“Secret Boy” by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is the exact type of artist that the internet rap scene excels at bringing to people’s attention. While clearly influenced by hip-hop, as evidenced by his production choices and collaborators, he’s got that one unmistakable attribute, in this case his singing voice, that makes him an undeniable bi-product of a scene where weirder is better. It’s this left field mentality that makes Wicca Phase, and internet rap in general, so much fun to watch, and the fact that Lil Yachty and iLoveMakonnen have successfully crossed over into the mainstream, shows that the general public feels the same way. 

- Clever Tom

“Stop Torturing Me” by Wicca Phase prod. by Horse Head

Incorporating imagery and aesthetics from unrelated subcultures is nothing new to hip-hop (see: Thrasher t-shirts), but Gothboiclique are far from the posers that normally mesh these stylistic qualities together. In the case of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, the goth/indie/acoustic roots run deep considering he was formally the lead singer of the indie band, Tigers Jaw. Just by listening to the samples Horse Head picked out for the instrumentals on “Stop Torturing Me” lets you know he’s well versed in this type of music as well, and if you ask anyone in the Los Angeles rap scene, and they’ll tell you they’re solid there too.

- Clever Tom

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stop torturing me lyrics

stop torturing me

first time in a while that i haven’t been bored
first time in a while i’ve been able to record
in bated breath i would open up the door
when you were cold i made sure you were alive

first time in a while that i haven’t been online
first time in a while i took you by surprise
you took in all of it
that’s what i like
there’s a person i forgot about
it happens all the time

can you feel it deeper wrapped around your spine
to you then back to me
there’s a secret we both keep
i was passionately on about it
know that you won’t leave
you are you and i am me

i feel somehow i’m connected
i feel you for real and how you’re so selective
baby don’t push away
i said from the beginning
if i knock real slow
will you answer

i feel there’s a separation
i’m not who i was in 2011
but i stay attuned to what you’re really after
does your heart beat slow when i call you

bad side

thought it’d be cool if we didn’t have to all the time
didn’t know what i would be missing
there’s a lot to take in
i lost track of time
thought i could fix it
i was mistaken
and now you always have me looking at your back so far behind
i know there’s a thing that we’ve never done
i know we should talk but i’m so tired

have you ever seen me as a god
ripped jeans when i’m at the mall
i dream and it comes to me
then wake and nothing at all
i dream of a cemetery back to you and my heart beats on and off
i’m checking in for my sake and i
i really want to talk so just help me

baby i’m on your bad side
but i’ve got ideas for changing your mind

physically i’m reaching out to you and all the time
she says she’s forsaken
maybe she is
but then so am i

you’re a young light sleeper on the edge of the bed
and i’m so sedated that i sleep through the night
do you remember in the pool
body’s crashing into you
realities a secret and i
i really want to talk but i’m so alone

baby i’m on your bad side…

when will it end

and i can’t get an answer
when i’m high at the mixer
i found what i’m good at
it’s you and i’m on that
no girl i’m a live wire
what’s death but an option
what’s love separation
wicca phase springs eternal…

and you like the pull from the back
you like to be on the attack…
you liked my songs in the past
you used to like when i talked to you bad

when will it end…
when will it end…
know i’ll always get back to you
but i’m so sick of that attitude
i don’t need anymore
when will it end…
can i want my baby and have her too
i’m sick of that attitude

i reach out to you in song

i feel my hands numb
what’s the point of beds if you destroy all of them
seven gang
seven marks you left on my skin
i’ve got a friend but a friend is all that she is
she has her secrets and i’ve mine
we’re matched up when it comes to lies
let me in
let me off when i’ve reddened eyes
don’t be surprised
it’s not on you
it’s on i and i
and i would laugh at all of it if i was sure it wasn’t mine
something will break
just not my heart and just not tonight
she has her secrets…

and i can’t
even feel
any love

she has control now
passing on
i reach out to you in song…

i need a place i can rest

i was in the back counting up for baby
because i really want a house for vacation baby
and i really want to show you i’m forever lately
seven pisces gang
pull up black mercedes
and i pull up touching death like nobody save me
i’ve been eyeing up the knife bc it wanna take me
if i’m a bad man then you’re like half that
@kournikovax on the instagram…

oh woman i can hardly call you mine when i know that you’ve been lying
when the back of your hands gets to covering your eyes
and the sun goes down on a cemetery night
automatic silhouette signed “i know you’re mine”
i remember feeling like you’re always on mind
all i want is something that i can’t explain…
it’s for you to text me right back…

i need a place i can rest
stab me in the chest and the neck
i used to feel violently alone
now i’m trying to make it like then

from the flights and the shows when i travel by myself
and the shows are always tight but my heart is such a mess
i never said you were really falling for my live
now i step back
GUCCI in all black
i was in the back counting up for baby
because i really want a house for vacation baby
and i really want to show you i’m forever lately
pull up black mercedes

i need a place i can rest from the clubs and the shows and relationship stress…
tell me can you unbreak my back
tell me where the real love is at…

and i found my way back home…
when i call you don’t answer that…
it’s the same as it always is…
i need a place i can rest