General Use Sigils

So sigils are a HUGE part of my magic.  Between them and herbs, they make up most of my craft.  I’ll be doing a big post of what sigils are and how to make them tomorrow, but wanted to share with you guys some I made recently.  These were created using Nordic Runes (though with some liberties for design).  I hope you enjoy.


Jar Spell to protect American Minorities

Intent: To protect minorities in America from Trump and his supporters


  • a jar
  • purple, white, and black papers
  • something to write with
  • purple, red, white, blue, and black string


  • beads - bonus if they’re made of a crystal you associate with protection, peace, unity, etc.
  • white candle for freedom and safety
  • pink candle for love

As many of the following as possible:

  • lavender - peace, protection
  • cinnamon - peace, promoting change
  • angelica - protection, banishing negativity
  • eggshell - protection
  • aloe vera - protection, community
  • cloves - banishing, love, protection
  • any other herbs that you associate with protection

(long post, directions under the cut)

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Best spots to clean first - physical cleansing for Spoonie witches

I know when have any disablity, cleaning your entire room or house can be hard to do even in a week. So I made a list of some things to tackle first whenever you get energy/spoons to clean. 

-Your altar/witch tools- This is the first place I clean every month for the new moon cleansing. That way if something happened and I’m suddenly out of spoons for the week, at least my sacred space is cleansed for me to escape too and do magick. 

-Your nightstand- If you have a cluttered nightstand, it can make you have a difficult time to sleep, leading to fatigue and so on. Clean up the junk on your night stand and make your bed while you’re at it! 

-Your mudroom (or place where you dump your keys/phone/shoes/etc)- Coming home should free you of the stress of work and/or school. Clean up the first places you see when you come home. 

-Your computer desk- I read somewhere in psychology that a cluttered work space leads to a cluttered mind and causes more stress. Pick up your desk and dust it, clean it, etc. 

Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for February 25, 2017 

                               from manylighhands.com

 The Moon stays in airy Aquarius most of the day continuing to stir up thoughts and discussions that light up the day and show us new pathways to success. Before the Moon shifts signs, it sextiles Mars, Uranus and Saturn all in fire signs and a positive trine to Rx Jupiter. These lunar aspects lessen the effects of the Suns irritating aspects: a semi-square to Uranus and sesquiquadrate to Rx Jupiter. Once again, we are a bit restless, a tad more prone to making snap decisions or overindulging. Check where you may be leaking resources. Stay positive, even paced and reflective. We will want to push forward but also can intuit the timing is off.

 Mercury moves into compassionate Pisces at 6:08 PM EST changing the emotional landscape and how we perceive the universe until March 13th. Our intuitive senses are piqued and we are ready to share our musings. Tap into spiritual adventures that open our eyes to new ways of dealing with present situations.

 The Moon also moves into Pisces at 7:25 PM, adding to the high peaked feelings swirling around, as it moves to a New Moon/Solar Eclipse tomorrow morning. There is an immediate alignment to Mercury helping us see new pathways, and we feel a bit of relief when this new cycle starts. Our minds and voices are synced so we can express what’s in our heart smoothly and instinctively.

 Tarot Cards of the Day-the Page of Swords, The World the Ace of Pentacles- open your point of view today, express your feelings, visions and dreams in a new and exciting way. Everything is in place for a surprising synchronistic event that offers abundance and stability.

 Chakras: crown, heart and root

Crystals: clear quartz, green agate and black onyx

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium and ylang ylang

Yoga: yin yoga poses with supported backbends.

“Imolg: The Triple Goddess - Maid, Mother and Crone”

This picture with the quoted caption can be found in “A Witches’ Bible” in the “Eight Sabbats for Witches” section by Janet and Stewart Farrar. I was pleasantly surprised to find photographs in this book of Janet and Stewart Farrar and the rest of their coven.

Ignorance burns more than any stake

I invoke the gods and goddesses, the elements, the sun and the moon, Hecate, protector of all witches, all celestial, gray, and dark beings to protect these witches and fight all ignorance thrown at them.

People have and continue to wish death on those of us who did the binding this evening, and are saying things like, ‘I hope they all get shot, I hope a Muslim walks by and pours gasoline on them, hang them, burn them, you all should go cut themselves, that’ll solve the problem.’

All of my witches, send out your protection into the community, support each other, love each other….we are all we have.

Coven and I participated in the trump binding tonight it was /wild/
Something out there really did not want us to finish but dammit we did
One of my covenmates’ sleeve caught fire while she was trying to protect our candle from the wind

And then things /really/ got crazy I’m crying

But we burned a picture of trump and soaked in the muck water covering my pool
And then we tossed the pieces to the wind
I am Satisfied