I'm sitting here with all these biology papers spread out on my desk

And I have to start and finish this research paper by midnight. Everything is sitting right in front of me. All I have to do is copy exactly what is in my lab notebook, with an addition of fancy words to make it sound like I am smart. It seems easy enough, yet my fingers will not cooperate with my brain. Instead of typing up this dumb essay, my fingers brought me here. To type up a useless post about how they will not type up my paper. 

I invested in the one-year Bible, probably the best purchase of my life to date. So far, I have read the majority of Chronicles, 1 Corinthians, and completed Ezra (these are just some of the books I have completed). A common theme I have seen time and time again throughout the old testament chapters and books as well as the new testament was the constant nature of God’s patience and justice. So today I want to give you 10 reasons why God doesn’t owe you nothing and you owe Him your life. Shall we begin?

  1. God breathed life into you today.
  2. God created your bodyguards, the holy angels, to protect you.
  3. God put up with what you did five years ago and today.
  4. God offered forgiveness and salvation as a viable option for you.
  5. God created the natural world you enjoy today.
  6. God blessed you with ability to access information via internet.
  7. If you can read this, God gave you the eyes and mind to understand.
  8. God didn’t walk away because he was tired of you.
  9. God did not hold a grudge against you for doing this or not doing that.
  10. God saved your life- again, and again, and again.

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Great! Ive had this idea for awhile, a fic where snape actually gets help with his hatred of james/other issues so that by the time harry gets to school he has no ill will against him and even is kinda protective of him( more directly than dumble)

With ample borrowing from “The Prince’s Tale”

Severus watched the funeral from the back, hidden by the shadows and the black cloak wrapped tightly around him, providing defense from the bitter November wind as well as unwanted eyes.  He looked away when it became Dumbledore’s turn to speak; the man’s bright blue gaze seemed uncomfortably like it was staring straight at Severus. Surely Dumbledore’s eyesight could not be good enough to actually spot him, but all the same, Severus did not particularly want the Headmaster to realize he was here.

           “My word, Severus, that I shall never reveal the best of you?”  

Severus suppressed the memory with all the efficiency of one who had been employing Occlumency for the majority of his life, and wondered again why he had even come.  He could think of no one else in attendance who would be quick to overlook his old loyalties, all having no idea that he had loyalties far older.  Is this what you would have wanted, Lily?  For all their years of friendship, he so rarely knew what she was thinking.  Can you finally forgive me in death?  His eyes fell upon her coffin, and the coffin it was lying beside seemed to answer his question with silent reproach.  Lily had chosen Potter—chosen Potter over Severus— and died for it.  Is death what you wanted?  He didn’t think so because that was what was so unbearable about all of this; Lily was, had always been, so full of life. Whether the two of them were teasing her obnoxious sister or experimenting in Potions or even having a row, her spirit was indomitable.  To see her pale and quiet and still—that hurt as much as knowing it was Potter she was being buried next to, Potter’s spawn she had died for.  His Lily had been alive; Potter’s Lily was dead, and Severus was never going to stop hating him for it.

Listening at doors was beneath him, and Severus supposed he should break the habit.  Nevertheless, information was always useful, and he very much doubted even Dumbledore trusted him enough to freely tell Severus everything he was interested in knowing.  So, instead of knocking on the headmaster’s door to ask how many NEWT students he could expect in his class this year, he pulled out his wand to cast a nonverbal Supersensory charm.

“… here I was thinking nothing about this situation could break my heart more,” the sharp voice of the Deputy Headmistress came with sudden clarity. “He didn’t even get a cake, Albus!”

“Minerva, if a lack of birthday festivities is the cost of Harry’s survival, it is a price I am willing to pay.”  Dumbledore’s voice was heavy, but Severus barely noticed over the jolt that went through him like an ice bath.  They’re talking about Potter’s brat.

“It’s a tragedy.  The savior of our entire world growing up unwanted.”  

“But better, surely, than not growing up at all?”  Severus held a grudging respect for the stern Transfiguration Professor, but he couldn’t imagine even her failing to quail at the blackness of Dumbledore’s tone.

“The war is supposed to be over, Albus,” she replied sadly, defiance indeed gone.

“I hope more than anyone it is.  But I refuse to let hopefulness drive me to naivety.  Even if Voldemort himself is entirely vanquished, which I cannot quite believe despite my dearest wishes, many of his followers remain free and empowered.  Harry’s scar may as well be a bulls-eye, as the muggles would say,” he said more gently.

“You’re right, as usual,” McGonagall’s voice sounded thick, and Severus wondered whether she was crying.  “I do remember Lily saying her sister didn’t like magic, but to hold a grudge against a two-year-old…”

“Petunia and Vernon Dursley do not like anything, much.”  Dumbledore went on to add the condition “outside themselves and their son,” but his initial statement echoed in Severus’s mind.

If he closed his eyes, he was sitting in a park of uncut grass as the sun set.  

Wrenching his eyelids open, Severus knocked on the office door with perhaps more aggression than necessary.  Though he kept his thoughts well in check throughout his audience with the headmaster, they proved less manageable when he tried to fall asleep later that evening.  Finally he dozed off into fitful dreams.

His father, wiry and broad shouldered, loomed over a small boy with black hair.

“Stupid wretch!  Useless little shit!”  

When Tobias Snape drew back his arm to hit the child in front of him, Severus saw that it was not in fact, himself, but a miniature version of Potter, arrogant smirk and all.  Severus flinched reflexively when the blow landed—and hated himself for the weakness—while Tobias stormed off.  He tried to take satisfaction in seeing Potter put in his place; maybe now he would understand that not everyone adored his conceited arse. But he suddenly realized the eyes tearing up from the pain of the hit were Lily’s.  Severus felt as if he had been hit himself as he gazed at their familiar, piercing green.

“You remember, I’m sure, the exact shape and shade of Lily Evans’ eyes?”  Dumbledore asked, cruelly, from the door where Tobias had just exited, laughing at Severus’s anguish.  He laughed louder, longer, his voice becoming high pitched and cold.


It seemed as though a piece of the doorframe fell onto the man’s head, but as Severus drew closer he saw that it was in fact a tree branch that had fallen, and his victim was no man but a young girl.

“Did you make that happen?” cried the boy—Potter?—from behind him.

A young girl with dark red hair.

“You did this!  You hurt her!”

Dark red hair and open, empty, bright-green eyes.

Severus shot upright in his bed, his hair drenched in sweat and breath coming in wracking sobs.  It was not the first time he had had nightmares about Lily’s death, or his complicity in it, or even about his father, though this was the first time in years that Tobias had made an appearance.  It was quite notably, however, the first time he had felt anything like guilt for her son.  Potter’s son.

Yet the feeling growing in his chest was not the scathing hatred and resentment he was accustomed to cultivating.  A tear dripped down his nose, and Severus found himself unable to hide from the realization that he sympathized with the boy.  Empathized, even.

Potter’s spawn is the reason the Dark Lord killed Lily, Severus reminded himself.

But wasn’t it your information that led the Dark Lord to take an interest in the boy in the first place? his self replied.

Still shaking, Severus waited until his tears subsided, then took a sleeping potion out of his stores and drank the entire thing, unwilling to risk more dreams.

But try as he might, he couldn’t forget the one he had already had.

Harry sometimes thought that strangers in the street seemed to know him. Very strange strangers they were, too. A tiny man in a violet top hat bowed to him once while out shopping.  A wild-looking old woman dressed all in green had waved merrily at him once on a bus. A bald man in a very long purple coat had actually shaken his hand in the street the other day.  But perhaps the most curious of these individuals was the pale man who wore all black.  Right around his birthday each year, the man would appear—sometimes out on the street, by the bus stop, at the checkout at the grocers—always with the same long, greasy hair and strange dress-like garments.  He would appear long enough to look Harry in the eyes for a few long moments before melting into thin air, and after the encounters, Harry would go home to find a small gift on his pillow.  Sometimes Harry thought he was hallucinating out of desperation to have people who truly cared about him, but he hoarded the assorted sweets and pencils all the same.

Severus had watched a decade’s worth of Sorting’s as a teacher, so he often found himself less than interested in the ceremony.  This year, however, he took note of the dark haired boy looking around the Great Hall with nervousness and awe.  He took note of the boy’s humble blush as the Hall applauded his Sorting (and long-ago disappointment and resignation welled up as he remembered a different student’s assignment to Gryffindor).

And he took especial note of the pencil the boy used to diligently copy down notes in his first Potions lesson.

How could he not take note of Lily’s son?

Fanfiction appreciation day

So you all know I’m a lover of fanfic-I read it, I write it, I obsess over it. In honor of fanfiction appreciation day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite stories.

Why Did You Have To Leave? by Cassie01-Criminal Minds, JJ-centric. It’s about Rose’s suicide from JJ’s point of view. Extremely beautiful and well-written, but a major trigger warning. In-progress.

Letters From War by hunnyfresh-Once Upon A Time, Swan Queen AU. You’ve all seen me rant and go on about this fic. It’s probably my number one favorite SQ fanfic, as it means so much to me. Emma is in the United States Army and Regina is her penpal. Again a major trigger warning for multiple things. Complete.

The Art Of Being Extraordinary by purplehershey-Once Upon A Time, Swan-Mills Family AU. Absolutely beautiful story from Henry’s POV about his mom’s lives together and how their love blossomed. Complete.

To Protect And Serve by janemac24-Once Upon A Time, Swan Queen AU. Another fic that’s extremely close to my heart. My friend Noelle recommended it to me and I still thank her to this day for it. Emma and Regina are detectives at the Boston Police Department. Complete.

What The Water Gave Me by anyadoll-Intelligence, Riliel. The first and only riliel story to ever make me sob like a small child. So beautiful and sweet. When Riley’s apartment floods, she’s forced to stay with Gabriel… Complete.

Don’t Judge Me by Hotly81173-Criminal Minds, multiship but mostly Hotchniss. Probably the funniest CM fanfic I have ever read in my life. The team go to Rossi’s cabin for “team building” exercises, but they seem to do more play than work. Complete.

Aboard the Jolly Roger by femphoenix-Once Upon A Time, multiship but mostly Swan Queen. This is the first OUAT fanfic I ever read and I couldn’t be more blessed. If you love the Neverland era, you’ll love this fic. It’s short but it’s got incredible imagery and such precious SQ moments. Emma and Regina are forced to bunk on the Jolly Roger. Complete.

Pick Up The Pieces by SoundEffectsAndOverdramatics-x-Criminal Minds AU, Jorgan. This is the first Criminal Minds fanfic I ever read, and my most vivid memory of it was the fact that it made me cry! Another trigger warning, but man this story is beautiful. JJ struggles with drug abuse as a result of being beaten by her supposed “true love”, but slowly learns to pick herself up again with Morgan’s help. Complete.

Signal Fire by Rabidnar-House MD, Cadley. This is probably the most famous cadley fanfic, and I completely understand why…it’s amazing! Definitely my fave House fic. Thirteen helps heal after Cameron suffers a vicious attack. Complete.

That’s it! I hope you’ll check some of these out, I’ve come to love and cherish them like my favorite books. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message :). Happy reading!

when i made this post i didn’t suppose so many people would still claim that zayn’s cheating scandals were real (*that zerrie was real in the first place*)

it’s hard for me to believe people bought the crap that was served to us with the help of oh-so-reliable papers like the sun (modest’s right hand), the mirror or daily star, so i decided to point out why i think those scandals were fabricated.

1. first major scandal that hit the media was the one including the waitress/prostitute who supposedly slept with zayn and took pictures of him as proofs of her story

but her narrative is full of inconsistencies.

in the first article it was said


but then again, later in her exclusive she stated

so did she or didn’t she know about perrie?

and her ‘friends’ added

if she didn’t know zayn was famous, why would she even think of taking pictures of him? (i know he’s a beauty but still, it’s really creepy)

zayn, as always, couldn’t even speak up publicly about the whole thing. but he left a subtle hint that the whole story is fake during one of the concerts

2. the next scandal ended up being a misunderstanding

and even though some random hand-holding pics leaked through update account,

zayn left the tour because he ‘had to apologize to perrie’,

and we got this beautiful, not-at-all-promoting-perrie’s-name, public declaration of love

(i’m disappointed it doesn’t say ‘little mix’s perrie edwards, that would be better)

the girl from pictures above, lauren richardson, debunked the rumors herself


3. the next story, as many people noticed, sounds like a badly written fanfiction


once again, she didn’t know who he was? she didn’t know he was engaged too? 

well, i think i’ve heard a similar story before

4. both girls zaynie cheated with wanted him to break up with perrie because obviously he was a lying asshole

first courtney

then martina

(suddenly they both know a lot about his previous actions!)

but despite the advice from those thoughtful women, perrie stayed and once again showed her love and support to her reckless fiance.


so now the girls are randomly mentioned in media?
lauren participated in love island and ofc zaynie’s name was used to promote her

isn’t it kinda telling that all these situations resulted in zayn apologizing and perrie being this lovely, hurt but forgiving partner? 

she stood by zayn’s side for years, despite the scandals.
and it’s hard to hide the fact that her public image was deliberately promoted through all these stories.

 she was presented as the victim from the beginning of their relationship so after the break-up everyone could blame zayn for the whole situation.
so she could be a victim one more time.


i can smell stunt from the distance and i hope you can too

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Thinking about Crystal again. I need it to continue so I can see this one (of many) scenes in crystal.

(MD on the left and Mixx/Tokyopop on the right) 

I NEED THIS SCENE! THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVE SCENE IN THE MANGA! USAGI FINALLY PUT THE SMACK DOWN ON CHIBIUSA! I read it the first time I was on the ground laughing. I was like “ It about time Usagi!!!!Tell her!! Tell her again! ” See this what the 90′s anime never did. We never saw a scene that Usagi is like “ Hold up! That’s your father! You need to stop.” which she could have easy done so many times.She have major leverage on Chibiusa which she never used. I think that’s why every loves the running joke that Usa threaten Chibs that she going to be on birth control for the rest of her life. This is also Naoko knowing when a gag has run it’s course which is time to end it which the 90′s anime didn’t. I didn’t mind this gag in the manga ( hell it was in my other fave short story with Mamo buying Chibs a present but not Usa) because it was funny and she stopped it before it got repetitive and annoying. So I need Dream in Crystal

–I have a feeling Jessie didn’t make it out of the MSF but Sam did, which leaves Carol to raise him and gain some humility back in the process. I posted this back in March and Major Dodson liked it, most likely agreeing with the message. Sam does have a greater purpose for Carol, and this is it. Plus, Major was seen shooting the mid-season finale at the same time as MMB, and I bet that’s why Carol had that cut on her forehead coming out of the trailer–Carol saved Sam.

–Then again, I could be totally wrong. LOL

Boyfriend Application

Name: Jesse Andrew
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Orientation: Bi
 Age: 19
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Smoking: Socially, just at parties.
Drinking: Again, rarely - and preference is Rum
Drugs: Nah, if I did - it only be weed
Job: None, Collegiate Writer (English Major)
Fav Colour: Black/Deep Purple
 Favorite Band: Voltaire or The Black Keys
 Siblings: Two, rarely around
 Tattoos: None (yet.)
 Fav Book: Eleanor & Park (or The Circle Trilogy)
Perfect Date: Late-night movie and a picnic afterwards, that’d simply perfect.
Hobbies: Vidya Games and learning how to use html (terribly >.>)
Why should I pick you?: We bang a lot.
Why do you even want to date me: To screw and read books together, duh.


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all of neck deep cause of the band haha

41. Who would you want to meet again in your life?
I would probably want to meet Jared Padalecki again because he’s so sweet and he gives really warm hugs.

42. Why did you choose your career path?
I choose to major in psychology/criminal justice to become a criminal analyst. Reason being- I like understanding how people think.

43. What is something you regret from your past?
I don’t regret anything, if I had changed anything my life wouldn’t be where I am now.

44. How much time is left at the end of your day?
There’s always time, I don’t sleep until 2-4am.

45. What was your last dream about?
I woke up an hour ago and already forgot my dream.

46. Have you ever hated someone and why?
Yes, it’s because they’ve caused a lot of problems with someone I care about/me.

47. Talk about your favorite family member:
My cousin is basically the male version of me (which is fitting because our parents are twins), we’re both smart and can be giant kids sometimes. He’s been like my older brother since I’m an only child, and he’s protective of me when it comes to dating.

48. What is one thing you want to confess?
I can be a sarcastic asshole, it can either be out of humor or because I don’t like you, good luck trying to figure out which applies.

49. Have you ever tried to take away your problems instead of deal with them?
If I can, I usually find ways to take away problems.

50. Who would you save- yourself or a stranger?

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humanity & monster 8)

headcanon 005.

without a doubt josh has lost the majority of humanity, ever since losing his sisters where he had been prescribed to medications, all he ever wanted was to make sure those who pulled a prank hannah felt the same way she did — basically revenge. though him never intending on killing them in the start, could say he still has remains of humanity he had, but again him not caring about their lives could say otherwise.

headcanon 006.

josh wouldn’t had thought to become a monster if it wasn’t for his sisters; a monster the group forced to let out, a monster they shouldn’t had angered. he was hurting, he was still grieving, could he blamed for something like this?

its pretty hard to actually use this like the journal i originally intended for it to be
maybe its because most of my life ive been really closed up on that front? i dunno
whatever though
ill keep doing it anyways
i spent the past week with john (and others for some of it, but a lot of it was with john)
on the weekend was a con so we dressed like we did before and just generally took full advantage of it
i was pretty disappointed that i didnt have my shirt though
but its ok because we had fun anyways
i pretty much forgot about it for a majority of the time
even after the con when we looked like this incarnation again i kept looking at them and wondering why i didnt recognize him before
even if i wasnt awake then, i should have noticed
its pretty much like he never left
i keep thinking about the others, and even if i dont have any memories yet (hopefully yet), i miss them
ive recently begun reading hs again and its nostalgic as fuck
i cant imagine how lonely john  must have felt when they woke up alone
at least i can talk to them about it

Yikes, it’s been five years since I last played Mass Effect 2… I downloaded it again after buying the series for myself and holyshite, I’m having a huge “I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS GAME WHY DID I EVER STOP” feelings D:
Though my First Shepard looked really different than the one I have now.
And also, First Shepard was named… Kenny or Kerrigan as I was not productive.
Now… it’s Dice Shepard. *rolls laughing* Maybe it’s alright to reblog Mass Effect into this blog, even though the majority was supposed to be focused on Dragon Age and Monster Hunter Series… but. Hopefully, the TAG lists is a help ^w^

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You mentioned Chris being done with Murphy, why do you say that? Did they fight or something? I kinda want to see Chris act and sing again soon... Thank you. Love your profile! 😁

Thank you anon :)

I don’t know for sure but something definitely happened between Chris and Ryan. Have you noticed how fast they went from hugging and kissing in Seasons 1 and 2 (major story for Kurt, bullying, romance, whole new universe aka Dalton, Chris partying at Murphy’s house etc) to absolute crap that was Season 6, also no solos at all at the end, no interactions between these two.
I’m not sure what exactly happened but that interview with Chris a couple months ago before his tour was very telling

So I think yes, Chris Colfer doesn’t want to work with Murphy again, otherwise we would hear something already. See Lea and Darren.

BEGIN Japanology: Folding Fans

What I’ve been loving so much about these documentaries is the same reason why I loved Tony Robinson’s documentaries about the worst jobs in history; the history of the mundane. Turns out we did way more things in ancient times than simply kill each other.

I’ve watched my share of history about war, PTSD, and all other forms of tragedy and while many times I felt humbled and appreciative, I’ve always been more interested in documentaries about how a person has take something small and turned it into a major part of their lives. Much like what we’ve done with books, movies, and games. This is also why I love the codec conversations of Metal Gear Solid games; I’ve never looked at cardboard boxes the same way again.

Paper and bamboo turned into tools of expression, communication, and even theatre. We’re either the most advanced creatures on this planet or the most easily amused suffering from ADHD. Can’t complain either way.

tbh the similarities between the SU fandom and the horror that was 2012 homestuck are growing I mean

-contemplating why the alien species has titties

-adding fandom stuff to. every. god. damn. textpost

-cosplay policing

-body paint everywhere

-it goes on

it’s just so ?????? how. the majority of people in su fandom were around for 2012 hs how did you fuck up this badly again

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ok sorry i know you mean well but trump and hitler are nothing alike character wise, hitler had a tightly organized propaganda machine working for him for YEARS (he took voice lessons ffs), trump is a racist douchebag with a lack in self-reflection who's campaign IS troubling af but honestly, their racist views are about the only parallels. comparisons between the 2 are really disrepectful for holocaust surviors tbh

I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, honestly. I didn’t even bring up the Holocaust, yet that seems to be the majority of why people are coming after me. I’ll say this again, just to be clear.

The personalities between Hitler and Trump are what that text post is about. 

Trump hasn’t murdered 13 million people, he hasn’t done the atrocious things that Hitler did. I know that. I didn’t mean to cause such a commotion over a comparison in character between the two.

I’m truly sorry for those who were offended by that post.

8/27/15 aka ONE. YEAR. LATER.

I can’t believe it’s basically been a year since I last posted here. Why did I ever stop? I will never know. Thanks to Mabel for reminding me that this even exists…I now want to continue it again. Friends are great.

Quick update on major events:
- Graduated college 2 months ago. My senior showcase was the day after. Tiger was a huge success. What an adrenaline-filled two days.

- Relaxed most of my summer. (I needed it bad.) Spent many days at Artie’s just enjoying life and free time for once.

- Got a part time job at Whole Foods. First day was on 8/22. It’s been good except the fact that my body is struggling with the extreme physical needs of the job. I will keep on trucking on though.

- Today I attended Artie’s godmother Mary’s funeral. I met her only once or twice but I was really sad at the service. Funerals are so depressing. Despite the obvious sadness in the air, Artie and I surprisingly was able to make the best of the entire day and had fantastic conversations. I guess being around death really makes you forget about anything small that does not matter. After the funeral, we went to a mass and then the burial. It felt weird being in a church since its been so long. Then there was the big luncheon we had at this gorgeous place called Pen Ryn Mansion…think vintage Victorian style manor. Happier moments were had here. We were fed fantastic food, and I ate until I was stuffed to the brim. Artie and I then took a really nice walk down to the river from the mansion across this vast grassland. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I felt like I was in the notebook as cliche as that sounds. Everything felt natural and simple and okay. I cherish moments like these where we truly just enjoy each other’s company and nothing else matters.

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♔ ♕ ♪

♔:favorite disney princess


Mulan. Mulan is forever my favorite princess, even if she’s not officially one. Her strong nature, her patience – she was a major role model for me and just asegjklwejgalw YES

♕:why you chose the muse you did

Pipirika needs love ngl. Also mommyrurumu​ and daddyhinahoho​ kind of inspired me. I blame you two. So much. I love you two.

♪:five favorite songs

I hate you for asking me this. uMMM….

I have so many tbh. Like Till the Day I Can See You Again, Spinning Song, This song I practice often to for belly dancing called Rumelaj, and 152745 more.