Let’s see
  • IrishAmerican Heritage Month: *silence*
  • Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month:*silence*
  • Jewish American Heritage Month:*silence*
  • Hispanic Heritage Month:*silence*
  • Native American Heritage Month:*silence*
  • Black History Month: “Omfg this is so  #racist and unnecessary why do you get special treatment?? why isnt there a white history month?? We’re all american and why be so divided??

And there are MANY more non ethnic/racially based awareness days/months but basically what my point is that most of yall are fake and anti Black and your beef with BHM has nothing to do with there being a month to celebrate Black history but everything to do with the fact that yall just cant stand to see Black people to have some attention without feeling jealous and bitter.

anonymous asked:

Why do you say you hate white people but then say that this white person is rly pretty or have white mutuals


i had a dream last night that i met fall out boy and they were all decked out in their emo dad attire (all gray and black, striped neck ties, tight pants, various silver necklaces and rings, etc….) and i was like “damn guys why do you gotta dress like that? why not just wear a white t-shirt and some jeans?” and pete wentz scoffed at me and rolled his eyes and as he was walking away i noticed the bejeweled cross pattern on his butt pockets and i’m? not even sure if it was a dream honestly i might have just ran into fall out boy last night

voldemortandthedeathdealers asked:

ok idk whos messaging you before but ive read from many sources that ashkenazi are not considered white especially by other jews, so like why are you saying this? like my ethnicity is ashkenazi jewish, not white. im just lost on the reasoning

you’re correct. “white” isn’t an ethnicity. “white” is a race and you are not raceless. you are white.