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instead of jars to bury your spells in, my i suggest the idea of peat pots planters?

not only are they biodegradable, they are useful for many different things. you can grow herbs and starter plants or use them to bury a home protection without the fear of broken glass rising to the surface, or your jar staying in the ground for a 100 years. they also come in many different sizes as well. from large to very tiny

and you can even make your own from left over toilet paper rolls for a byproduct option that lessens garbage going into landfills.

there are plenty of cheaper, earth friendlier options available to us, as witches, at our disposal. it is up to us as a whole to start making better earth friendly choices, to modernize the practice. we are not from the middle ages and tradition has nothing to do with glass jars - we have the knowledge in modern days to realize how harmful the practice of burying jars actually is, we have resources to change that as well.

~Land of Fireflies~

I come from a land of fireflies
Of sterling moons and florid skies
Where twilight melts the days away
As crickets chirp and sunsets wane
I come from a place of rolling mists
Where man and mammals coexist
Surrounded by a blessed earth
Where mankind values all she’s worth
I come from realms of mystery
Of rooted truth and history
Where sacred stones remain untouched
And Nature is my only judge
I come from a wealth of lullabies
Of boundless realms and twisted vines
Where timeworn trees and bracken groves
Remain man’s vested treasure troves
I come from a time of lessons learned
Where songs were sung as timbers burned
And from those embers, we did rise
To dance beneath star-speckled skies
I come from a land far, far away
Where gallant souls embrace each day
Where virgin meadows rest un-roamed
Within a land I call my home

—  © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


Tarot deck. Mortar and pestle. If you have one or both of these items and want to trade, pick what stuff you want and message me.

I am offering (Not in order of pictures shown)

Glass skull shaped roll on perfume
Sephora pressed powder in white as hell (aka the lightest shade they had) 
NYX liquid suede in shade amethyst 
“Love Potion” essential oil blend
Orange essential oil (pure)
Roman Chamomile essential oil (keep in mind this thing costed like $40)

“Learning To See Into The Spiritual World” by Rudolf Steiner 1923

“Crystal Enlightenment” by Katrina Raphaell 1985

“The Presence Of The Dead (on the Spiritual Path)” by Rudolf Steiner 1914

Herbalism LUSH cleanser, never used, paid $25.20

3 medium nib fountain pens
3 rose quartz
2 tigers eye
1 turquoise 
Velvet choker (primark)
Moon and star bow
Leaf rose gold necklace 
Silver delicate design necklace

Culpeper’s Complete Herbal & English Physician “A Twelfth Century Guide To The Discoveries And Remedies Of England’s Greatest Herbalist” written 1826

bags of lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary, and ground cloves


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Um, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you could give me some resources to learn about specifically the god and goddess?? Like are there stories or specific beliefs connected to them? Sorry if you already answered this, but my phone doesn't like the Q & A page and I can't use the Internet to look it up for myself because my parents monitor it :/ if you've already answered it, and it wouldn't be too much trouble, you could link me to that answer?? Idk sorry to bother you (ノ_<)

The God and Goddess I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of are from Wicca (the initiatory religion) and are in Neo-Wicca (the version of Wicca that’s openly available and doesn’t require initiation).  They have a specific narrative attached them that’s exemplified by the Wheel of the Year and its cyclical nature, involving fertility, death, and rebirth.  While the God/dess, their narrative, and the Wheel of the Year are inspired by historical, non-Christian religions and cultures, they’re not part of an ancient religion in and of themselves nor derived from a nonexistent “The Old Religion.”

Tumblr has plenty of Wiccan blogs you can look through.  Our “wicca” and “wiccan” tags are more catch-all tags than anything, so you might look through those like “goddess,” “triple goddess,” and “beginner.”  If you can’t be open about your exploration, there’s the “broom cupboard” and “budgeting” ones.  Our mod, Nocturnal Wix, is a Neo-Wiccan.  After you’ve looked through these, you may let us know if you have specific questions that aren’t covered.

- mountain hound

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Experience With Spirits!

Okay, so, if you’re like me, you like to hear about other witches experiences with deities, spirits, fae, etc. but you don’t wanna be rude and ask about it. So, is anyone willing to share stories? I can even start off!
For a while, after I got off work (I work late at night) I would get into my car to drive home. The radio is usually off, and I’m always alone, so you can imagine I’d be freaked out when I hear what sounds like a lady mumbling in my back seat. As the week progresses, I start hearing the woman arguing with a man. This happens every night on my way home from work for a whole week, and finally I managed to work up to telling them to gtfo.