Wide Glide

In Sagittarius, there is a strong sense of justice despite popular belief; Sagittarius has ascendency over the 9th house of law and legal principles, ethics, morals, and expansive understanding that derives from Jupiter, also known as the Superconscious Self. There is a lingering of the stigma of Sagittarius, the “immature, foolish and irresponsible” Sagittarius, and it is not entirely untrue, I am not here to debunk anything, yet the Sagittarius who is open to growth tends to value a more ethical personal truth and a higher purpose. The arrow shot by the centaur is representative of a higher calling, it sweeps far and wide into the universe, symbolism of expansion and self-discovery, and therefore self-growth that reaches the Superconscious being. There is no foolishness, immaturity or irresponsibility in this version of Sagittarius, only the totality of wisdom. Jupiter is a charitable, joyful, and generous planet and this expresses through Sagittarius; seeing injustice does not sit right with a person who generally has a giving, good-natured, and tolerant approach towards others.

Of course, with Jupiter, there is a problem with excessiveness: while Sagittarius can be lawful and genuine, this can turn around into taking justice into one’s own hands, in due course causing recklessness, insincerity, and willfulness, as this is a sign that may abide solely by arrogant or self-interested inner philosophies. “My way is The way” is the motto of a Sagittarius unwilling to separate themselves from their superior judgment and inflated ego.

Jupiterian knowledge rests inside Sagittarius and gives an aura of altruistic sense and cosmic-consciousness; in Sagittarius we see the direct functioning of the higher mind. The advanced faculties of the Jupiterian perception seeds a spiritual, idealistic and an insightfully intuitive individual, who is ever-questioning of the universal workings of life. The constant questioning of divinely unknown matters also gives birth to the skeptic nature of Sagittarius, but it is a cycle; a skeptic asks questions and does everything in their power to find and understand the answers. A skeptical Sagittarius who does not seek answers to their critical questions is stuck in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, where an eternal storm is brewing, symbolic of internal frustration and directionless pursuit. Sagittarius can also get lost in daydreams of far away and romantic voyages just as much as their Jupiterian counterpart, Pisces, gets drunk on escaping the mundane…they are the romantics of life; the visionary soul who has a love for life’s humor, mysteries, and other delights as well as an urge to learn all that life has to offer, the arrow keeps gliding far & wide and further.

In bed with... WinWin


Anon: hi!! Can I have a in bed with winwin (nct127) please? Thank you!’

This is the last member in this series! I hope y’all liked it and you’ll like this one too. It’s very freakY lmao so please prepare yourself and it’s very very long too! Please suggest some more series you’d like to see!😇👀

aLSO thank you for venus aka @yoonohwhat for editing this - bless u even if it kept crashing lol <3

In bed with… series: 

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don’t hate me for this gif ok it’s so hard to find “sexy” ones of winwin bc he’s an innocent angel

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Percy was desperate on teaching you to skateboard.  
“Percy, I’m gonna fall and probably break my neck.” You whined as you were placing on your helmet and knee pads. He just chuckled and fastened your elbow pads on, “ I’m sure you’ll be fine. I’ll be right here when you need me. ” He set down his skateboard and took your hand, “ step on slowly and adjust your feet like this. ” He set his feet in the proper position to show you when you were on the board.
You sighed a little and gripped his hand tightly when the board shifted underneath you. Percy twisted his hand away from yours and went to your waist instead. He instructed you to balance yourself by holding out your hands while he held your waist and gently guiding you around. You squeaked and turned a bright red when his hands slipped lower to your thigh instead. “ Don’t worry, ” he said, his own face a tinged pink, “ I’m only adjusting your legs so you can gain more balance. ”
You couldn’t stop yourself from blushing, but you could stop being in love with this boy, that wasn’t an option. Percy shifted your leg and placed one hand on your waist the other holding your outstretched hand. You were doing it, you were riding a board. Finally. He let his hands loosely drop to his sides as you rode on.

He grinned widely as you glided across the busy skate park. You were amazing with your balance, rolling past gratified walls and other skaters doing tricks and turning. Percy picked up his Navy and white board, he quickly got on it, his eyes never leaving your retreating figure. He gave a laugh and sped up to meet you. But unfortunately, he didn’t get there in enough time  to push you away from harms way.
A skateboarder, who made fun of your flailing and failing earlier that day , crashed into you and knocked you clean off your (f/c) board. “ Watch it!” The burly skateboarder yelled before he made contact. Just  like your own (e/c) eyes, Percy’s shown with fear; A swelling and pounding in his chest made everything a bit worse. His demigod skills made everything seem like it was slow motion for at least a second and a half as he processed that his girlfriend was just tackled by a broad, long-haired, brunette boy apparently named Zeke since his friends were yelling and shouting his name. Percy’s body was fueled by anger and pure adrenaline as he sprinted over to the tossed and bruised pair, leaving his skateboard behind him. When he got there the first thing he did was what any good boyfriend would ask. “Are you hurt? Any broken limbs? ” He asked giving you a look over.

You groaned and held your head, which was bleeding badly since you didn’t strap your helmet on. When you removed your hand from the bleeding spot, Percy saw that it was much worse than imagined. “ Poseidon’s underpants are you kidding me!” he yelled. He pulled your body slightly so that your head was in his lap. He felt like beating his head into a wall for letting this happen to you.  He dipped down to kiss your forehead before frantically searching for  help. Then he saw it, a business man holding a phone up to his ear and shouting in it angrily. “Hey you! Call 911 my girlfriend may have a concussion. Are you even listening to me? ” Percy shouted at the man. You on the other hand were getting sleepy and your vision was becoming a blurry mess dotted with black. Your body seemed  to go from hot to cold. The blood was dripping down from your temple and down onto your boyfriend’s lap, soaking his jeans. the business man glanced up at the distressed pair once and then twice for a double take. He shouted a quick “call you back” into the phone before dialing the help number, 911.

Percy blinked back tears that were wanting to drain out. This was not happening, this can’t happen and it won’t.
He cupped your face and sniffled a little. “ Hey eyes on me (y/n), look we can go get Ice cream later. We can watch (your favorite movie) together. I’ll show you the corals under the sea; My dad’s underwater palace, we can go there if you want. ” His voice got lower as he spoke so no one would over hear. Your eyes started to close with every breath you took, “ Percy…shut up and love me. ” You mumbled with a slight smile tugging on your lips. He chuckled and dipped down again to kiss your lips softly, he lingered for a second before leaning up to glance around. An ambulance siren could be heard not to far away from the distressed couple that lay in the middle of the skate park. He leaned down one more time  to kiss her before the men rushing up behind him took her.


You opened your eyes to see a bright white light over your head before it dims out into a hospital room. Your head was pounding with a headache and your eyes were stinging, basically you were in pain. You look around the grey looking room with distaste, searching for Percy. He wasn’t there. All that was beside your bed was your (m/p) and a nurse refilling your IV. You frowned, thinking that he left you alone. “It’s alright”, you thought, “he was probably needed or something.”  You sighed to let them know you were awake. “ Oh honey you’re awake!” your (m/p) said with a relieved face. The nurse smiled and went out of the room without a word, well, except for when she excused herself at  the door. “ (y/n) you’re awake! ” Percy said while sitting down his pizza on the side table. “Oh he was eating, he didn’t leave me.”
You smiled and raised up only to lay back down holding your head, which was covered in bandage. “Wow” you laughed, “ looks like I’m pretty bad ass with this battle wound huh? ” he cracked a smile and held your hand,“ I didn’t know you’d get hurt badly enough to be in a hospital. ”
You shrugged barley enough so that your head wouldn’t ache anymore. “It’s my fault anyways, I didn’t strap my helmet on. ”
Percy  shook his head and  smirked a little. “ So, let’s get back to the ‘Shut up and love me part’ eh?  ”

“Guys parental guidance is standing right here. ” Your (m/p) said with an awkward stance. You blushed and cleared your throat, “ Yeah Percy, I’m never skateboarding again.Ever.”

FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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Ready? Okay! (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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REQUEST: write one where y/n was bullied by the cheerleaders from the bus scene and now she’s part of the Maniax and her boyfriend Jerome tries to kills them

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, fluff, bullying, smoking, attempted murder

Arnold Dobkins pops his head through the window of the truck. “Y/N!” He called, taking a cigarette pack out of his back pocket. “You want?”

I smile. “Got a lighter with you?” I remove Jerome’s hands wrapped around my waist and I head outside with him, Dobkins holding his lighter out for me.

Taking a cigarette from the pack, I place it in my mouth and Arnold lights the butt until it began to turn into a flame inside the tobacco. 

Arnold was the first person I made friends with ever since I landed my ass in Arkham Asylum, wearing a striped jumpsuit dress and being locked behind bars just because I committed murder. I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but GCPD thought it was. 

There was also Aaron Helzinger that killed his family with his bare hands and Robert Greenwood that killed and ate women. They risked themselves to beat the crap out of a guard after attempting to seduce me. The guard was unconscious but he wasn’t dead. He earned himself more time and punishment afterwards. But that was when I could trust him. And who knew I could find myself sitting beside a cannibal at lunch without being frightened. 

Barbara Kean is like a sister to me and I plan to help her terrorize Jim’s relationship with Lee one day when we take over Gotham. As promised, she said I would be her maid of honour at her wedding with Jim and she would do the same and make my wedding theme something that would keep children awake and terrified at night when I become Queen.

Then came Jerome Valeska, the handsome, childish but clever eighteen-year-old ginger that murdered his mommy because she shagged too many men next door. He’s also my boyfriend that wanted our relationship to be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. And who knew I could end up developing a relationship with him involving killing, laughing and way too much affection towards another.

I finish my cigarette and I look over at Jerome who used his hands as pretend binoculars and searching for something to assault. “I spy with my little eye something that is …” He trails off by looking at a yellow bus filled with bubbly cheerleader and jocks cheering and laughing while driving past us. Oh shit, I thought. “… yellow!”

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baalat-ov  asked:

How does Ulysses eat stars exactly?

Ulysses can take on MASSIVE sizes, and when he opens his mouth wide and glides through a handful of stars, asteroids, or other space matter, he takes in a lot of matter. He then pushes his tongue against his filters, pushing anything but his catch out of his mouth. Then he swallows, and returns to earth as his belly is full of space stuff to digest over a couple days.

Hope this answers your question !

I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 5



“ok, so what’s your favorite food?” sans asks as he scribbles your previous answer down on a notepad.

“Umm…” you pause for a moment, thinking back to memories of the surface. For the last few days, sans has been behaving even stranger than before. He’s been…careful with you. At first, when he visited you, he would sit down next to you quietly and drum his fingers on the floor. Once in a while, he would ask you a random question and nod to himself. His questions are still random, but they’re more frequent and he carries a notebook with him. “Sushi.” you answer simply.

He stares at you incredulously, “are you serious?”

You just shrug, “Yeah, I like it. I think it’s pretty good.”

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Flying Lessons (Feysand fic)

So this is for the lovely @rowatree :) She asked for a fic where Rhys and Feyre were having flying lessons. I hope this lives up to your request! 

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas. 



Feyre stared over the balcony of the House of Wind. She was in doubt. So much doubt.

“Are you sure, Rhys? Can’t we start on lower ground?”

Rhys laughed quietly, wrapping one arm around his mate’s waist and kissing her temple.

“You’ll be fine, Feyre. And we need to start from high ground or else you won’t gain the momentum or wind power to glide.”

She sighed, leaning against Rhys’s chest. She had been asking Rhys if she could try out flying for the longest time but he never had the time until now. And now, she was frightened.

What if she fell into the ocean and somehow can’t surface again? Well, she knew she would be just fine falling into the ocean but she can’t help but overthink.

“Feyre darling, you’ll be fine. You know if something happens, I’ll be right there to catch you.”

She huffed, burying her face in his chest this time.

“I’m scared,” she admitted.

Rhys frowned, bringing his hand up and stroking her hair softly, “As scared as you are, I know you can do it. But we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. We can do it another time.”

She shook her head, “No. I want to do this. I want to do it now.”

She felt Rhys tilt her head up as he pressed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him closer, their lips moving as one. Feyre pulled away with a smile before taking a step back and flaring her wings out and tucking them back in, getting comfortable after glamouring them for awhile.

About a month after the War with Hybern, Rhys finally taught Feyre how to control her wings and how to glamour them when she wanted to. They never had the time prior the war due to the obvious situation of Feyre spying on the Spring Court. He also taught her how to start off her flight, how to spread her wings wide enough to glide and how to control the direction she was going. But she had never went airborne before. And now, two months after, she felt comfortable enough with her newfound wings that she wanted to try out actually flying. Which led them to this.

Feyre flared out her wings before tucking them back behind her back once more. They looked exactly the same as Rhys’s except they were smaller and the membranes were smoother than his scarred one.

Rhys stepped forward, brushing his wings against the upper parts of her wings that were peaking out from behind her back. He felt a shiver run through her body as goosebumps appeared on her skin. He smirked, remembering the night before when he made her come just from the touch of her wings.

Feyre nudged his stomach with her elbow, “Play later. I want to fly.”

He grinned, “Your wish, High Lady.”

She grinned at his words before nervousness seeped back into her mind. Rhys leaned closer and kissed her forehead before letting his own wings out.

“You’ll be fine, darling. I know it,” he smiled.

When Feyre didn’t reply and kept staring out, Rhys added, “Keep your wings tucked until you think you’ve gained the momentum you need. Then spread them as wide as you can. Trust me, you’ll be able to see all of Velaris from up there if you do that,”

Feyre nodded before taking her mate’s hand in hers and dragging him to the edge of the balcony. She looked down one last time before letting her hand out of his and taking a deep breathe in and letting it out.

“I’ll be right behind you, Feyre,” he reassured her one more time.

She nodded before flaring her wings out in finality. She flapped them once while she was standing on the edge before facing the area below her. It was all water, the Velaris ocean.

You’ll be fine if you fall. The water is there, she reminded herself.

And I’ll be right behind you, once again, darling. Do you keep forgetting? she heard a reply down the bond from her mate.

She snapped her walls up, leaving a sliver of space only for Rhys. She turned her head to face her mate and tossed him a playful glare.

“No more reading my mind.”

“I couldn’t resist. Your walls were completely down,” he grinned.

She shook her head but couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto her face.


I heard that, he replied.

You were suppose to, Feyre replied before jumping off the balcony.

She held her breathe and kept her wings tucked as the wind slapped her face. She kept her eyes open as wide as possible as she watched the ocean near her.

Keep your wings tucked until you think you’ve gained the momentum you need. Then spread them as wide as you can. Trust me, you’ll be able to see all of Velaris from up there if you do that, she repeated Rhys’s words from before.

Feyre watched as the water grew closer and closer towards her before she spread her wings out as far as possible. Her body instantly glided up into the air as she laughed from the glorious feelng. No wonder Rhys loved flying so much.

She heard a laugh coming from behind her as Rhys flew beside her. He gave her the brightest smile she had ever seen before reaching down to hold one of her hands.

I’m flying! she yelled down the bond that Rhys was sure everyone else could hear.

He laughed at her excitement before squeezing her hand that was in his.

I know, darling. I told you that you’ll be just fine.

She grinned, nodding.

Thank you, Rhys.

For what?

For teaching me how to fly. For teaching me everything that I never had the privilege to learn before.

It was quite down the bond before Rhys sent her a mental caress.

You know I would’ve taught you anyways if you didn’t ask. I would never let you miss this experience.

Feyre could only laugh as they flew around Velaris. It was true, what Rhys said before. The moment she flew up, she could see her whole city perfectly.


Rhys and Feyre landed on the roof of their Velaris home, both laughing and panting at the same time. Feyre leaned into Rhys’s chest, his arms automatically wrapping itself around her waist. He kissed the top of her head softly before burying his nose there.

“How was it?”

“You know how it was. I loved it, Rhys! No wonder you’d rather fly than winnow around here.”

Rhys smiled down at his mate. He loved it when she was this happy. He practically survived on his High Lady’s happiness.

“Good. Now you can fly with me all the time then.”

Feyre grinned, “You’re going to get so frustrated of me always following you around.”

He chuckled, “Like I would ever get sick of you.”

One of Rhys’s hands slid behind her shoulder and caressed the area where her wings met her back. He felt her stiffen before leaning on his body, completely relying on him to hold her up. He laughed quietly.

“You know want to see what else our Illyrian wings can do?”

Feyre smirked, tiptoeing so her lips were mere centimetres away from his.

“Take me away, High Lord.”

They both definitely wanted more flying lessons after this.

Electro-Shock Therapy (MAMF Chronicles)

“Stay still.”  

I comfortably lay on my front, with the left side of my face buried into the sheets. My legs were spread apart by his knees. He hovered over my back with a white, long candle. The flame was busily melting the shiny wax. 


"Yes.” I whispered. 

My spine was aligned with three small droplets of hot wax. Once he saw that I didn’t flinch, he dabbed more farther down. The heat from my body increased from my arousal and I let go a small moan. 

His hand cupped an ass cheek. “More?" 

I arch my hips, signaling that I do want more. The burn was sweet, stinging in all the right places. A few more hot drops fell onto my lower dimples, causing me to jump a little. My hands formed into fists, gathering wads of black fabric. 

"I love how sensitive that spot is.” He says on a low chuckle. “You’re so sensitive when you’re in my hands." 

"Bet that makes you feel like a god." 

"Oh, I’m already a god, baby. You’re just figuring that out.” He drops warm wax across my lower back.

I inwardly roll my eyes from his usual cockiness. “Don’t ruin this moment, you narcissist." 

He smiles, "Just stating facts, Miss Frank.” He aims for my ass, slowly planting dots on each cheek. 

I produce a minimal jerk, causing my hips to buck and my ass to push against his pelvis. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to moan at the heated sensation.  

“Your body craves me even when you don’t.” He proceeds down my thighs. “I’m starting to know her more than you do." 

The backs of my thighs tightened in response to the wax. He continues the trail down to my calves, caressing them with his thumb before dotting them. I lift my head for a minute to catch my breath. I was starting to feel suffocated by how far my face was mushed into the mattress. When he crawled his way back up, he sat the candle in its holder on the nightstand. He dove straight into nibbling and kissing my neck. With my head still up, he wrapped my hair around his hand and tugged. 

"I know she’s ready.” He says into my ear. “All I have to do is touch her." 

I begin to pant, "Mr. Anoa'i,” was all I could manage to say. 

“Arch for me, you know you want to.” His nose nuzzled into ear. “Don’t defy her." 

As instructed, my hips arched slightly. He let loose of my hair and slid one long finger into my overly wet entrance. With a turn, he positioned the pad of his finger to connect with my G-spot. The ribbed tissue ached with every stroke against it. I couldn’t stop the trembles from impeding into my belly, as I felt the sudden throb of my clit. The frequencies from my creeping orgasm radiated through my spot, pushing me to let go. 

"Ah!” I yelled, rolling my hips slowly to ride out the intensity. “Damn.” I panted, slamming my face into the mattress. 

He trails kisses all over my shoulders. “When I’m done taking all the wax off, we’re doing the front next.” His teeth sank into the back of my neck. “Okay?”

“Mmm!” I groan from the bite. “Okay,” my reply was weak. 

After a short spell, he was done freeing my backside of the cool wax. I was now lying on my back, legs spread enough to fit his big frame between them. He lit a new candle, a red one this time. His journey started at my shoulders, casually making a line across my chest. A track of red, molten dots decorated me between my breasts. I jerked a little at the sensitive flesh being burned in such a way. My nipples puckered at the nearness of the burn, as my chest rose off the bed. 

“You two are next, don’t worry.” His arrogant smirk taunted them.  

I held my breath for what was about to happen next. Closing my eyes shut, I could feel my body tensing but excited. 

“Just breathe and stay still.” He reassured. “Relax.”

I start to release my tense muscles, prepping myself for this. My left areola was first; red disks formed small rings that led to my nipple. He did the same with the right, while rubbing on my left nipple. I whimper at the heated sensations pulsating through my breasts. With smooth flicks of his tongue, he greeted my nipples and kissed them. 

“I’ll be back.” He mumbled deliciously to each one. 

The trail continued over my belly, a hot drop fell into my navel. I sucked my stomach in from the charge, my breath hitching. I bring my arms over my head, absorbing the burn through my core. Sprinkles of red rained down on my thighs, each getting a track of three lines. The last line marked the inside of my thighs, which broke another levee inside of me. I could literally feel my stream pouring nonstop onto the sheets. 

“Now,” he places the candle on the night stand by the other. “Back to you two." 

 With a dive of two fingers inside of me, his mouth latched on to my left nipple. The electricity flowed from my drowning center, to the pit of my stomach, and swarming into my breasts. He casually moved to the right one, making those sucking sounds that tipped me over the edge. The wetness from his salivating mouth drenched each nipple, making them almost painfully erect. 

"Mr. Anoa'i,” I breathe heavily. “Oh.. Oh fuck.” My words caught in my throat. 

“I know,” he glances at me while sucking on my nipple. “I know." 

His thumb pressed against my pulsing clit, immediately starting a circular motion. His eyes remained on mines, watching me quickly come undone under his powers. 

"You’re so beautiful,” he declared, “especially when I have you like this." 

The mixed dosage of his fingers massaging me inside and his thumb twirling on my clit was becoming unbearable. I clenched my sleek walls around him, watching him suck harder on my sensitive nipples. My breath shortened, my legs were fighting the urge to snap shut, my body trembled from the foreign bonds of electrons and protons coursing through me. After a final look into his grey eyes, I lost it. Climbing up a rope of neurotic ecstasy, the burn from the wax seemed to resurface. I dug my hands around my pillow, enclosing my face with the sides. 

"Look at me, beautiful." 

I shook my head and whispered, "I can’t, I just…”

“Yes, you can.” He coached. 

I gathered the urge to do what he demanded. He leisurely glided his wide tongue up between my breasts, sliding the tip back down. Never breaking eye contact with me, he repeated the move. 

“Oh God!” I just couldn’t stare any longer. 

The climb was over, as I spiraled back down to earth while the aftershock set in. Still dazed from the intensity, I slowly released the pillow from around my head. He made his way back to my neck, sliding his wet fingers across my throat. Hungrily, he lapped me up, ending at my lips where he roughly kissed me. 

“Miss Frank,” he started, “You owe me a new mattress. This isn’t any ordinary water damage.” He joked.

My face reddens with embarrassment but I laugh comfortably. “Maybe I can repay you another way.” I reach between us, grabbing his bulging erection. “You know,” I flick my thumb over his head, basing it with the beads of his arousal. “On my terms." 

"You have my attention.” He produces a low groan, pushing further into my hand. “I’m listening.”

Two days talking about Jack and Bitty

Me and lavishness went on a tear. Here’s how it started:

During junior year, Jack and Shitty roomed together in crappy motel rooms for away games, and Bits would totally end up rooming with Lardo (because the coaches are still a little unsure about who to throw Bitty in with). But senior year, Shitty, in his matchmaking way, begs Bits to swap with him so he can room with Lardo, but mostly so Jack and Bitty have to room together.  He and Lardo would drink beer and watch HGTV and make bets about how long it will take for the sexual tension to force one of them to make a move. Shitty, always the optimist, thinks it’ll be any day now. Lardo rolls her eyes a lot because if there is one thing she knows, it’s boys and how stupid they are.

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Hey rumpelstarkskin! Hope  you enjoy this!

Prompt: Hogwrats AU


Professor Gold was ridiculously happy that he wasn’t screaming or sobbing like a child as Hogwarts’ new librarian did loop-de-loops and spiraling drops with the glee of a small child. He almost regretted taking Miss Belle’s suggestion they rode together to Hogwarts when the new school year started. “Could we possibly slow down?!? If you do another one of those I am going to throw up!”

She flashed him a smile over her shoulder that made him far more queasier then the sudden drops she took. That smile that had charmed him into a stuttering mess when the woman had moved to the cottage next to his, and done everything in her power to wiggle her way into his good graces, plying him into pure idioticy with books, herbs, and some very excellent cooki- “An old seeker like you? Getting sick?” She laughed and he stared at her dumbfound.

“Seeker?” He shouted over the wind. “I never even tried for the quidditch team in all my schooling years!" 

The broom came to an abrupt stop mid-air, nearly sending them both off it. "What?" 

Rum mildly wonder if he should stop clinging to her like a terrified cat, sometime during the third death drop, he had lost all dignity and thought of keeping his body at least two inches away from hers. ” I was never a seeker….Where did you hear such ridiculous thing?“


"That meddling bastard!  This was suppose to be just a pleasant broom ride to work, with good discussion and perhaps having the guts to ask her ou-” And by the look Miss Belle was giving him, Rum realized he had been speaking outloud and wished he could disappear into his hat like a certain meddling bastard. He slowly scooted back on the broom to give her space. “….would you like to put laxitives in his tea?" 

Belle’s expression soften, a little mischief appearing in her eyes. "I think that would be a lovely idea…and I think perhaps we should discuss on how to make all his food taste like cat food, perhaps tomorrow night over dinner…in my rooms?”

“…t-t-that sounds like a d-d…plan..” He smiled widely, their broom slowly gliding through the air. “A G-good plan..”

“Well, it’s a date then.”

#25 - He’s sick

#25 – He’s sick

Harry: You’re slowly awoken from your deep slumber as you can feel Harry detach his warm body from yours. You pout slightly, your eyes still closed as you’re still half asleep. Peaking one eye open you can see Harry sitting off the edge of the bed, a box of tissues next to him on the bed side table. “You alright Haz?” You say, your tired voice just barely above a whisper. You wait for your boyfriends reply, but all you are answered with is a set of sneezes. One, then another, and another, and another. At this point you are next to him, your small hand placed gingerly on his tense shoulder. “Ugh.” Harry moaned, turning slightly to face you. The sight in front of you nearly broke your heart. Harry’s normally tanned face was as pale as could be, with his cheeks and the tip of his nose tinted a bright red. In a flash, you’re out the door and into the kitchen, rummaging through the medicine cabinet for something to help your sick boyfriend. Returning as quickly as possible, you hand Harry a small cup of cold medicine and he takes it cautiously. “Is this the yuck kind?” He asks, his voice raspy. You watch as your grown boyfriend eyes the small cup of cough syrup as if it’s some hazardous chemical. “It will make you feel better.” You ignore his question and push the medicine back to him. Harry pouts once more, and you can’t help but chuckle quietly. The look on his face as he downs the minimal amount of medicine is priceless, but you offer him a cup of water anyways. After helping Harry back into bed, you get settled yourself, putting yourself right back into the position you were in before you were awoken. Harry pulls away just a bit, looking at you carefully. “I don’t want to get you sick babe.” He says, but you ignore his protests and wrap his arm around your waist anyways. Harry smiles, now that you can’t see him, thankful you still wanted to snuggle. “Love you.” He whispers, his voice raspy with exhaustion and illness. “Love you too Haz.”

Louis: “Ughhhh.” Louis groaned for what you were sure to be the hundredth time that night. You let one eye open just slightly, unable to take in the bright light that had just been flicked on. Now you let out a groan. “Babe?” You could faintly hear Louis’ raspy voice from underneath your pillow which you were using to shield your eyes from the blinding light. “Babe?” He asks again, this time a touch of desperation in his voice. This makes you sit up immediately, your eyes blinking wildly to adjust properly. Still in a daze, you take in your boyfriends disheveled appearance; his pale face, flushed cheeks and dull eyes. “You alrigh’?” You ask, sleep still evident in your voice. “Feel a bit sick.” He replied with a sniffle, and your mood changes in an instant. You help Lou back to bed, shushing his protests when you slipped out the door and to the kitchen to make him some tea. Rummaging through the medicine cupboard, you finally find some cough syrup. Taking the bottle of medi and Louis’ hot cup of tea, you make your way back to the bedroom. Louis smiles thankfully at you when you give him his steaming mug. “Thanks baby.” He leans in for a kiss, which you were going to dodge because hey, you didn’t want to get sick, but before he could try for one he lets out a squeaky sneeze. You laugh, not being able to help yourself, and Lou sends you a glare. “I’ll go get you some tissues.” You bite your lips to stifle another giggle. When you return with a full box of tissues, your eyes go wide at the sight in front of you. “Louis! That’s what the measuring cup is for!” You scold, watching as he pulls the cough syrup bottle from his lips. “I didn’t know how much I needed.” He shrugs, placing the cap back on the now near empty bottle. “So you read the bottle! You don’t scull the thing!” You shake your head, knowing he’s taken much more than his needed amount. “Oh well.” Louis sighs, placing his head back down onto the pillow, ready for some much needed sleep. “You’ll probably end up sleeping for the next three days straight.” You mumble, flicking the light off and getting back into bed next to him. “Oh well.” Louis smirks, pulling your body close to his.

Liam: As another fit of coughs force your boyfriends chest to rumble against your back, your eyes peeled open slowly. Liam pulls from you as his coughing becomes worse, he slings his legs over the edge of his side of the bed, one hand in a fist to his mouth, trying to keep himself from being too noisy. Propping yourself up on your elbows, just one eye open, you watch your boyfriend carefully. “You ‘right babe?” You ask, attempting to crawl over to him. Liam’s coughing fit finally seizes and he puts up a hand to stop you from coming any closer. “I’m fine, go back to bed darling.” He says, his voice pitchy and undeniably raspy. You cringe, feeling a pang of worry in your heart. “You don’t sound fine.” Pushing his hand away, you move to sit next to him, nearly gasping as you take in his paled face and dull eyes. “Li, you’re sick babe.” You say, your eyes wide as you glide the back of your hand across his slightly warm forehead. Liam gently pushes your hand away, shaking his head. “I don’t get sick. C'mon love, you’ve got a big meeting tomorrow morning. You need sleep.” He comments as his eyes beg you, but another small cough follows his protest. You cock an eyebrow. Liam was such a manly man, he certainly struggled with showing any sort of weakness or imperfections. He was the one who had always protected you, and cared for you. And even though he was right, he hardly ever got sick, it was your turn now to care for him. Ignoring his protests, you force Liam back into bed, sneaking into the bathroom to retrieve a bottle of cough syrup. Liam gives you a half smile, feeling horrible for keeping you awake. “Let me take care of you.” You whisper, handing him the small cup of medi. Liam’s puppy dog eyes make contact with yours, locking in for another few seconds. Downing the grape flavored medicine, Liam scrunches up his nose in disgust. “What would I do with out you?” He mumbles, his voice tired and strained. You smile, pushing him back to lay his head down on his pillow. You pulled the sheets close to his body, letting your hand run down his warm cheek.

Niall: His body lay curled up on the couch, an extra heavy blanket tucked up to his chin. Chills ran down his spine, as tiny beads of sweat formed on his brow. “How ya feelin’ baby?” You ask, coming around into the lounge from the kitchen. Niall’s dull eyes watch you carefully, and he did his best to smile as if he was feeling okay, but you saw right through it. Letting out a long, sad sigh, you feel your ill boyfriend’s forehead, frowning as the backside of your hand came in contact with his burning skin. Niall let’s out a groan, feeling his stomach churn once more. You push the big red bucket closer to him, just in case, and stand up to fetch a wet cloth. As you run the cloth under the tap, making it as cool as possible, you hear Niall dry heave once more. You rush to his side, patting his back as he heaves for a second time. Pulling back, poor Niall lets out a groan as he flops back onto the lounge. You sigh, biting your lip as you watch him. He was hurting, and you felt so helpless, unable to make him feel any better at all. Placing the cool cloth to his forehead, Niall smiles faintly, feeling just slight relief. “You’re too good for me, (Y/N).” He sighs, his eyes just barley open. He let’s a trembling hand come up to cup your cheek, wiping away a stray tear. He blinks, concerned for you now even though he his body was fighting an internal battle. “Baby.” He sighs, trying his best to comfort you. You sniffle just a bit, feeling so ashamed. “I just wish I could make you feel better. I hate seeing you like this.” You let a few more tears fall but Niall is quick to wipe them away. He’s become slightly more alert now, a look of worry etched onto his face. “You’ve been amazing, (Y/N)… I told you, you’re too good for me.” Niall pulls your tear stained face into his own and gently rubs his nose to yours. You let out a small giggle, adoring the little things he does just to see you smile.

A/N: Sorry this one doesn’t include Zayn. Future preferences could possibly include him, but at this moment, this one was already done without his part being finished, and I feel like at the moment I’m too disconnected from Zayn to even think about including him. Hope this does’t upset anyone. xxx