I’m not sure how I wanted people to react to this, but I wore cat ears in public today. I don’t love attention, and I didn’t want this to go the wrong way… girls in cat ears are often sexualized. Luckily, all that happened was that people called them “cute”, and said I “looked like Ariana Grande”. Whatever that means. I don’t want to look stupid, I just love cats… (why did I post this?)

Describe Your OC
  • 1:their voice
  • 2:their smile
  • 3:their greatest achievement
  • 4:their insecurities
  • 5:their shortcomings
  • 6:how they deal with grief
  • 7:how they like to dress
  • 8:what they like to eat
  • 9:their theme
  • 10:their fashion sense
  • 11:their family life
  • 12:their romantic life
  • 13:their embarrassing memory from years ago
  • 14:how they react to burning their tongue on food
  • 15:how they react to a brainfreeze
  • 16:their dreams
  • 17:their ambitions
  • 18:how they sleep
  • 19:their reaction to betrayal
  • 20:their reaction to a mystery love letter
  • 21:how they react to pain
  • 22:what they're like on two hours of sleep
  • 23:how they act when they're sick
  • 24:what motivates them
  • 25:why you enjoy them