.

“If it’ll get your pretty little ass on the back of my bike, you can touch my hair all you want.”

He laughed out loud this time when the drunk girl practically squealed, her hand immediately going towards the long, silky locks. He usually hated people touching his hair, reserving that honor for girlfriends only. He didn’t like the scents people would leave in his hair after they’d touched it and it was often an excuse for fans to get a little too close. While she had her fun with his hair, he carried her over to his bike, helping her straddle the big beast.  There were passenger foot rests, so she could lean her ankle against the bike and not worry about putting weight on it.

“You good?” he asked as he buckled the black spare helmet on, adjusting it to fit her head.


Roman straddled his bike and took her hands, urging her to wrap them around his waist. 

“You just hold on to me, ok, princess?”


Michelle rested her hands flat against his hard stomach, her mind immediately starting to wander what those abs looked like without a shirt on. It took her a second to realize that he was talking to her.

“I need your address, hon.”

“Oh! Sorry. It’s 371 Sandpiper St." 

"Oh, you’re not too far. Hold on, princess.”

Michelle nodded, holding tight he started the motorcycle. The rumble of the powerful engine vibrated through her, drawing a soft gasp. Roman snickered, urging her to hold tight as they sped away from the fairgrounds. She lived about a fifteen-minute drive away. Roman smiled when he felt her lay her head on his back and softly patted her hand as he followed his GPS instructions to her neighborhood. He cut the loud engine as spotted her home, coasting into her driveway. After parking the motorcycle in front of her home, he helped her off the bike.

“Where are your keys, princess?”

Michelle reached down into her pocket, her dark eyes going wide when she didn’t find what she was looking for. She tugged her cell phone out of the other pocket, her ID and credit card tucked in the case. But no keys. Fuck. 

“Shit. They must have fallen out… when I fell.”

Roman rubbed a hand over his face, his dark eyes glancing over her shoulder. All he wanted to do was get her inside and off of that ankle.

“Does anyone have a spare?”

“No. I just moved in a few months ago and I haven’t really gotten to know anyone else here. Fuck,” she whispered softly, her eyes filling with tears.
The one thing Roman hated more than anything was seeing a woman cry. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s ok. C'mon, don’t cry.”

“This is just so embarrassing. You probably think I’m a drunken mess.”

Michelle covered her face with her hands, willing herself not to cry. Leave it to her to finally meet a nice guy and embarrass the fuck out of herself in front of him. Roman wrapped an arm around her, pulling her against his strong chest.
“I do not think that. The heat probably made the alcohol hit you a little harder than usual and you had no control over that asshole shoving me into you. None of this is on you.”

“How are we gonna get into my house? I knew I shoulda given a spare to Mojo just in case.”

“Do you have a patio? Somewhere with a sliding glass door?”

“Yeah, there’s a patio in the back,” she said, wiping a hand under her eyes as she glanced up at him.


He swung her up into his arms once again, careful of her injured ankle. Michelle guided him around the side of the house to the patio. He gently sat her down, making sure she had her balance before going to take a look at the window next to the door. If he could pop the screen out, there was a chance he could easily pop something in the seam of the window to disengage the lock.

“Alright. Don’t judge me for breaking into your house, ok?”

Michelle nodded, her dark eyes wide as she watched him take the screen off of her window. He jammed something at the bottom of the window and it popped open, immediately setting her alarm off. He shoved the window open, reaching over to unlock the sliding glass door. After he pulled it open, she hobbled as quickly as possible to the alarm panel, typing in her code.

“I don’t think I was fast enough.”

“Cops on the way?”

All Michelle could do at this point was nod her head, laugher bubbling up in her throat.

“Well… lets get some ice on that ankle in the meantime.”

She directed him to her kitchen, where she made a new ice pack and applied it to her ankle. Less than five minutes later, there was an authoritative knock at the front door. Roman helped her hobble to the front door, where two Palm Springs police officers greeted them. Michelle put on her best sober face, not wanting any problems. 

“Miss, is everything alright?”

“Yes, yes. Everything is fine. I hurt my ankle at the festival today and I couldn’t reach the alarm fast enough. Sorry to waste your time, officers.”

She didn’t miss the way the younger of the two officers seemed to immediately recognize Roman.

“It’s not a waste, Miss. Um… I hate to ask, but do you mind taking a picture for my grandson? He’s a huge fan of yours, Mr. Reigns.”

“Not at all.”

Michelle had a grin on her face as the big Samoan smiled and posed for photos with the two officers.

“You two have a good night.”

“You too. Stay safe out there, officers.”

Roman helped her over to the sofa, where she plopped down, carefully propping her leg up. Roman carefully sat down next to her, one arm across the back of the sofa.

“Thank you for all of this, Roman. I know you didn’t plan on having to babysit a drunk chick with a bum leg.”

“It’s no problem. Really.”

Michelle thought about all of the antics that went into getting her home tonight, from her drukenly clinging to him on the back of his bike to him committing a crime in order to get her inside her own home. Yeah… totally no problem.

“I hope you don’t think I’m a mess…”

“I don’t. At all. As a matter of fact, I’d like to take you out for breakfast tomorrow. I know the perfect hangover spot in town.”

“Like a date?”


Michelle’s dark eyes searched his face, a little smile on her lips.

“Drunk me doesn’t scare you away?”

“Not a bit. I told you earlier…. you’re cute as hell when you’re drunk.”

“I am not cute.”

Roman smiled over at her, remembering their earlier conversation at the festival, where they’d had an almost identical conversation.

“Fucking adorable, princess. You ain’t winnin’ this one.”

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Ready? Okay! (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Originally posted by smooshywrites

REQUEST: write one where y/n was bullied by the cheerleaders from the bus scene and now she’s part of the Maniax and her boyfriend Jerome tries to kills them

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, fluff, bullying, smoking, attempted murder

Arnold Dobkins pops his head through the window of the truck. “Y/N!” He called, taking a cigarette pack out of his back pocket. “You want?”

I smile. “Got a lighter with you?” I remove Jerome’s hands wrapped around my waist and I head outside with him, Dobkins holding his lighter out for me.

Taking a cigarette from the pack, I place it in my mouth and Arnold lights the butt until it began to turn into a flame inside the tobacco. 

Arnold was the first person I made friends with ever since I landed my ass in Arkham Asylum, wearing a striped jumpsuit dress and being locked behind bars just because I committed murder. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but GCPD thought it was. 

There was also Aaron Helzinger that killed his family with his bare hands and Robert Greenwood that killed and ate women. They risked themselves to beat the crap out of a guard after attempting to seduce me. The guard was unconscious but he wasn’t dead. He earned himself more time and punishment afterwards. But that was when I could trust him. And who knew I could find myself sitting beside a cannibal at lunch without being frightened. 

Barbara Kean is like a sister to me and I plan to help her terrorize Jim’s relationship with Lee one day when we take over Gotham. As promised, she said I would be her maid of honour at her wedding with Jim and she would do the same and make my wedding theme something that would keep children awake and terrified at night when I become Queen.

Then came Jerome Valeska, the handsome, childish but clever eighteen-year-old ginger that murdered his mommy because she shagged too many men next door. He’s also my boyfriend that wanted our relationship to be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. And who knew I could end up developing a relationship with him involving killing, laughing and way too much affection towards another.

I finish my cigarette and I look over at Jerome who used his hands as pretend binoculars and searching for something to assault. “I spy with my little eye something that is …” He trails off by looking at a yellow bus filled with bubbly cheerleader and jocks cheering and laughing while driving past us. Oh shit, I thought. “… yellow!”

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Echo Pt. 2 (Peter Parker)

Summary: (Y/N) is a mutant with the ability to create sounds to manipulate the matter around her as well as use it to create echoes for locating people and learning her surroundings without even having to open her eyes. She has no friends as she wanted to keep her distance due to her vigilante lifestyle but also to keep herself safe. That is until she continuously had run ins with the Spider’s real life self- Peter. 

A/N: Sorry this took so long! BTW There’s a clue in here about a future fanfiction which might interact with Echo, I wonder who can spot it?

 Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Uhhh hypnosis? like idk aha

I highly recommend you read Part 1 of this.

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“Bye!” (Y/n) waves to Peter and Ned as they walk down the hall towards the elevator. Closing the door, she comes face to face with her father. “They seemed nice…”

(Y/n)’s relationship with her father wasn’t strained, Bruce is just a bit of an awkward being. “Yeah… Uhm I’m just going to go to bed now.” Bruce twiddled with his thumbs, “yeah…yeah of course. Goodnight.” 

“Goodnight dad. Love you.” Walking down the hall, Bruce smiled softly after his daughter.


The next day Peter stood by his locker with Ned, both waiting for the bell to ring. What they weren’t expecting was certain Flash Thomson to approach them. “Alright there, Penis Parker?” Peter blushed and managed out a light “s-shut up!”

“I’m sorry, Parker, I couldn’t hear it over you being a loser.” Peter looked down. Pushing down the urge to take physical action. “N-nothing…”

“That’s right.” Getting closer to Peter’s face with a sneer, Flash raised a hand as if to hit Peter and of course he naturally flinched. Flash burst into laughter, right in Peters’ face, along with the surrounding people at his flinch.  People seemed to start chanting for a fight, something Peter, although he could win, wanted to avoid at all costs.


The voice seemed to halt Flash in his laughter, face paling. It seemed a lot of people had stopped to clear the way for the normally friendly girl. “What do you think you’re doing?” Flash’s flirty smirk made an appearance as he slightly stepped closer to (y/n), “Just messing around with the dork, you know the deal (y/n).” Standing to her full height, (y/n)’s face seemed to take on a glare that caused Flash’s face to pale more than it had originally.

Trying to seem brave in front of all his classmates, Flash attempted to widen his smirk but with (y/n) standing in a defensive way and her frightful glare looking down upon him, it was almost impossible not to recoil. Turning to the crowd that had gathered, “Leave! Off to class now, nothing to see!” Peter had never seen people move so fast to get to class. He stood shell shocked with Ned, still against the lockers where Flash had backed him into it. Flash felt like he was frozen, her tone taking a venomous one as she turned to him. (Y/n) knew what she was doing, using her mutation to her advantage. The weakened teenage minds couldn’t possibly deny her request. 

 Leaning into the frozen Flash, adjusting her voice to cause slight hallucinations within his head. Peter and Ned watched as she leaned in closer to his face, him suddenly cowering in fear.

 Leaning in (y/n) began, “Listen to my voice and understand me clearly. Talk, touch or even come within the vicinity of Peter again without a good intention, I’ll make sure you live out your worst nightmares.” Flash went to almost mocking her until little beasts popped within his vision, the room darkening and wind whipping around him as if there was a storm inside the school. (Y/n)’s eyes seemed to turn wholly black, her devilish smile turned to fangs and her voice turned demonic. “…And believe me, Flash Thompson… I know… all of your worst fears.

Letting out a little cry, he covered his face in fright. The noises of the monsters and painful whipping of wind disappeared and Flash uncovered his eyes to find (y/n) staring at him curiously. “Flash, what happened? Whatever, just don’t go picking on Parker again, okay?”

Confused, he glanced around noticing that anyone around was looking at him weirdly. He instantly bolted, leaving behind two confused and a smug teen. Smiling at Flash’ retreating back before switching to a confused one before facing Peter and Ned. To the outside world, (y/n) had just asked him what he thought he was doing to Peter before he let out a sob and ran off.

“Wonder what’s up with him?” She let out a short laugh approaching the boys. The boys shook their head, dumbfounded. “Dude, if I knew Flash Thomason was afraid of you, I would have sat with you a long time ago. “ Ned laughed, (Y/n) joining in shortly. “Are you guys up for studying today? After school?” Peter seemed to snap out of whatever haze he was in, “Uh no sorry (y/n) I got… uh, the Stark Internship! Yeah hats it.” “I have to babysit tonight, sorry (y/n).”

Raising an eyebrow, she mumbled, “okay, that fine. Maybe another time?” She smiled before leaving for class. “Stop staring, you dork.” Ned laughed. Peter blushed and scratched the back of his neck, walking away to his next class. “I wasn’t staring!” “Okay, how about, admiring?” “Ned!”


When the day finally ended, (y/n) practically ran home, completely ignoring the choice to take the train. Arriving home and realising nobody was around, she ran to her room and instantly pulled out her suit.  The suit she had was rough and not as advanced as most vigilantes.  It consisted of a navy blue tight short sleeved shirt with silver highlights and navy tracksuit pants. Naturally, none of her super family had any idea of her powers nor her night activities. Even Bruce had no clue of his daughter’s mutations; knowing meant she couldn’t do this job anymore and he would probably pull her out of school. Saying it’s ‘safety’, Tony Stark had done the same with his daughter, after finding out about her metal manipulation ability, when she was (y/n)’s age.

Pulling the shifty suit as well as the zip up the back, she climbs out the window. Putting on her mask, that covered her forehead to her cheekbones, she shut the window behind her. (Y/n) begins to scale the ladder to her roof top. Looking down at the 14-story drop, she takes a breath in before…she leaps.

The wind in her hair and the drop in her stomach only raised her heartbeat. A shrill laugh leaving her lips as she opens her arms at the last second and she glides upwards to a building top down the street. It had definitely been a good idea to add the gliders on her ‘suit’- Tony would have been proud, as well as Sam seeing as (y/n) took the material idea from his wings.

Hands on hips, (y/n) looks over her district.


All night (y/n) had been around stopping petty crimes but nothing major (much to her disappoint). Gliding down to what she would believe her last crime, before she called it a night, (y/n) ran straight into something hard in mid air. An audible 'oof’ was let out of two parties.

Hitting the ground with a groan, (y/n) looks up to find something red and blue dangling above her on what seemed to be a… web? The thing looked down at her, eyeglasses opened wide.

“I’m gliding here man, what the hell?” (Y/n) holds her head. The assailant behind the two supers hears them and begins to run away. “Give me a second spunky.” The thing swings after the criminal and not two minutes later, he was hanging on the building; a note taped to his chest, knocked out cold.

The red and blue man swung and landed, once again, in front of (y/n). “Now, who’re you?” Offering a gloved hand out toward her, (y/n) taking it up. “Don’t you think I should ask you that?”

“Well, I’m- I’m Spider-man.” The voice was not that of a man, (y/n) realised. “Oh, you’re that guy. Name’s Echo.” She said plainly, dusting herself off.


“That’s my name… Echo.” Rubbing the back of his neck, head down he notices a stretchy, carbon fiber-like material under your arms. Reaching out he lifted your arm and grabbed the material.

“Is this carbon fiber? Wow! Can you fly?!” Snatching her arm out of Spider-man’s hand, (y/n) huffed out a laugh. “Yes, it is and no I can’t. I can glide through.”

“That’s awesome dude!” She laughed lightly. “I… uh like your suit, spider logo and all…” Echo attempts at a compliment.


“Hmm. Well, I’m going that way, so please don’t let me run into you again, Spider-baby.” “We’re, like, the same age!”


When (y/n) arrived home, the house was silent. Stripping herself of her home-made costume, (y/n) settles for a shower to wash any remaining dirt/blood/grime. Thinking about the guy in red and blue. She thought she’d heard Tony saying something about spiders. She’d have to ask next time she saw him. She’d been Echo for about six months and has never run into this Spider-dude, why now?

Dismissing her thoughts, she exits the shower and manages to settle down into bed, falling asleep quickly from exhaustion. (Y/n) was not ready for what was to come in the future, but who really ever is?


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anonymous asked:

It's okay if you don't want to... but could you write some Sledgefu headcanons? About anything at all, I'm desperate tbh. It's like the whole Sledgefu fandom just died over night!


  • how about I write you a lighthearted modern AU
  • Snafu ends up helping Sledge babysits Burgie’s daughter because there’s an emergency at work and Florence is out of town and Burgie has no time to find a babysitter so,
  • “Can you please look after my daughter for a few hours, Sledge? I swear she won’t be a bother to you at all! She’s an angel! And you won’t even know that she’s there! I OWE YOU ONE, SLEDGE AND BE GOOD FOR EUGENE OK, DARLIN?”
  • Sledge doesn’t even have the chance to say no when Burgie deposits this smol wriggling lil girl in his arms because Burgie has already drove away.
  • so Sledge goes inside the apartment and places the lil girl amongst the many, many throw pillows on the sofa and awkwardly standing around because he honest to God doesn’t know he should do to entertain the baby.
  • The baby looks up at Sledge with wide blue eyes and cooing, with her tiny arms raised high; a universal cue of pick-me-up-please.
  • except Sledge doesn’t understand the cue because he has never babysat before and Edward’s kids are literally tiny adults and they don’t demand his attention.
  • And oh boy, Sledge can see the baby’s mouth wobbling a bit and he doesn’t moved fast enough to pick her up before she lets out a tiny whimper that turns into a full blown wail because she demands for attention but Sledge is denying her that.
  • He tries bouncing her in his arms, and shushing her softly while pointing at random object to distract her.
  • but her wailing just keeps getting louder and Sledge himself feels like crying because he doesn’t signed up for this, BURGIE YOU SAID YOUR LIL GIRL IS AN ANGEL!
  • in the midst of noisy chaos, enters Snafu Shelton with a bag of groceries and furrowed eyebrows because, “What in the fresh hell are you doin kidnappin a baby, Sledgehamma?”
  • Sledge explains about what happened while the baby is still screaming and by this time she’s hiccupping a bit from crying too loud and too long.
  • Sledge thinks Snaf gonna be mad at him because he has that slack mouth thing going on but instead, Snaf takes the baby from his arms and goes out to the balcony and starts to sing to the baby.
  • and miraculously, the baby stops crying when she hears Snaf’s low baritone voice singing an old lullaby in a language that is foreign to Sledge’s ears.
  • and he watches his boyfriend softly nuzzling the baby’s face; kissing her tears stained cheeks fondly and wiping gently at her eyelids while holding her firmly in his arms; wide palm gliding soothingly on her tiny back.
  • Sledge thinks Snaf has magic hands because not long after that the baby starts to doze off, her tiny head tucks in the crook of Snaf’s neck and there’s something precious about seeing those cheeks being squished like that.
  • and he will never admit it to anyone but he actually makes a soft satisfied sigh when he sees Snaf holding a baby because at that moment he thinks, maybe in the future when they decide to have a kid together, he knows that Snaf will be a great dad.
I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 5



“ok, so what’s your favorite food?” sans asks as he scribbles your previous answer down on a notepad.

“Umm…” you pause for a moment, thinking back to memories of the surface. For the last few days, sans has been behaving even stranger than before. He’s been…careful with you. At first, when he visited you, he would sit down next to you quietly and drum his fingers on the floor. Once in a while, he would ask you a random question and nod to himself. His questions are still random, but they’re more frequent and he carries a notebook with him. “Sushi.” you answer simply.

He stares at you incredulously, “are you serious?”

You just shrug, “Yeah, I like it. I think it’s pretty good.”

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