pietromaximoffs asked:

If you need any Peeve feelings, just remember that it was probably Steve's shoes and shirt that Pietro stole when Steve told the team to suit up at Stark Tower. Because why would they have something for him to wear? The shirt definitely didn't belong to Clint, Tony, Thor or Bruce. He wore Steve shirt. Steve's probably pissed it has so many holes in it rn. Real life superhuman boyfriends. It was also probably Natasha's jacket that Wanda stole.


I DID wonder why the hell they just happened to have a bunch of fancy runners and stuff to fit the twins but I LIKE THIS IDEA. 

Superhero boyfriends TRYING to share clothes but Pietro is so unamused because Steve insists on buying all these XS mens shirts which he then stretches to the point of transparency. 

“Just buy size that fits, old man!”  

Steve all offended like, “Um, first, I’m not that much older than you, technically. Second, these DO fit. They just don’t fit YOU, because they’re not YOURS. Stop stealing my clothes.” 

“No, you are purposefully obtuse, this is American trait, we do not do this in Sokovia.” 


“I never use my beautiful homeland as excuse for anything.”

“You told me yesterday you don’t have dogs in Sokovia.”

“Well, we don’t. Dogs are American exclusive, is why I want one.” 

ALSO PLEASE CONSIDER: Pietro finds Steve’s ~undercover outfit~ from TWS and is like “omg finally normal clothes” and starts wearing them, going around the house in tacky lil high tops and a hoodie. Pietro is hipster af, at heart.