My opinion on bootlegs

I don’t think you rich people that live in New York City get the fact that there is literally no way some of us can see a musical. We would need to buy tickets to the show, a plane to ticket (or drive there but that would take hours if not a day or days), and a hotel room. I don’t have that kind of money. Nor do I think I will EVER have that kind of money. Some people have to have their money to, I don’t know, live. Most fans of musicals have never seen said musical live. So I’m sorry that we want to also have the privilege of seeing a show that makes up happy (Now this is the part you people that are about to comment need to hear:) But there are laws against it, so we should respect that. But if I’m being totally fucking honest if I find a bootleg for my favorite musical I’m going to watch it. Call me fucking disrespectful if you want but I know I’ll never get another chance to see it.

And that’s the tea on that

underrated musical theater bops:

The Loser, The Geek, or Whatever from Be More Chill

Goin’ Viral (cut song) from Dear Evan Hansen

The Smartphone Hour from Be More Chill

Mama Will Provide from Once on This Island

Song of the Brown Buffalo by Joe Iconis 

The Bro Duet by Drew Gasparini (sung by Jason Gotay and George Salazar)

Whose House is This? from Mean Girls

Do This Thing from Mean Girls

One Short Day from Wicked

She’s in Love from The Little Mermaid

What the Heck I Gotta Do from 21 Chump Street

Make a Move from Shrek

You and I from Bare

Son of Man from Tarzan

(Just a) Simple Sponge from Spongebob Squarepants the Musical

late night thoughts

Broadway being afraid that filming and releasing shows would result in less people going to nyc is like sports teams being afraid that no one would come to their games if they were televised (which obviously isn’t a problem). It’s like this. You go for the experience but if you can’t be there you still get to be a part of it.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk on why we need a Netflix for Broadway shows.

Listen sometimes I wanna listen to indie rock and sometimes I wanna listen to musicals and sometimes I wanna listen to Top 40 and maybe I wanna listen to 80s pop and perhaps I wanna listen to 40s jazz and yeah I’ll listen to quartets but you will never,,, ever catch me listening to country. Fucking. Ever.

you know how after a movie stops showing in theaters it’s put on streaming services like netflix and hulu well why can’t it be the same for musicals

what musical theater fans got arrested for

The Book of Mormon: swearing too joyfully in public and disturbing the peace

Chicago: don’t ask unless you want a seven-minute jazz number

Dear Evan Hansen: wrong place at the wrong time (alternatively: accidentally breaking into private property. They just wanted to check out the pretty field framed with trees.)

Falsettos: chopping fruit threateningly

Hamilton: writing so much White House fanfiction that the Secret Service got scared

Heathers: they were just quoting song lyrics, but it was interpreted as a threat

Legally Blonde: their perm was intact

Les Misérables: …you already know.

Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812: spooking pets, setting off car alarms, and shattering windows while trying to sing “Petersburg”

Newsies: protesting injustice (alternatively: arrested for their own good, as they were attempting the choreography and someone had to stop them)

Next to Normal: pole dancing on a subway

The Phantom of the Opera: swinging from a public chandelier

Rent: testing whether it’s really possible to hack an ATM

Spring Awakening: offending closed-minded adults in positions of power

Waitress: taking the blame for something they didn’t do

Wicked: standing up for their beliefs no matter what